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Hero Mask is an anime produced by Studio Pierrot for Netflix's streaming service. The series was written and directed by Hiroyasu Aoki.


When the headquarters of the SSC, an elite high-tech police organization, is assaulted by a lone man who should be dead they learn of the existence of strange masks that grant the users unnatural power. Meanwhile, attorney Sarah Sinclair secretly investigates the mysterious death of her friend and mentor, prosecutor Monica Campbell, suspecting her sudden death from "natural causes" was in fact murder.

Dubbing History

From December 2018 to August 2019, Netflix has released Hero Mask with the English dub recorded at Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

In December 2020, Sentai Filmworks acquired the home video licensing rights to Hero Mask. On March 26, 2021, Sentai announced a new English dub with a brand new voice cast outsourced in Houston, TX for the home video release of the anime. The Sentai Filmworks dub was released on Blu-ray on April 27, 2021.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Season
Netflix Dub Sentai Dub
Main Characters
James Blood (HM).jpg James Blood Yasuyuki Kase Greg Chun Chris Patton 1-2
Lennox Gallagher (HM).jpg Lennox Gallagher Junpei Morita Brad Venable Josh Morrison 1-2
Edmond Chandler (HM).jpg Edmond Chandler Kentaro Takano Landon McDonald Blake Shepard 1-2
Harry Creighton (HM).jpg Harry Creighton Kōki Uchiyama Christopher Niosi Andrew Love 1-2
Geffrey Connor (HM).jpg Geffrey Connor Yutaka Aoyama Cam Clarke Jay Hickman 1-2
Tina Hurst (HM).jpg Tina Hearst Yū Shimamura Kayli Mills Hilary Haag 1-2
Sarah Sinclair (HM).jpg Sarah Sinclair Yūko Kaida Lauren Landa Luci Christian 1
Secondary Characters
Special Crime Services
Alan Wyatt (HM).jpg Alan Wyatt Takanori Hoshino Jordan Reynolds Seán Patrick Judge 2
Douglas Couts (HM).jpg Douglas Coates Atsushi Goto Kirk Thornton David Matranga 2
Lisa Lennon-Ford (HM).jpg Lisa Lennon-Ford Kaori Kimura Tiana Camacho Allison Sumrall 2
Richard Burner (HM).jpg Richard Burner Yutaka Nakano Armen Taylor Mark Laskowski 1
Frank Gunn (HM).jpg Frank Gunn Masamichi Kitada Christian La Monte Blake Jackson 1
Echo Pharmaceuticals
Anna Winehouse (HM).jpg Anna Winehouse Tomoko Miyadera Rachel Robinson Christine Auten 1-2
Jasper (HM).jpg Jasper Masamichi Kitada David Vincent John Swasey 1-2
Militant Group
Man (HM).jpg Curly Black Hair Man Kenjirō Tsuda Ben Lepley Adam Noble 1-2
Militant A (HM).jpg Militant A TBA Jamieson Price TBA 2
Militant B (HM).jpg Militant B TBA Matthew David Rudd TBA 2
Live Corporation
Steven Martland (HM).jpg Steven Martland Takayuki Sugō Jason Marnocha John Gremillion 1
Fred Faraday (HM).jpg Fred Faraday Tomoyuki Shimura Cam Clarke Joe Daniels 1
Monica Campbell (HM).jpg Monica Campbell Haruka Shibuya Julia McIlvaine Sara Gaston 1
Robert Walter (HM).jpg Robert Walter Hiroshi Yanaka Christopher Corey Smith Rob Mungle 1
Test Subjects
Theo Lowe (HM).jpg Theo Lowe / No. 01 Fuminori Komatsu Xander Mobus Adam Gibbs 1
Jeremy Payne (HM).jpg Jeremy Payne / Grimm / No. 09 Yūichi Karasuma Sean Chiplock Scott Gibbs 1
Recurring Characters
Eve Palmer (HM).jpg Eve Palmer Yukiyo Fujii Kira Buckland Taylor Fono 1-2
William Hurst (HM).jpg William Hurst Mitsuaki Hoshino Jake Eberle David Wald 2
Gary Evans (HM).jpg Gary Evans Akio Kaneda Jamieson Price James Belcher 2
Julia Hurst (HM).jpg Julia Hurst Rika Fukami Megan Hollingshead Maggie Flecknoe 2
Oliver Henderson (HM).jpg Oliver Henderson Koji Ochiai Joe J. Thomas Matthew Henderson 1
Eleanor White (HM).jpg Eleanor White Yukimi Takeuchi Erika Harlacher Teresa Zimmerman 1
May White (HM).jpg May White Miyuki Saitō Xanthe Huynh Meg McDonald 1
Olivia Burner (HM).jpg Olivia Burner Kikuko Fujimoto Katelyn Gault Patricia Duran 1
Assassin A (HM).jpg Assassin A Hiroshi Shirokuma David Vincent TBA 1
Assassin B (HM).jpg Assassin B Yumiko Matsuura Katelyn Gault TBA 1
Assassin C (HM).jpg Assassin C Shunsuke Sakuya Joshua Tomar TBA 1
Assassin D (HM).jpg Assassin D Kōsuke Echigoya Frank Todaro TBA 1

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Netflix Dub Sentai Dub
First Season
Mr White (HM).jpg Mr. White Shinnosuke Ogami TBA Mike Vance 04
Mrs White (HM).jpg Mrs. White Satomi Kobayashi Julia McIlvaine Joanne Bonasso
Girl (HM).jpg Girl TBA Jackie Lastra TBA 15

Additional Voices

Sentai Dub


Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Content Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png December 3, 2018
(Season 1)
TV Series / Netflix Original Series Digital 15 Episodes 13+ United States United States
August 23, 2019
(Season 2)
9 Episodes

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Dub Region Country
Sentai Filmworks 2021 BD The Complete Series Sentai Filmworks A
United States United States
2 Discs

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