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Gregory Snegoff (born 22 June, 1955) is an American voice actor, writer and dialogue director who frequently works on English-language anime-dubs and English language dubs of various Italian films.

He is known for providing the voice of Scott Bernard in Robotech and Taki Renzaburo in Wicked City.


Snegoff is a native to Santa Monica, California. He is the son of the make-up artist Marc Snegoff and the voice actress Alexandra Kenworthy, and brother of the stuntman Tony Snegoff. Snegoff was married to fellow voice actor Lisa Michelson until her death in 1991; they worked together on various Streamline media. Since 1995, Snegoff is currently married to Fiorella Capuano.

He is known for providing the voices of Khyron and Scott Bernard in Robotech, Professor Kusakabe and Additional voices in My Neighbor Totoro, Taki Renzaburo in Wicked City, Maltravers in The Legend of the Titanic, and Fukuo and Additional voices in Kiki's Delivery Service.

Snegoff is the founder of the multilingual dubbing company Cosmopoloop International, with bases in LA and Rome.[1] He currently resides in Rome, Italy, though he has still done dubbing work in the United States ocassionally.


Live-Action Dubbing

TV Series

  • Monarca (2019-2021) - Martin Ross
  • The Gift (2019-2021) - Additional Voices
  • Ethos (2020-present) - Additional Voices


Animation Dubbing

Animated Series

Animated Films

Anime Dubbing


  • Macron I (1981) - Prince Eharn, Dr. Fritz, Cloaked Man (ep. 3), Evil Attraction Announcer (ep. 5)
  • The Magical World of Gigi (1982-1983) - Sargent (ep. 42), Additional Voices
  • Around the World with Willy Fog (1983) - Tico, Inspector Dix, Mr. Weston
  • Noozles (1984) - Professor Alexander Brown
  • Captain Harlock & The Queen of a Thousand Years (1985) - Newscaster
  • Robotech: The Macross Saga (1985) - Khyron, Dr. Emil Lang, Macross City Mayor, Zentraedi 1 (ep. 1), Zentraedi 2 (ep. 1), Zentraedi A (ep. 2), Captain Kramer (ep. 2), Human Communications 3 (ep. 2), PHP-202 (ep. 2), Jason's Father (ep. 3), Zentraedi 1 (ep. 3), Mechanic 1 (ep. 5), Human Soldier 3 (ep. 5), Camera Robot (ep. 6), Evacuation Announcement (ep. 7), Vending Machine Voice (ep. 8), Earth HQ Officer (ep. 10), Evacuation Announcement (ep. 14), Councilman 1 (ep. 15), Vitals Monitor Voice 2 (ep. 17), Zentraedi A (ep. 20), Zentraedi C (ep. 20), Soldier Informing Gloval (ep. 24), Shuttle Co-Pilot (ep. 24), Wedding M.C. (ep. 25), Message to Gloval (ep. 26), Fred (ep. 28), Breetai's Subordinate 4 (ep. 30), Pops (ep. 31), Pilot Lighting Cigarette (ep. 32), Veritech Pilot 1 (ep. 34), Veritech Pilot 2 (ep. 34), Waiter (ep. 34), Newscaster 1 (ep. 35), Newscaster 2 (ep. 35), John (ep. 35), Boyfriend (ep. 35), Additional Voices
  • Robotech: The Robotech Masters (1985) - Alan Fredericks, Khyron (ep. 37; flashback), Yellow Master Elder 2 (ep. 37), 15th ATAC Soldier 4 (ep. 38)
  • Robotech: The New Generation (1985) - Scott Bernard
  • Maple Town (1986-1987) - Mr. Rabbit, Sheriff Barney Bulldog

OVAs & Specials

Anime Films

Voice Director



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