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Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics (グリム名作劇場 Gurimu Meisaku Gekijō) is an anime anthology series, which tells some of the most popular stories of the Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. It was produced by Nippon Animation with a total of 2 seasons and 47 episodes. The series aired from October 21, 1987 to March 26, 1989 in Japan. It was later adapted into English by Saban Entertainment and released in 1988.

In 1993, an alternate English dub under the title The Grimm's Fairy Tales was produced by Israel-based company Mega Entertainment International.


United States Saban Dub

The cast is listed below, according to the episodes and the stories told:

Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Narrator Mitsuko Horie Ted Lehmann

The Travelling Musicians of Bremen

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Donkey Bremen GFTC.png Donkey Sanji Hase Milton James
Dog Bremen GFTC.png Dog Jōji Yanami Michael Sorich
Cat Bremen GFTC.png Cat Kenichi Ogata Michael McConnohie
Rooster Bremen GFTC.png Rooster Ryūsei Nakao Robert Axelrod
Bandit Leader Bremen GFTC.png Head Thief Osamu Katō Steve Kramer
Bandit Bremen GFTC.png Lackey Ritsuo Sawa ¿?
Farmer Bremen GFTC.png Peasant Minoru Inaba Kerrigan Mahan
Farmer Wife Bremen GFTC.png Peasant's Wife Yoshino Ōtori Louise Chamis

Hansel & Gretel

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
HanselHYGH.png Hansel Mami Koyama Ron Rolek
GretelHYGH.png Gretel Chieko Honda Rebecca Forstadt
FatherHYGH.png Father Shunsuke Shima Steve Kramer
StepmotherHYGH.png Stepmother Chie Kitagawa ¿?
WitchHYGH.png The Witch Miyoko Asō Edie Mirman

The Frog Prince

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Frog Prince GFTC.png The Frog Prince Shigeru Chiba Daniel Woren
Leonora Frog GFTC.png Princess Leonora Yoshino Takamori Wendee Lee
King Bartholomew Frog GFTC.png King Bartholomew Takuzō Kamiyama Simon Prescott
Queen Frog GFTC.png The Queen Nana Yamaguchi Edie Mirman
Henry Frog GFTC.png Henry Sanji Hase Steve Kramer
Dog Frog GFTC.png Dog ¿? Michael McConnohie
Guard A Frog GFTC.png Castle Guards Daisuke Gōri
Guard B Frog GFTC.png Kōzō Shioya ¿?
Agatha Frog GFTC.png Princess Agatha Shinobu Adachi ¿?
Martha Frog GFTC.png Princess Martha Tomoko Maruo ¿?

Little Red Riding Hood

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
GFTC LRRH Little Red.png Little Red Riding Hood Mitsuko Horie Christina Lange
GFTC LRRH Mother.png Red's Mother Chiyoko Kawashima Arlene Banas
GFTC LRRH Grandmother.png Red's Grandmother Terue Nunami Edie Mirman
GFTC LRRH Wolf.png The Big Bad Wolf Tesshō Genda Steve Kramer
GFTC LRRH Hunter.png The Hunter Kenichi Ogata Kerrigan Mahan
GFTC LRRH Woodcutter.png The Woodcutter Minoru Inaba Michael McConnohie
GFTC LRRH Merryweather.png Mrs. Merryweather Kimie Hantani Edie Mirman
GFTC LRRH Rabbit.png The Rabbit ¿? ¿?
GFTC LRRH Woodpecker.png The Woodpecker ¿? ¿?

The Golden Goose

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Hans Goose GFTC.png Hans Bin Shimada Daniel Woren
Franz Goose GFTC.png Franz Kōzō Shioya ¿?
Mother Goose GFTC.png Hans' Mother Reiko Suzuki ¿?
Father Goose GFTC.png Hans' Father Minoru Inaba Tom Wyner
Gnome Goose GFTC.png The Old Man Ryūji Saikachi Jeff Winkless
Helga Goose GFTC.png Helga Hiroko Emori Wendee Lee
Sister A Goose GFTC.png Helga's Sisters Kyōko Tongū Philece Sampler
Sister B GFTC Goose.png Barbara Goodson
Reverend Goose GFTC.png The Priest Takeo Ono Steve Kramer
Altar Boy Goose GFTC.png The Altar Boy Kazumi Tanaka Tony Oliver
Farmer Goose GFTC.png Farmer Ikuya Sawaki ¿?
Pharmacist Goose GFTC.png The Pharmacist Ritsuo Sawa ¿?
King Goose GFTC.png The King Masaharu Satō Edward Mannix
Princess Goose GFTC.png The Princess Mitsuko Horie Brianne Siddall

