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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the second anime series based on the Fullmetal Alchemist (鋼の錬金術師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) manga series created by Hiromu Arakawa. It is a more direct adaptation than the first series, directly following the original events of the manga, whereas the original series deviated from the manga. In Japan, it is differentiated from the 2003 series by the inclusion of the English language title.

The series was directed by Yasuhiro Irie and written by Hiroshi Ōnogi. The series premiered in April 5, 2009 on MBS-TBS' Sunday 5:00 pm JST anime timeblock and ended in July 4, 2010.


After losing their mother, Edward and Alphonse Elric try to revive her using the forbidden science of human alchemy. However, alchemy operates under the theory of equivalent change and breaking the taboo of human alchemy carries a heavy price. Ed loses his left leg, and Al loses his body. Ed manages to seal Al's soul inside a great armor, at the cost of her right arm. Years later, Ed, now with two mechanical "automails" limbs, and Al, still trapped in the armor, burn down their home, each concerned for the other's happiness. Ed, who had a natural talent and ability for alchemy, becomes a nationally certified alchemist and is soon known everywhere as the “The Alchemist of Steel”. The true objective of both brothers is to search for any information about the legendary Philosopher's Stone, in the hope that it will allow them to recover their bodies. All your hopes rest on the mythical stone, which may not even exist.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Edward Elric - FMAB.jpg Edward Elric Romi Park Vic Mignogna
Edward Elric young - FMAB.jpg
Alphonse Elric - FMAB.jpg
Alphonse Elric human - FMAB.jpg
Alphonse Elric young - FMAB.jpg
Alphonse Elric Rie Kugimiya Maxey Whitehead
Winry Rockbell - FMAB.jpg Winry Rockbell Megumi Takamoto Caitlin Glass
Winry Rockbell young - FMAB.jpg
Roy Mustang - FMAB.jpg Roy Mustang Shinichirō Miki Travis Willingham
Lust - FMAB.jpg Lust Kikuko Inoue Laura Bailey
Gluttony - FMAB.jpg Gluttony Tetsu Shiratori Chris Cason
Envy - FMAB.jpg
Envy monster - FMAB.jpg
True Envy - FMAB.jpg
Envy Minami Takayama Wendy Powell
Greed - FMAB.jpg Greed Yūichi Nakamura Chris Patton
Greedling - FMAB.jpg Troy Baker
King Bradley - FMAB.jpg Führer King Bradley /
Hidekatsu Shibata Ed Blaylock
King Bradley young - FMAB.jpg Hidenobu Kiuchi
Christopher Bevins
Selim Bradley - FMAB.jpg
Pride - FMAB.jpg
Selim Bradley /
Yūko Sanpei Brittney Karbowski
Sloth - FMAB.jpg Sloth Fumihiko Tachiki Patrick Seitz
Father - FMAB.jpg
Father true form - FMAB.jpg
Father final form- FMAB.jpg
Father Iemasa Kayumi Kent Williams
Homunculus, dwarf in the jar - FMAB.jpg Homunculus,
dwarf in the jar
Van Hohenheim - FMAB.jpg Van Hohenheim Unshō Ishizuka John Swasey
Izumi Curtis - FMAB.jpg Izumi Curtis Shōko Tsuda Christine Auten
Alex Louis Armstrong - FMAB.jpg Alex Louis Armstrong Kenji Utsumi Christopher Sabat
Kimblee - FMAB.jpg Solf J. Kimblee Hiroyuki Yoshino Eric Vale
Tim Marcoh - FMAB.jpg Tim Marcoh Masayuki Omoro Jerry Russell
Isaac McDougal - FMAB.jpg Isaac McDougal Kōichi Yamadera Bryan Massey
Basque Grand - FMAB.jpg Basque Grand Shin Aomori R. Bruce Elliott
Shou Tucker - FMAB.jpg Shou Tucker Makoto Nagai Chuck Huber
Gold-Toothed Doctor - FMAB.jpg Gold-Toothed Doctor Bon Ishihara Mark Stoddard
