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Hermes Baroli is an Brazilian-American voice actor, stage actor and voice director at VSI Los Angeles. Hermes also worked as voice actor in Brazil before, providing voices in Portuguese dubbing for several anime, cartoons, games and live-action since he was a child, with his most famous roles being Seiya in Saint Seiya franchise, Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist franchise and Joe Kido in Digimon franchise. He moved from São Paulo to Los Angeles in 2018 to start working with English dubbing and localization. He also still does voice acting for Brazilian Portuguese dubs via a home studio, having recorded since then characters in productions such as My Hero Academia, Fruits Basket and Game of Thrones.

Coming from a family of voice actors in Brazil, having his father, mother and sisters working in the brazilian industry, he alongside with his mother and current manager, Zodja Pereira, is the owner of the studio DuBrasil, localized in São Paulo. He is also married to the fellow voice actress and voice director Letícia Grassi, who also worked with him in Brazil before 2018.


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