Puss in Boots

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Puss in Boots GFTC.png Puss in Boots Ichirō Nagai Steve Kramer
Max Puss GFTC.png Max Yoku Shioya Ron Rolek
Shoemaker Puss GFTC.png The Shoemaker Kenichi Ogata Robert V. Barron
Innkeeper Puss GFTC.png The Innkeeper Minoru Inaba Jeff Winkless
King Puss GFTC.png The King Takuzō Kamiyama Mike Reynolds
Princess Puss GFTC.png The Princess Kimie Hantani ¿?
Guard A Puss GFTC.png The Guards Ken Yamaguchi Dave Mallow
Robert V. Barron
Guard B Puss GFTC.png
Sorcerer Puss GFTC.png The Sorcerer Masaru Ikeda ¿?
Peasant A Puss GFTC.png Peasants Minoru Inaba
Ken Yamaguchi
Peasant B Puss GFTC.png

Snow White and Rose Red

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Snow White Rose GFTC.png Snow White Kayoko Fujii Julie Maddalena
Rose Red GFTC.png Rose Red Mitsuko Horie Rebecca Forstadt
Mother Rose GFTC.png The Mother Keiko Hanagata Arlene Banas
Bear Rose GFTC.png The Bear / Prince Kaneto Shiozawa Dave Mallow
Prince Rose GFTC.png
Prince Brother Rose GFTC.png The Prince's Brother Nobuo Tobita ¿?
Gnome Rose GFTC.png The Gnome Ichirō Nagai Jeff Winkless

Snow White

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Snow White.jpg Snow White Sakiko Tamagawa Julie Maddalena
Klaus-0.jpg Klaus Nozomu Sasaki Tony Oliver
Snow White Mother GFTC.png Snow White's Mother Tomoko Maruo ¿?
Evilqueencdhg.png The Wicked Queen Kazue Komiya Arlene Banas
Nana Doris GFTC.png Nana Doris Haru Endō ¿?
Magic Mirror GFTC.png The Magic Mirror Gara Takashima Doug Lee
Huntsman GFTC.png The Huntsman Daisuke Gōri Mike Reynolds
Hqdefault (1)-1521398578.jpg Sunday Ichirō Nagai Clifton Wells
Monday GFTC.png Monday Bin Shimada Kerrigan Mahan
Tuesday GFTC.png Tuesday Toshiya Ueda Barry Stigler
Wednesday GFTC.png Wednesday Daisuke Gōri Tom Wyner
Hqdefault-1521398339.jpg Thursday Shigeru Chiba Jeff Winkless
Friday GFTC.png Friday Jōji Yanami Michael Sorich
Saturday GFTC.png Saturday Kōhei Miyauchi Edward Mannix
Prince Snow GFTC.png The Prince Daniel Woren

The Six Who Went Far in the World

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Hero Six GFTC.png Hero Shinji Ogawa Dave Mallow
Muscles Six GFTC.png Muscles Yū Shimaka Michael Sorich
Hunter Six GFTC.png Hunter Shigeru Chiba Robert Axelrod
Puffer Six GFTC.png Puffer Kōzō Shioya ¿?
Speedy Six GFTC.png Speedy Ken Yamaguchi Eddie Frierson
Frosty Six GFTC.png Frosty Kenichi Ogata ¿?
King Six GFTC.png The King Takuzō Kamiyama Michael Forest
Princess Six GFTC.png The Princess Chihoko Shigeta ¿?
Chamberlain Six GFTC.png The King's Chamberlain Minoru Inaba Milton James
General Six GFTC.png The Army General Masaharu Satō Steve Kramer
Young Man Six GFTC.png Young Man Junichi Sugawara ¿?
Farmer Six GFTC.png Farmer Ikuya Sawaki Robert V. Barron