Maes Hughes - FMAB.jpg Maes Hughes Keiji Fujiwara Sonny Strait
Riza Hawkeye - FMAB.jpg Riza Hawkeye Fumiko Orikasa Colleen Clinkenbeard
Olivier Mira Armstrong - FMAB.jpg Olivier Mira Armstrong Yōko Sōmi Stephanie Young
Maria Ross - FMAB.jpg Maria Ross Kaori Nazuka Meredith McCoy
Jean Havoc - FMAB.jpg Jean Havoc Yūji Ueda Mike McFarland
Kain Fuery - FMAB.jpg Kain Fuery Tetsuya Kakihara Kevin M. Connolly
Vato Falman - FMAB.jpg Vato Falman Kenji Hamada Kyle Hebert
Heyman Breda - FMAB.jpg Heymans Breda Biichi Satō Jeremy Inman
Denny Brosh - FMAB.jpg Denny Brosh Yuuki Hayashi Jim Foronda
Yoki - FMAB.jpg Yoki Kazuki Yao Barry Yandell
Buccaneer - FMAB.jpg Buccaneer Ryūzaburō Ōtomo Phil Parsons
Raven - FMAB.jpg Raven Katsuhisa Hōki Christopher Ayres
Fokker - FMAB.jpg Fokker Shinsuke Nagashima Brian Mathis
Miles - FMAB.jpg Miles Kazuya Nakai Jason Douglas
Grumman - FMAB.jpg Grumman Rokurō Naya Bill Flynn
Henschel - FMAB.jpg Henschel Kiyoyuki Yanada Cole Brown
Dr. Knox - FMAB.jpg Dr. Knox Kinryū Arimoto R. Bruce Elliott
Sheska - FMAB.jpg Sheska Chika Fujimura Gwendolyn Lau
Ling Yao - FMAB.jpg Ling Yao Mamoru Miyano Todd Haberkorn
May Chang - FMAB.jpg May Chang Mai Gotō Monica Rial
Lan Fan - FMAB.jpg Lan Fan Nana Mizuki Trina Nishimura
Fu - FMAB.jpg Fu Katsunosuke Hori Kenny Green
Scar - FMAB.jpg Scar Kenta Miyake J. Michael Tatum
Scar's Brother - FMAB.jpg Scar's Brother Takehito Koyasu Robert McCollum
Scar's Master - FMAB.jpg Scar's Master Yuzuru Fujimoto Grant James
Rick - FMAB.jpg Rick Eriko Kawasaki Jamie Marchi
Elder Shan - FMAB.jpg Elder Shan Noriko Uemura Linda Young
Zampano - FMAB.jpg Zampano Takashi Hikida Chris Rager
Jerso - FMAB.jpg Jerso Tomoyuki Shimura Andrew Love
Heinkel - FMAB.jpg Heinkel Shinpachi Tsuji Bradley Campbell
Darius - FMAB.jpg Darius Masuo Amada George Manley
Martel - FMAB.jpg Martel Takako Honda Tiffany Grant
Bido - FMAB.jpg Bido Yūji Ueda Greg Ayres
Dolcetto - FMAB.jpg Dolcetto Anri Katsu John Burgmeier
Roa - FMAB.jpg Roa Tetsu Inada John Gremillion
Nina Tucker - FMAB.jpg Nina Tucker Sumire Morohoshi Brina Palencia
Pinako Rockbell - FMAB.jpg Pinako Rockbell Miyoko Asō Juli Erickson
Trisha Elric - FMAB.jpg Trisha Elric Yoshino Takamori Lydia Mackay
Hughes Family
Gracia Hughes - FMAB.jpg Gracia Hughes Tomoe Hanba Anastasia Muñoz
Elicia Hughes - FMAB.jpg Elicia Hughes Misato Fukuen Cherami Leigh
Rose Thomas - FMAB.jpg Rose Thomas Satsuki Yukino Colleen Clinkenbeard
Father Cornello - FMAB.jpg Father Cornello Seizō Katō Andy Mullins
Cray - FMAB.jpg Cray Akimitsu Takase Charles Campbell
Laboratory 5
Barry the Chopper - FMAB.jpg Barry the Chopper Hideyuki Umezu Jerry Jewell
Slicer Nº. 48 (head) - FMAB.jpg Slicer Nº. 48
Dai Matsumoto Bill Jenkins
Sig Curtis - FMAB.jpg Sig Curtis Seiji Sasaki Bob Carter
Mason-fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood-2.18.jpg Mason Shūhei Sakaguchi Josh Martin
Rush Valley
Paninya - FMAB.jpg Paninya Akemi Okamura Cynthia Cranz
Garfiel - FMAB.jpg Garfiel Kenta Miyake Antimere Robinson
Bradley Family
Mrs. Bradley - FMAB.jpg Mrs. Bradley Ai Satō Dana Schultes
Mustang Family
Madame Christmas - FMAB.jpg Chris Mustang /
Madame Christmas
Yōko Matsuoka Pam Dougherty
Armstrong Family
Catherine Elle Armstrong - FMAB.jpg Catherine Elle Armstrong Rie Kugimiya Kate Oxley
King of Xerxes - FMAB.jpg King of Xerxes Takkō Ishimori Bill Jenkins
Gate of the Truth
The Truth - FMAB.jpg The Truth N/A Luci Christian
Full metal alchemist logo.jpg Narration Iemasa Kayumi Kent Williams

