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Goldwing is the English title of Golden Wings 1.2.3. (황금날개123 Hwanggeum Nalgae 1.2.3.), a South Korean animated film directed by Cheong-gi Kim, and originally released in 1978.


A teenage boy is selected by a dying alien to be transformed into a super-hero who will save the planet Earth.

Dubbing History

The film was the debut dub of Harmony Gold, and recorded at Intersound, Inc.. The voice cast included future Robotech writer Ardwight Chamberlain (credited under his real name; Robert Chamberlain) and current Harmony Gold President and CEO Jehan Agrama. The dub featured a new score composed by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy of Saban Entertainment.

The English dub was released on VHS by Prism Entertainment in 1980. The English dub was included as an extra on the 2010 Korean Blu-Ray release.



  • Some of Shuki Levy's Soundtrack would later be reused in the first season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, as well as for the French dub of Star Fleet.
  • The British Film Institute only lists 3 of the 8 credited actors, which indicates that the remaining names (Gina Friedlander, Diana Gibson, James Monroe, Mel Rovia and Richard Robertson) were credited to expand the credit list.[1]

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Prism Entertainment 1980 VHS.jpg NTSC United States United States
Planis 2010 BD All
South Korea South Korea


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