The Water of Life

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
JosephEADLVG.png Prince Joseph Yoku Shioya Tony Oliver
Prince Franz Water GFTC.png Prince Franz Kōzō Shioya Kerrigan Mahan
King Water GFTC.png The King Kōhei Miyauchi Tom Wyner
Knight Water GFTC.png Knight Yōsuke Akimoto
North Wind Water GFTC.png The North Wind Minoru Inaba ¿?
Maid Water GFTC.png Maid Kimie Hantani ¿?
PrincessEADLVG.png Princess Anna Mitsuko Horie Brianne Siddall
EvilSpiritEADLVG.png The Evil Spirit Daisuke Gōri Richard Epcar
Woodsman Water GFTC.png The Old Woodsman Ichirō Nagai Michael Sorich
Chamberlain Water GFTC.png The Chamberlain Ikuya Sawaki Tom Wyner


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Bluebeard GFTC.png Bluebeard Katsunosuke Hori Simon Prescott
Josephine GFTC.png Josephine Keiko Han Lisa Michelson
Pageboy GFTC.png Bluebeard's Herald Mitsuaki Hoshino Robert Axelrod
Josephine Brother A GFTC.png Josephine's Brothers Tesshō Genda Barry Stigler
Josephine Brother B GFTC.png Kōzō Shioya Michael Sorich
Josephine Brother C GFTC.png Junichi Sugawara Dave Mallow
Servant Bluebeard GFTC.png Servant Tomoko Maruo Mari Devon

Jorinde and Joringel

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Jorinde GFTC.png Jorinde Hiromi Tsuru Lara Cody
Joringel GFTC.png Joringel Masami Kikuchi Ron Rolek
Witch Jorinde GFTC.png The Witch Miyoko Asō ¿?
Clarissa Jorinde GFTC.png Clarissa Mitsuko Horie ¿?
Old Man Jorinde GFTC.png Old Man Masaharu Satō Michael Sorich
Hanna Jorinde GFTC.png Hanna Gara Takashima ¿?

Briar Rose

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
PrincessSBG.png Briar Rose Mitsuko Horie Lara Cody
WitchSBG.png The Evil Witch Kazue Komiya Edie Mirman
KingSBG.png The King Kenichi Ogata Simon Prescott
QueenSBG.png The Queen Akiko Tsuboi ¿?
PrinceSBG.png The Prince Hideyuki Hori Dave Mallow
Witch A Briar GFTC.png The Witches Tomie Kataoka
Noriko Uemura
Kimie Hantani
Tomoko Maruo
Witch B Briar GFTC.png
GoodSBG.png The Good Witch Reiko Suzuki ¿?
Chamberlain Briar GFTC.png The Chamberlain Keaton Yamada ¿?
Knight Briar GFTC.png The Knight Minoru Inaba Jeff Winkless
Attendant Briar GFTC.png The Attendant Kōji Totani ¿?

Old Sultan

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Old Sultan GFTC.png Old Sultan Jōji Yanami Jeff Winkless
Cat Sultan GFTC.png The Cat Kazuyo Aoki Steve Kramer
Farmer Sultan GFTC.png The Farmer Kōzō Shioya Michael Forest
Farmer Wife Sultan GFTC.png The Farmer's Wife Atsuko Mine Barbara Goodson
Wolf Sultan GFTC.png The Wolf Ichirō Nagai Mike Reynolds
Boar Sultan GFTC.png The Boar Keisuke Yamashita ¿?

King Grizzle Beard

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
King Grizzle Beard GFTC.png King Grizzle Beard/Musician Akio Nojima Dave Mallow
Musician Beard GFTC.png
Elena Beard GFTC.png Princess Elena Sumi Shimamoto ¿?
King Beard GFTC.png The King Osamu Saka Milton James
Cook Beard GFTC.png The Cook Minoru Inaba
Waiter Beard GFTC.png Waiter Kazumi Tanaka ¿?
Man Market Beard GFTC.png Man at the Market Edward Mannix
Woman Market Beard GFTC.png Old Woman Yoshino Ohtori Edie Mirman
King Franz Beard GFTC.png King Franz Kōji Totani Doug Stone
King Turner Beard GFTC.png King Turner Kōzō Shioya ¿?

