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Greg Chun (born November 11, 1971 in Evanston, Illinois, USA) is an American voice actor and composer best known for his video game work. As a music producer, he has created music for numerous national advertising campaigns, hundreds of mobile games, and his long-standing collaboration with The Lonely Island has allowed his music to be featured on Saturday Night Live, the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, and the Michael Bolton Sexy Valentine's Day Special.

As a music director, Greg has performed on the stages of Carnegie Hall, the Dolby Theater, and Disney Concert Hall. Greg is a native of Chicago and a graduate of Stanford University.


Chun has produced music on a multiple Lonely Island projects including Saturday Night Live, 67th Annual Emmy Awards, and the Michael Bolton Sexy Valentine's Day Special.

Based on his previous knowledge of the Yakuza video game series franchise, Chun was surprised and pleased to be selected to voice Takayuki Yagami in the English-language version of the 2018 spinoff Judgment. Yagami's voice was meant to make him sound like a "bona fide badass" regardless of language, something the localization team believed they succeeded at. Chun found his work on the game gratifying, saying, "it really did require me to let go of the tricks that you use to push a performance through, and I really did need to fall back on authenticity and genuine groundedness". Chun found staying faithful to the spirit of the Japanese version challenging but enjoyed portraying Yagami's blend of seriousness and comedy. He said having to scream in certain parts of the game was difficult. Chun was surprised by the depth of Yagami's character arc, considering his work on the game an unforgettable experience. He found the character easy to connect with because of his realistic characterization.

Greg Chun's performance as Yagami was praised by The Hollywood Reporter and Game Informer EGM Now agreed, believing Chun made a more striking performance than Takuya Kimura, who the writer did not find suitable for the character.  RPGamer praised both Kimura and Chun's performances as Yagami.

Personal Life

Chun is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He graduated at Stanford University and has found himself in a dilemma in following different types of jobs. Chun is of Korean descent.

Chun resides in Burbank, California and splits his time between voice acting and music production.


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  • Wolf (2018) - Kaya Ülgen


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  • Scissor Seven (2018-present) - Da Chun, Wedding Host (ep. 1), Dog (ep. 2), Man (ep. 6), Captain Jack (ep. 7), Da Chun (ep. 9), Audience (eps. 12-14), Lizard (ep. 25), Tiger (ep. 31), Mysterious Killer (ep. 32), Additional Voices

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  • Star Wars Visions (2021) - Roden (The Ninth Jedi), Trooper #D, Villager #A (The Duel)

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