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Giant Robo: The Animation (ジャイアント・ロボ - 地球が静止する日 Jaianto Robo - Chikyū ga seishi suru hi) is a 1992 to 1998 original video animation series based on Mitsuteru Yokoyama's manga series of the same name. It was written and directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa.


10 years ago Dr. Shizuma and his colleagues invented the Shizuma drive which is a revolutionizing new form of renewable and recyclable energy. Though they had to pay a heavy price for their success in a catastrophic accident that the world only wants to forget about. However, all is not well as the secret organization Big Fire is hell-bent on taking over the world. They have obtained two of three mysterious Shizuma drive samples with an unknown function, which are an integral part of their world domination plans. The third sample has however been stolen by Dr. Shizuma who during his escape is saved by Daisaku, Giant Robo and the Experts of Justice. Then a desperate struggle begins between the Experts of Justice and Big Fire for the control of the last sample as Big Fire unleashes their mightiest weapon, the Eye of Volger, upon the unsuspecting world. Soon everything points towards the hidden truth behind the accident 10 years ago as the starting point of everything.

Dubbing History

The anime was first dubbed by the Los Angeles based dubbing company Animaze for Manga Entertainment and first released to VHS on October 20, 1993 by Central Park Media (all future releases would be distributed by Manga themselves). The anime was originally intended to finish within 36 months, but the seven volume series was ultimately released over the span of six years. As the original dub was produced simultaneously as the series was released, many voice actors could not return to reprise their roles. Daisaku had gone through 3 different voices by the end of the dub due to using real children as Daisaku's voice and them aging. According to sound mixer Les Claypool III, these problems would result in voice director Kevin Seymour never casting children in a lead role again.

In 2004, Media Blasters produced a new dub utilizing Michael Sinterniklaas' NYAV Post dubbing company in New York with a more consistent cast than Animaze's dub. The new dub was produced for a 5.1 surround soundtrack, and for voice consistency with the spin-off Ginrei Special OVA. Though, much to fans' surprise, Media Blasters would also include the original Animaze dub in their releases.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
(Manga Entertainment)
Dub Actor
(Media Blasters)
The Experts of Justice
Daisaku Kusama.jpg Daisaku Kusama Kappei Yamaguchi Keven Lee Michelle Newman 1-2
Joshua Seth 3-5
Paul Stephen 6-7
Ginrei.jpg Ginrei Sumi Shimamoto Debra Jean Rogers Eva Kaminsky 1-7
Chujo Shizuo.jpg Chujo Shizuo Iemasa Kayumi Lee West Greg Abbey 1-6
Kirk Thornton 7
Go Gakujin.jpg Professor Go Gakujin Masashi Ebara Steve Bulen Kevin T. Collins 1-7
Tetsugyu.jpg Tetsugyu Shōzō Iizuka Steve Blum Sean Schemmel 1-7
Taiso.jpg Taiso Norio Wakamoto Steve Cassling Marc Thompson 1-7
Dojin Issei.jpg Dojin Issei Takeshi Aono Kevin Seymour Mike Pollock 1-7
Youshi.jpg Youshi Kazue Komiya Carol Stanzione Erica Schroeder 2-4
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn 7
The BF Organization
Genya.jpg Genya Shinji Ogawa Steve Blum Dan Green 1-7
Shockwave Alberto.jpg Lord Alberto Yōsuke Akimoto Anthony Santacrose Lex Woutas 1-7
Ivan the Terrible.jpg Ivan the Terrible Yasuyoshi Hara Gary Dubin Wayne Grayson 1-3
Other Characters
Franken von Fogler.jpg Doctor Franken von Fogler Koichi Chiba Tom Fahn Danny Burstein 1-7
Kenji Murasame.jpg Inspector Kenji Murasame Yūji Mikimoto Bill Kestin Marc Diraison 1-6
Paul St. Peter 7
Professor Shizuma.jpg Professor Shizuma Kazuo Harada Dan Lorge Mike Pollock 1-7
Koushin Chin Sanzan.jpg Koushin Chin Sanzan Rokurō Naya Christopher Carroll Maddie Blaustein 5-7
Giant Robo title.jpg Narration Yūji Mikimoto Hal Cleaveland Skip Greenpoint 1-6
Michael Forest 7

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
(Manga Entertainment)
Dub Actor
(Media Blasters)
Q-Boss.jpg Q-Boss Shigezō Sasaoka Kevin Seymour David Zen Mansley 1
Cervantes GR.jpg Cervantes Michio Hazama Art Kimbro Wayne Grayson 5
Dr. Kusama.jpg Dr. Kusama Masaaki Yajima Paul St. Peter Ted Lewis 5, 7
Kaei GR.jpg Kaei Akio Ōtsuka Tony Clay David Moo 5-7
Kaichin GR.jpg Kaichin Mitsuaki Hoshino Skip Stellrecht ¿? 5-7
Kaiho GR.jpg Kaiho Tomokazu Seki Kevin Seymour Ted Lewis 5-7
Shutsu GR.jpg Shutsu Kenichi Ogata Stephen Apostolina 5, 7
Hanzui Konseimaou.jpg Hanzui Konseimaou Tarō Ishida Tom Wyner Eric Stuart 6-7
Juujoji GR.jpg Juujoji Chikao Ōtsuka Bob Papenbrook Mike Pollock 6
Concussion Kawarazaki.jpg Concussion Kawarazaki Mugihito Simon Prescott Richard Springle 6-7
Cho Katsu Komei.jpg Cho-Katsu Kōmei Tadashi Nakamura Christopher Joyce ¿? 6-7
Yuuki the Twilight.jpg Yuuki the Twilight Nachi Nozawa John Snyder Robert O'Gorman 6
Zangetsu the Mid-Day.jpg Zangetsu the Mid-Day Kōji Nakata Daran Norris Vic Mignogna 6
Sunny the Magician.jpg Sunny the Magician Fuyumi Shiraishi Julie Maddalena Eva Kaminsky 6
Red Mask.jpg Red Mask Osamu Ichikawa Richard Cansino Vic Mignogna 6-7
Amazing Fitzkarald.jpg The Amazing Fitzkarald Yasuyoshi Hara Buck Rhodes Christopher Kromer 6-7
Gen Shoji.jpg Gen Shoji Hōchū Ōtsuka David Hayter Michael Sinterniklaas 7

Additional Voices

Media Blasters Dub

  • Fred Chagan
  • Joe Chagan
  • Matt Holz
  • Sean Kenin
  • Chris Kimball
  • Nick Loscalzo
  • David Zen Mansley
  • Christopher Nicholas
  • Marc Thompson

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Dub Region Country
Central Park Media 1993 VHS.jpg Episode 1 Manga NTSC United States United States
1 Volume
Manga Entertainment 1995-1998 The Complete Series
6 Volumes
Media Blasters 2004-2005 DVD.jpg The Complete Series Both 1
3 Volumes
2006 The Complete Series
4 Discs*
Discotek Media 2019 BD The Complete Series A
2 Discs

*also including the Ginrei Special OVA

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