The Naughty Spirit

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Nicholas Naughty GFTC.png Nicholas Kyōko Tongū Ron Rolek
Ichabod Naughty GFTC.png Ichabod Bin Shimada Kerrigan Mahan
Caleb Naughty GFTC.png Caleb Kōzō Shioya Doug Stone
Captain Naughty GFTC.png The Captain Minoru Inaba ¿?
Beelzebub Naughty GFTC.png Beelzebub Tesshō Genda Mike Reynolds
Grim Reaper Naughty GFTC.png The Grim Reaper Naoki Tatsuta ¿?
High Dudgeon Naughty GFTC.png The High Dudgeon Shōzō Iizuka Tom Wyner
Demon A Naughty GFTC.png Demons Yukimasa Kishino
Michitaka Kobayashi
Jeff Winkless
Demon B Naughty GFTC.png

The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Genevieve Shoes GFTC.png Princess Genevieve Kayoko Fujii Wendee Lee
Louise Shoes GFTC.png Princess Louise Michie Tomizawa Rebecca Forstadt
Julia Shoes GFTC.png Princess Julia Mitsuko Horie Julie Maddalena
King Shoes GFTC.png The King Kōhei Miyauchi Simon Prescott
Peter Shoes GFTC.png Peter Kazuhiko Inoue Eddie Frierson
Nobleman Shoes GFTC.png Nobleman Keisuke Yamashita Robert V. Barron
Demon A Shoes GFTC.png Demons Kōzō Shioya Kerrigan Mahan
Demon B Shoes GFTC.png Masashi Ebara Richard Epcar
Villager A Shoes GFTC.png Villagers Tomoko Maruo
Michitaka Kobayashi
Richard Epcar
Villager B Shoes GFTC.png


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
CinderellaCG.png Cinderella Mitsuko Horie Lara Cody
PrincipeCG.png The Prince Masami Kikuchi Tony Oliver
MadamPompadourCG.png Madam Pompadour Kimie Nakajima Barbara Goodson
Algernon.png Algernon Kōzō Shioya Eddie Frierson
GwendolynCG.png Gwendolyn Shinobu Adachi ¿?
Sister1CG.png Grizelda Tomoko Maruo ¿?
Sister2CG.png Phoebe Kyōko Tongū ¿?
KingCG.png The King Ichirō Nagai Mike Reynolds
QueenCG.png The Queen Shō Saitō ¿?
ChamberlainCG.png Ignatz Masaya Taki Tom Wyner
EnchantedTreeCG.png The Tree Mitsuaki Hoshino Simon Prescott
Guard.png Guard Richard Epcar
WoodcutterCG.png The Woodcutter

The Crystal Ball

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Anton Crystal GFTC.png Anton Yoku Shioya Doug Stone
Princess Crystal GFTC.png The Princess Mitsuko Horie ¿?
Witch Crystal GFTC.png The Witch Machiko Washio Edie Mirman
George Crystal GFTC.png George Kōzō Shioya Steve Kramer
Sebastian Crystal GFTC.png Sebastian Kenichi Ono Tony Oliver
Ox Crystal GFTC.png Lord Ox Daisuke Gōri ¿?

