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Hades Project Zeorymer (known in Japan as Project Zeorymer (冥王計画ゼオライマー)) is a four-episode OVA series directed by Toshiki Hirano and produced by Artmic. The OVA was released between 1988 to 1990. Manga Entertainment licensed the anime in the United Kingdom, while Central Park Media licensed it in North America, each producing their own seperate dubs.


Tekkoryu (Hau Dragon) - a secret Chinese-based organization bent on world domination. After the rise of their new leader, Yuratei, the Tekkoryu come out of hiding and unleash the Hakkeshu - a band of giant robots with lethal weaponry and equally skilled pilots. Before their quest for domination, the Hakkeshu must recover one of their own mecha - Zeorymer of the Heavens, stolen from them 15 years ago by a turncoat member along with the frozen embryo of a genetically engineered pilot. Caught in the crossfire is Masato Akitsu, a teenager captured by a Japanese organization and forced to pilot Zeorymer. Teamed with a mysterious girl named Miku Himuro, Masato must use Zeorymer to battle each of the Hakkeshu's mecha; at the same time, he must figure out why he was chosen to pilot the mecha and why he is able to adapt to it so easily.


Character Seiyū Manga UK Dub CPM Dub
Masato Akitsu Toshihiko Seki Daniel Marinker Paul Juhn
Miku Himuro Chieko Honda Elly Fairman Veronica Taylor
Isao Oki Hideyuki Tanaka Roger May Christopher Nicholas
Yuratei Mayumi Shō Anna Conrich Alissa Brodsky
Taiha Hirotaka Suzuoki Robert Chase Dan Green
Aen Shi Rei Sakuma Mindy Lee-Raskin Tara Sands
Tau Shi Yōko Sasaki Laurel Lefkow Lisa Ortiz
Rockfell Masako Katsuki Bethan Morgan Suzanne Gilad
Giso Tesshō Genda Stephen Lyons (eps. 1-2) Sean Schemmel
Robert Chase (eps. 3-4)
Saiga Kaneto Shiozawa Jonathan Keeble Michael Sinterniklaas
Ritsu Shō Hayami Robert Chase Kevin T. Collins
Lurahn Mahiro Tsujimura Tom Alexander (eps. 1-2) Mike Pollock
Peter Marinker (eps. 3-4)
Masaki Kihara Toshihiko Seki Daniel Marinker Paul Juhn
Narrator Issei Murasame Stephen Lyons Mike Pollock

Additional Voices[]

CPM Dub[]

  • Chris Bertolotti - Guard B
  • Kevin T. Collins - Guard A, Innocent Bystander, Man A
  • Suzanne Gilard - Innocent Bystander
  • Dan Green - Innocent Bystander
  • Christopher Nicholas - Guard B, Innocent Bystander
  • Sean Schemmel - President
  • Veronica Taylor - Innocent Bystander, Priestess
  • Jeff Ward - Masato's Dad, Innocent Bystander

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