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Go, Dog. Go! is a Canadian-American computer animated streaming television series based on the 1961 children's book of the same name by Philip Dey Eastman. It is created by Adam Peltzman, and a joint collaboration between DreamWorks Animation Television and WildBrain Studios. The series was released on January 26, 2021, on Netflix.

Like various other preschool shows that are hosted on the service, this series was redubbed into British English on Netflix.


Every day in the pup-filled town of Pawston, these furry friends are on the go — and they love exploring their world!


Character Original Actor Canada U.K. Dub United Kingdom
Tag Barker Michela Luci Maisie Marsh
Scooch Pooch Callum Shoniker Toby Fullman
Frank David Berni Adam Diggle
Beans Anand Rajaram Shubham Saraf
Cheddar Biscuit Tajja Isen Hannah Hutch
Paw Barker Martin Roach Jude Owusu
Mum Barker
(Ma Barker)
Katie Griffin Petra Letang
Spike Barker Lyon Smith ???
Gilbert Barker James Cartmell[1]
Grandpaw Barker Patrick McKenna Laurie Jamieson
Grandmaw Barker
(Grandma Barker)
Judy Marshak Victoria Strachan



Company Date Category Format Content Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png January 26, 2021
(Season 1)
TV Series /
Original Series
Digital 9 eps 3+ United Kingdom United Kingdom


  • The theme song was undubbed.
  • This dub was mixed in Poland, despite being recorded in the United Kingdom.


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