The Marriage of Mrs. Fox

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Mr Fox GFTC.png Mr. Fox Tesshō Genda Robert V. Barron
Mrs Fox GFTC.png Mrs. Fox Kumiko Takizawa Barbara Goodson
Devil Fox GFTC.png The Devil Shigeru Chiba Steve Kramer
Lily Fox GFTC.png Lily Mitsuko Horie ¿?
Hank Fox GFTC.png Hank, the One-Tailed Fox Kōzō Shioya ¿?
Two Fox GFTC.png Two-Tailed Fox Kōichi Yamadera Daniel Woren
Three Fox GFTC.png Three-Tailed Fox Mitsuaki Hoshino ¿?
Four Fox GFTC.png Four-Tailed Fox Minoru Inaba Tony Oliver

Beauty and the Beast

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
MariaByBG.png Maria Mitsuko Horie ¿?
Beast GFTC.png Beast / The Prince Daisuke Gōri Michael Forest
Prince Beast GFTC.png Kaneto Shiozawa Daniel Woren
FatherByBG.png Maria's Father Osamu Saka Edward Mannix
HannahByBG.png Hanna Masako Katsuki Rebecca Forstadt
Helen Beast GFTC.png Helen Miho Yoshida Edie Mirman
VendorByBG.png The Florist Daiki Nakamura Robert V. Barron

The Magic Heart

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Frederick Heart GFTC.png Frederick Yoku Shioya ¿?
Old Man Heart GFTC.png The Old Man Keaton Yamada Robert V. Barron
Witch Heart GFTC.png The Witch Reiko Yamada Edie Mirman
Lisbeth Heart GFTC.png Lisbeth Mitsuko Horie ¿?
Miller Heart GFTC.png The Miller Masaharu Satō Jeff Winkless


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
RapunzelRG.png Rapunzel Mitsuko Horie Lara Cody
PrinceRG.png The Prince Katsuji Mori ¿?
WitchRG.png The Witch Miyoko Asō ¿?
FatherRG.png Rapunzel's Father Hōchū Ōtsuka Kirk Thornton
MotherRG.png Rapunzel's Mother Gara Takashima ¿?
SonRG.png Rapunzel & the Prince's Son Megumi Hayashibara Brianne Siddall

The Old Woman in the Woods

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Witch Woods GFTC.png The Witch Yuko Maruyama Edie Mirman
Lisbeth Woods GFTC.png Lisbeth Mitsuko Horie Brianne Siddall
Noblewoman Woods GFTC.png Noblewoman Miyoko Aoba ¿?
Owl Woods GFTC.png The Owl / Prince Toshio Furukawa Dave Mallow
Prince Woods GFTC.png
Goblin A Woods GFTC.png Goblin Bandits Tomomichi Nishimura
Ikuya Sawaki
Mitsuaki Hoshino
Michitaka Kobayashi
Mike Reynolds
Goblin B Woods GFTC.png

The Faithful Watchmen

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Peasant Faithful GFTC.png The Peasant Hiroshi Izawa Dave Mallow
Soldier Faithful GFTC.png The Soldier Hōchū Ōtsuka Doug Stone
Landlord Faithful GFTC.png The Landlord Takuzō Kamiyama Mike Reynolds
Priest Faithful GFTC.png The Priest Kazuo Oka Steve Kramer
Wife Faithful GFTC.png The Peasant's Wife Chiyoko Kawashima Melodee Spevack
Son Faithful GFTC.png The Peasant's Young Son Yumiko Shibata ¿?
Devil Faithful GFTC.png The Devil Takeshi Aono Milton James

The Wolf and the Fox

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Wolf Fox GFTC.png The Wolf Ichirō Nagai Steve Kramer
Fox Wolf GFTC.png The Fox Yoku Shioya Dave Mallow
Deer Wolf GFTC.png The Deer Takurō Kitagawa Tony Oliver
Duck Wolf GFTC.png Mother Duck Atsuko Mine ¿?
Duckling Wolf GFTC.png Duckling Junko Hagimori ¿?
Wife Wolf GFTC.png Housewife Noriko Uemura ¿?
Farmer Wolf GFTC.png Farmer Yukitoshi Hori ¿?