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Slicer Nº. 48 (body) - FMAB.jpg Slicer Nº. 48
Kenji Nojima Duncan Brannan 8
Dominic LeCoulte - FMAB.jpg Dominic LeCoulte Shōzō Iizuka Greg Dulcie 11
Ridel - FMAB.jpg Ridel LeCoulte Tokuyoshi Kawashima Christopher Bevins
Satera - FMAB.jpg Satella LeCoulte Sayuri Yamauchi Susan Huber
Yakovlev - FMAB.jpg Yakovlev Kiyoshi Katsunuma Brad Hawkins 25
Storch - FMAB.jpg Storch Go Shinomiya J. Paul Slavens
Pinako Rockbell young - FMAB.jpg Pinako Rockbell
Mami Koyama Shelley Calene-Black 27
Trisha Elric young - FMAB.jpg Trisha Elric
Yuki Mitsugi
Van Hohenheim young - FMAB.jpg Van Hohenheim
Daisuke Namikawa Aaron Dismuke 40
Philip-gargantos-armstrong-fmab.jpg Philip Gargantos Armstrong Kenji Utsumi Christopher Sabat 45
Hakuro - FMAB.jpg Hakuro Taketora Phil Parsons 46

Additional Voices

Animax Dub

A separate dub was presumably done for Animax Asia, as various roles have been listed on some of the actors resume's.

  • Muriel Hofmann as Edward Elric, Winry Rockbell, Riza Hawkeye, Izumi Curtis, and Lust
  • Lily Truncale as Alphonse Elric, Lan Fan, May Chang and Paninya
  • Matt Bailey as Roy Mustang
  • Mike Brooks as Alex Louis Armstrong


  • Unlike the Japanese version, the English dub retains most of the voice cast used for the original dub of the first series. Although for various reasons, there were recasts for a few roles.
    • As Aaron Dismuke had grown up since voicing Alphonse, (Dismuke was 12 at the time of recording for the original series) he was replaced by female voice actress Maxey Whitehead. Dismuke still appears in this dub, this time playing young Hohenheim.
    • John Swasey replaced Scott McNeil as Van Hohenheim, as McNeil is not a regular in FUNimation's voice cast. McNeil is based in Vancouver, though he has occasionally voiced in a few FUNimation dubs from time to time.
    • J. Michael Tatum replaced Dameon Clarke as Scar, as Clarke had moved onto his live-action career.
    • Jerry Russell replaced Brice Armstrong as Tim Marcoh, as Armstrong had retired in 2009.
    • Robert McCollum replaced Bill Townsley as Scar's Brother, due to Townsley departing from voice acting and moving to New York.
  • In the original Japanese version, The Truth is depicted as having the voice of whoever encounters him with a slight effect added to differentiate, which is more in line to its role as a literal 'part' of whomever it is engaging with. In the dub, Truth is voiced by Luci Christian, the voice of Wrath in the 2003 anime.


Date(s) Channel Country
2010-2011 Cartoon Network
(Adult Swim)
United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
FUNimation Entertainment 2010-2011 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
5 Volumes
2012 BD The Complete Series A
2 Volumes

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