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Hatched: Chicks Gone Wild (81号农场, 81 Hào nóngchǎng), also known as simply Hatched, is a 2013 Chinese animated film directed by Xu Kerr. The film was produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio. An English dub of the film would be produced in Los Angeles at Gorilla Pictures.

In 2016, the film would be released on DVD in the US by Cinedigm, with Sean Astin and Jeff Foxworthy redubbing Cluck Norris and Charlie Horse respectively.


Young chicks Cluck Norris, Chickpea, and Tiny Schwarzhenegger are determined to show everyone that chickens really can fly, but when their tiny alien pal, Magic, is in danger, this young feathered trio will join the efforts of their animal neighbors, including Charlie Horse, Angelina Poultrie, Meryl Cheep, and more, in order to save their home and their friend from the "fowlest" of villains.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Dub Actor
(United States)
Cluck Norris Feng Junhua Nicolas Roye Sean Astin
Magic Shen Dawei Spike Spencer
Chickpea Vinegar Stephanie Sheh
Tiny Scharzhenegger Liu Yuxuan Bill J. Gottlieb
Vik Von Vulture TBA Kirk Thornton
Hugh Heifer Su Xin Cam Clarke
Charlie Horse Xie Tiantian Michael McConnohie Jeff Foxworthy
Henrietta TBA Michelle Ruff
Fuse TBA R. Martin Klein
Crash TBA Doug Stone
Mr. Waddlesworth TBA Brian Beacock
Bullhorn TBA Michael Sorich
Angelina Poultrie TBA Danielle Judovits
Weasel TBA Spike Spencer
Meryl Cheep TBA Michelle Ruff
Grandpa Goat TBA Cam Clarke
Melvin TBA Michael Sorich
Gourdon TBA Brian Beacock
Pepo TBA Doug Stone

Additional Voices[]

  • Brittany V. Grates
  • Brian Shovey

Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Cinedigm 2016 DVD 1
United States United States
Eagle Entertainment 4
Australia Australia

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