Mother Holle

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Mother Holle GFTC.png Mother Holle Nana Yamaguchi Arlene Banas
Hildegard Holle GFTC.png Hildegard Mitsuko Horie ¿?
Stepmother Holle GFTC.png Stepmother Yoshino Ōtori ¿?
Elaine Holle GFTC.png Elaine Chihoko Shigeta Barbara Goodson
Hans Holle GFTC.png Hans Kenichi Ogata ¿?
Gwen Holle GFTC.png Gwen Shinobu Adachi ¿?
Rabbit Holle GFTC.png The Rabbit Hōchū Ōtsuka Bill Capizzi

The Six Swans

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Princess Swans GFTC.png The Princess Mitsuko Horie Lara Cody
Prince A Swans GFTC.png The Six Princes/Swans Kōichi Yamadera
Hiroshi Takemura
Masami Kikuchi
Keiichi Nanba
Megumi Hayashibara
Kerrigan Mahan
Michael Sorich
Steve Kramer
Prince B Swans GFTC.png
Prince C Swans GFTC.png
King Swans GFTC.png The King Unshō Ishizuka Michael McConnohie
Stepmother Swans GFTC.png The Evil Queen Toshiko Fujita Melodee Spevack
Witch Swans GFTC.png The Stepmother/Witch Noriko Uemura ¿?
Prince Swans GFTC.png The Prince Hideyuki Hori Tony Oliver

The Coat of Many Colors

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Alea Coat GFTC.png Princess Alea Mitsuko Horie ¿?
King Coat GFTC.png The King Osamu Saka Mike Reynolds
Prince Coat GFTC.png Prince Alexander Shō Hayami Frank Catalano
Simon Coat GFTC.png Simon Kenichi Ogata ¿?
Cook Coat GFTC.png The Cook Daisuke Gōri Steve Kramer
Chamberlain Coat GFTC.png Chamberlain Masaya Taki ¿?
Child A Coat GFTC.png Children Junko Hagimori
Miyoko Otowa
Child B Coat GFTC.png

Brother and Sister

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Brother GFTC.png Brother Mayumi Tanaka Lara Cody
Sister GFTC.png Sister Yuriko Yamamoto Rebecca Forstadt
Stepmother Brother GFTC.png The Witch Reiko Yamada ¿?
King Brother GFTC.png The King Hideyuki Tanaka Dave Mallow
Servant Brother GFTC.png Servant Masaharu Satō Robert V. Barron
Nanny Brother GFTC.png The Nanny Atsuko Mine Edie Mirman
Soldier Brother GFTC.png Soldier Daiki Nakamura Bill Capizzi

The Four Skillful Brothers

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Franz Skillful GFTC.png Franz Hōchū Ōtsuka Ardwight Chamberlain
Wilhelm Skillful GFTC.png Wilhelm Yō Yoshimura Dave Mallow
George Skillful GFTC.png George Toshiharu Sakurai ¿?
Peter Skillful GFTC.png Peter Masami Kikuchi Ron Rolek
Father Skillful GFTC.png The Father Ichirō Nagai Jeff Winkless
King Skillful GFTC.png The King Kenichi Ogata Michael Forest
Knight Skillful GFTC.png Knight Masato Hirano ¿?
Princess Skillful GFTC.png The Princess Mitsuko Horie ¿?

The Spirit in the Bottle

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Spirit Bottle GFTC.png The Spirit in the Bottle Kenichi Ogata ¿?
Frederick Bottle GFTC.png Frederick Yoku Shioya Ron Rolek
John Bottle GFTC.png John the Woodcutter Kōhei Miyauchi Michael Forest
Trader Bottle GFTC.png The Trader Kōji Totani ¿?
Woodcutter Bottle GFTC.png The Other Lumberjack Hōchū Ōtsuka Kerrigan Mahan
Son Bottle GFTC.png The Other Lumberjack's Son Junko Hagimori Dave Mallow

The Iron Stove

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Princess Stove GFTC.png The Princess Mitsuko Horie Julie Maddalena
William Stove GFTC.png Prince William Hideyuki Hori Eddie Frierson
Imp Fairy Stove GFTC.png The Imp Fairy Chieko Honda ¿?
Maid Stove GFTC.png The Chambermaid Chie Satō ¿?
King Stove GFTC.png The King Kōhei Miyauchi Bill Capizzi
Toad A Stove GFTC.png The Frogs Kenichi Ogata
Keaton Yamada
Milton James
Toad B Stove GFTC.png
Ghoul A Stove GFTC.png Imp Ghouls ¿?
Ghoul B Stove GFTC.png
Guard A Stove GFTC.png Guards Masato Hirano
Minoru Inaba
Richard Epcar
Guard B Stove GFTC.png


