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Great Conquest: The Romance of Three Kingdoms (三国志 英雄たちの夜明け Sangokushi: Eiyūtachi no Yoake) is a 1992 Toei anime film adapted from the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. An English dub was produced by Streamline Pictures in 1994 and re-released by Discotek Media in 2020. Two other films were made, but were not dubbed.


In ancient China, only one law is followed: “every man for himself.” The political system is corrupt and unfair, and war is raging throughout the country. However, one man, Liu Bei, is different; he is a simple mat-weaver who one day discovers that he is in fact one of the possible heirs to the throne of China, and he longs for a change in his homeland. Alongside two fierce warriors, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, Liu Bei sets forth on a journey for change, while strengthening the bonds of friendship and brotherhood with his newfound comrades.


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Liu Bei Teruhiko Aoi Doug Stone
Guan Yu Takeshi Aono Gregory Snegoff
Zhang Fei Tarō Ishida Michael McConnohie
Cao Cao Tetsuya Watari Michael Forest
Lu Bu Masane Tsukayama Steve Bulen
Zhang Liao Kōji Nakata David Povall
Chen Gong Iemasa Kayumi Jeff Winkless
Diaochan Rihoko Yoshida Edie Mirman
Lihua Keiko Han Joan-Carol O'Connell
Dong Zhuo Junpei Takiguchi Mike Reynolds
Zhuge Liang Yoku Shioya Brianne Siddall
Tao Qian Kōhei Miyauchi Jeff Winkless
Guo Jia Masaharu Satō Steve Kramer
Zhuge Jin Ryō Horikawa Cam Clarke
Du You Ichirō Nagai Tom Wyner
Wang Yun Kōji Yada Steve Kramer
Zhuge Jun Shōgō Kudō Bob Bergen
Liu Bei's Mother Taeko Nakanishi Barbara Goodson
Zhuge Jin's Mother Reiko Suzuki Melora Harte
Narrator Yoshio Kaneuchi Pat Morita

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