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Hedgehogs (刺猬小子之天生我刺 Cìwèi xiǎo zǐ zhī tiānshēng wǒ cì) (Released as Bobby the Hedgehog in some countries) is a Chinese animated film originally released in China on July 22, 2016. The film was released in North America in theaters on December 15, 2017.


The prideful and arrogant Bobby is the strongest hedgehog as well as the exception and rebellion in the whole hedgehog tribe. However, During his fight with "Tie Tui", he accidently gets hurt, loses his memory and starts his mysterious journey.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Bobby Su Shangqing Anthony Padilla
Maddox Guo Zhengjian Ian Hecox
Rose Yan Mengmeng Jenn McAllister
Hubert Tangshui Yu Jon Heder
Dr. Thinkman - Chevy Chase
Chief Quill Zhou Zhiqiang Stephen Mendel
Scott Lu Zhixing Max Mittelman
Leila - Kari Wahlgren
Warrior Liu Chao Patrick Seitz
AC Team #1 - Keith Silverstein
AC Team #2 - Lex Lang
AC Team 3 - Imari Williams
Animal Catcher - Kyle Hebert
Hedgehog Baby - Michelle Ruff
Scientist - Todd Haberkorn

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Distributor Year Format Region Country
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United States United States

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