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Johan Bearskin GFTC.png Johan Bin Shimada Ardwight Chamberlain
Demon Bearskin GFTC.png The Demon Takeshi Aono Milton James
Woman Bearskin GFTC.png The Sick Woman Noriko Uemura ¿?
Muller Bearskin GFTC.png Hans Müller Kenichi Ogata Clifton Wells
Christina Bearskin GFTC.png Christina Mitsuko Horie Wendee Lee
Gisela Bearskin GFTC.png Gisela Chihoko Shigeta Edie Mirman
Tetra Bearskin GFTC.png Tetra Chiyoko Kawashima ¿?
Innkeeper Bearskin GFTC.png The Innkeeper Michitaka Kobayashi Michael McConnohie
Boy Bearskin GFTC.png Boy Ai Orikasa ¿?

The Hare and the Hedgehog

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Samuel Hedgehog GFTC.png Old Samuel Jōji Yanami Jeff Winkless
Child A Hedgehog GFTC.png The Children Megumi Hayashibara Brianne Siddall
Child B Hedgehog GFTC.png Junko Hagimori ¿?
Father Hedgehog GFTC.png The Hedgehog Ryūsei Nakao Steve Kramer
Mother Hedgehog GFTC.png Mrs. Hedgehog Noriko Uemura Barbara Goodson
Junior Hedgehog GFTC.png Junior Chika Sakamoto Ron Rolek
Hare Hedgehog GFTC.png The Hare Kōzō Shioya Robert Axelrod
Fox Hedgehog GFTC.png The Fox Naoki Tatsuta Kerrigan Mahan
Crab Hedgehog GFTC.png The Crab Bill Capizzi

The Man of Iron

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Hans Iron GFTC.png Hans Banjō Ginga Richard Epcar
William Iron GFTC.png Prince William Toshiko Fujita ¿?
Queen Iron GFTC.png The Queen Nana Yamaguchi Barbara Goodson
Princess Iron GFTC.png The Princess Mitsuko Horie ¿?
King Iron GFTC.png The King Kenichi Ogata Michael Forest
Farmer Iron GFTC.png The Farmer Takurō Kitagawa ¿?
Blacksmith Iron GFTC.png The Blacksmith Minoru Inaba Richard Epcar
Cook Iron GFTC.png The Cook Masato Hirano Bill Capizzi
Man Iron GFTC.png Man Mitsuaki Hoshino ¿?

The Brave Little Tailor

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Tailor GFTC.png Tailor Yoku Shioya Stephen Apostolina
King Tailor GFTC.png The King Takuzō Kamiyama Tom Wyner
Princess Tailor GFTC.png The Princess Kyōko Tongū Julie Maddalena
General A Tailor GFTC.png Generals Ikuya Sawaki
Kenichi Ogata
Kirk Thornton
Michael Sorich
General B Tailor GFTC.png
Giant Tailor GFTC.png Giant Daisuke Gōri Mike Reynolds
Soldier A Tailor GFTC.png Soldiers Keaton Yamada
Katsumi Suzuki
Shunsuke Takamiya
Steve Kramer
Richard Epcar
Daniel Woren
Soldier B Tailor GFTC.png

The Wren and the Bear

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Wren GFTC.png King Wren Norio Wakamoto Kerrigan Mahan
Bear Wren GFTC.png General Bear Hiroshi Masuoka Michael McConnohie
Fox Wren GFTC.png The Fox Shigeru Chiba Dave Mallow
Crow Wren GFTC.png The Crow Yō Yoshimura ¿?
Wolf Wren GFTC.png The Wolf Kenichi Ogata Mike Reynolds
Wren Prince A GFTC.png The Wren Princes Megumi Hayashibara
Mitsuko Horie
Junko Hagimori
Dave Mallow
Brianne Siddall
Wren Prince B GFTC.png
Mosquito Wren GFTC.png The Mosquito Masato Hirano ¿?
Hornet Wren GFTC.png The Hornet Mitsuaki Hoshino ¿?
Girl Wren GFTC.png The Little Girl Megumi Hayashibara Rebecca Forstadt
Grandma Wren GFTC.png Grandma Noriko Uemura Edie Mirman


