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Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy (銀河鉄道999 エターナルファンタジー Ginga Tetsudo 999: Eternal Fantasy) is a 1998 anime film that serves as a sequel to Galaxy Express 999 and Adieu Galaxy Express 999. It premiered in Japan on March 7, 1998.

An English dub of the film was produced by Sound Cadence Studios for Discotek Media, which released the film on Blu-Ray on January 28, 2020.


Tetsuro believed he was freeing the Earth from the clutches of the Metanoid Empire's tyranny, but one year after his return, Tetsuro is a prisoner of a new tyrant. However, before worse than imprisonment can happen to the boy, Maetel and the 999 swoop in to the boy's rescue. With his freedom, gun, and trusty hat returned to him, Tetsuro reaffirms his desire to save his home. But a new darkness is rising to swallow the light, and one of its agents has him in her sights. Before the train can depart for a new destination, Tetsuro will have to face the deadly knight Helmazaria.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Tetsuro Hoshino GE999EF.jpg Tetsuro Hoshino Masako Nozawa Emily Fajardo
Maetel GE999EF.jpg Maetel Masako Ikeda Lisa Ortiz
Conductor GE999EF.jpg Conductor Kaneta Kimotsuki Kent Williams
Mii-kun GE999EF.jpg Mii-kun Marissa Lenti
Helmazaria GE999EF.jpg Helmazaria Yoshiko Sakakibara Corey Pettit
Cannon GE999EF.jpg Cannon Keiko Toda Melissa Sternenberg
Claire GE999EF.jpg Claire Yūko Minaguchi Tia Ballard
Iselle GE999EF.jpg Iselle Noriko Hidaka Suzie Yeung
Iselles Father GE999EF.jpg Iselle's Father Kazuya Tatekabe David Wald
BolcazandaIII GE999EF.jpg Bolcazanda III Kiyoyuki Yanada Jim Foronda
Captain Harlock GE999EF.jpg Captain Harlock Kōichi Yamadera David Matranga


Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Discotek Media 2020 BD A
United States United States

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