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Hiroki Takahashi (高橋 広樹 Takahashi Hiroki, born September 7, 1974) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer from Tokyo, Japan.

He is best known for voicing Joey Wheeler (Katsuya Jonouchi) in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kenji Harima in School Rumble, Eiji Kikumaru in The Prince of Tennis, Impmon in Digimon Tamers as well as being the official voice of Ryu in the Street Fighter series, among many others.

He is currently affiliated with Max Mix.

Dub Actors

Actor No. of Roles Country
Wayne Grayson 4 United States
Graeme Cornies 2 Canada
Kyle Hebert 2 United States
Dan Lorge 2 United States
Derek Stephen Prince 2 United States
Steve Staley 2 United States
Dave Wittenberg 2 United States
Alistair Abell 1 Canada
David Belke 1 Canada
Steve Blum 1 United States
Greg Chun 1 United States
Daniel J. Edwards 1 United States
Crispin Freeman 1 United States
Josh George 1 United States
Adam Gibbs 1 United States
Jonathan Holmes 1 Canada
Brendan Hunter 1 Canada
Sean Kenin 1 United States
Kyle McCarley 1 United States
Matthew Mercer 1 United States
Vic Mignogna 1 United States
Michael Naishtut 1 Japan
Ian Sinclair 1 United States
Roger Craig Smith 1 United States
Michael Sorich 1 United States
Kim Strauss 1 United States
Dwayne Tan 1 Singapore
J. Michael Tatum 1 United States
Kirk Thornton 1 United States
Samuel Vincent 1 Canada
Michael Whitener 1 United States
Tom Wyner 1 United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1999-2000 Monzaemon Digimon Adventure Dan Lorge United States
(ep. 49)
1999-2001 Hisoka Hunter x Hunter Brendan Hunter Canada
1999 Fu Lin Soul Hunter Michael Whitener United States
2000 Alan Kincaid
(ep. 4)
Galaxy Angel Alistair Abell Canada
2000 Build Hurricane Transformers: Robots in Disguise Tom Wyner United States
Gildo Steve Blum
2000-2004 Katsuya Jonouchi Yu-Gi-Oh! Dwayne Tan Singapore
Wayne Grayson United States
2001-2002 Impmon Digimon Tamers Derek Stephen Prince United States
Dobermon Michael Sorich
2001-2005 Eiji Kikumaru The Prince of Tennis Steve Staley United States
2002-2003 Karatenmon Digimon Frontier Kirk Thornton United States
2002-2006 Mike
(ep. 188)
Pokémon Advanced Generation Sean Kenin United States
2003-2006 Parco Folgore Zatch Bell! Dave Wittenberg United States
2004-2012 Ryusei Kenzaki Bleach Roger Craig Smith United States
2004 Yuji Naruo Burn-Up Scramble Dave Wittenberg United States
2004-2005 Arthur Trine Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Jonathan Holmes Canada
2004-2005 Pisard Pretty Cure David Belke Canada
2004 Katsuya Jonouchi Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light Wayne Grayson United States
2005 Riesling Musashi: Samurai Legend Michael Naishtut Tokyo, Japan
2006-2007 Stephen Gevanni Death Note Samuel Vincent Canada
2006-2010 Takuto
(ep. 183)
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl J. Michael Tatum United States
2006 Councillor Ogata Tokko Kim Strauss United States
2009 Sento Oumi Juden Chan Daniel J. Edwards United States
2010-2011 Chao Xin Beyblade: Metal Masters Graeme Cornies Canada
2011-2012 Beyblade: Metal Fury Canada
2011-2014 Pariston Hill Hunter x Hunter Kyle McCarley United States
2011 Elvis Rio: Rainbow Gate! Vic Mignogna United States
2012-2015 Otohiko Kamisama Kiss Ian Sinclair United States
2013 Jia Chong Dynasty Warriors 8 Matthew Mercer United States
2014 Ryu Ultra Street Fighter IV Kyle Hebert United States
2014 Olson Appleseed Alpha Adam Gibbs United States
2014-2016 Rubeus Sailor Moon Crystal Steve Staley United States
2016 Ryu Street Fighter V Kyle Hebert United States
2016 Katsuya Jonouchi Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Wayne Grayson United States
2017-2019 Young Man
(ep. 1)
Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Crispin Freeman United States
2018-2020 Harashima
(ep. 2)
Baki Greg Chun United States
TBA United States
2018 Jia Chong Dynasty Warriors 9 Josh George United States