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Rumpelstiltskin GFTC.png Rumpelstiltskin Ichirō Nagai Bill Capizzi
Gretchen Rumpelstiltskin GFTC.png Gretchen Hiromi Tsuru ¿?
King Rumpelstiltskin GFTC.png The King Jūrōta Kosugi Daniel Woren
Servant Rumpelstiltskin GFTC.png The Chamberlain Minoru Inaba Mike Reynolds
Miller Rumpelstiltskin GFTC.png The Miller Masaya Taki Robert V. Barron
Villager A Rumpelstiltskin GFTC.png Villagers Masato Hirano
Michitaka Kobayashi
Steve Kramer
Villager B Rumpelstiltskin GFTC.png

The Water Nixie

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
NixieLNDEG.png The Nixie Rihoko Yoshida Mari Devon
Sean Nixie GFTC.png Sean Bin Shimada Kerrigan Mahan
Young Sean Nixie GFTC.png Junko Hagimori
Brianne Siddall
HeidiLNDEG.png Heidi Mitsuko Horie Julie Maddalena
Old Woman Nixie GFTC.png The Old Woman Nana Yamaguchi Edie Mirman
Miller Nixie GFTC.png The Miller Keaton Yamada Clifton Wells
Miller Wife Nixie GFTC.png The Miller's Wife Noriko Uemura ¿?
Landlord Nixie GFTC.png The Landlord Mitsuaki Hoshino ¿?

The Godfather of Death

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Godfather Death GFTC.png Death Chikao Ōtsuka Michael Forest
Doctor Godfather GFTC.png The Doctor Kazuhiko Inoue Ron Rolek
Farmer Godfather GFTC.png The Farmer Yukimasa Natori Jeff Winkless
Justice Godfather GFTC.png The Spirit of Justice Kenichi Ogata Michael McConnohie
King Godfather GFTC.png The King Kōhei Miyauchi Steve Kramer
Princess Godfather GFTC.png Princess Rebecca Miki Itō ¿?
Servant Godfather GFTC.png King's Servant Masato Hirano ¿?
Butler Godfather GFTC.png Butler Takurō Kitagawa Jeff Winkless
Mother Godfather GFTC.png Mother Noriko Uemura ¿?
Woman Godfather GFTC.png Woman Gara Takashima ¿?

Additional Voices

Israel Mega Dub

Unidentified Voices

  • Amy Greenbaum
  • Johanan Herson
  • Jeremy Kaplan
  • Howard Rypp
  • Dor Zweingenbom
  • Robert Schenck
  • Jodi Schenck
  • Dana Mushkatbl
  • Eva Hadad
  • Linda Lovitch
  • Giora Kenet


  • Five episodes of the series - "Bluebeard," "The Crystal Ball," "The Iron Stove," "The Water Nixie" and "The Godfather of Death" - were never shown on Nickelodeon in the U.S. or released on VHS. While "Bluebeard" was released on a U.K. promotional DVD in 2006, the other four episodes were completely lost until Discotek found them for their Blu-Ray release of the series.
  • An alternate version of the episode "The Travelling Musicians of Bremen," using a female narrator instead of Ted Lehmann, was discovered with the four lost episodes and put on the Blu-Ray as well.
  • The Mega dub was in turn dubbed into several European languages, however, the original English version appears to be lost.


Date(s) Channel Country
1989-1995 Nickelodeon United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Hi-Tops Video 1989 VHS.jpg 10 Episodes NTSC United States United States
8 Volumes
Kids Classics 1989 6 Episodes
2 Volumes
Saban Video 1990 12 Episodes
9 Volumes
Starmaker 1992 19 Episodes
18 Volumes
Maximum Entertainment 2004 DVD.jpg 5 Episodes 2
United Kingdom United Kingdom
1 Volume
Discotek Media 2021 Bluray fontlogo 3.jpg The Complete Series* 1
United States United States
2 Volumes

*Standard Definition Blu-Ray

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