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Forest of Piano (ピアノの森 Piano no Mori) is an anime series produced by Fukushima Gainax, directed by Gaku Nakatani. The series is based on the manga series of the same name by Makoto Isshiki. The series premiered from April 8, 2018 to April 14, 2019 on NHK.


The story takes us together with a boy named Shuuhei Amamiya, who has moved thanks to his mother's work. Amamiya is the son of a great pianist and consequently wishes to follow in his footsteps. When he arrives at his new school they tell him the story of the piano in the forest, which is said to be played by someone at night, but when anyone tries it, the piano does not make any sound. Kai (a poor boy who studies in the same school as Amamiya) is the only one capable of playing the so-called forest piano, together with Amamiya they embark on a story where musicality and entertainment are assured.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Season
Main Characters
D0FA0EC1-1F3B-4F98-B810-9D1A5B57CE8D.jpg Kai Ichinose Sōma Saitō Johnny Yong Bosch 1-2
Kai-ichinose.jpg Ryōko Shiraishi
0F599E30-C8F2-4888-B012-EAECF5E0A740.jpg Shuuhei Amamiya Natsuki Hanae Griffin Burns 1-2
Shuuhei-amamiya.jpg TBA
Sousuke-ajino.jpg Sousuke Ajino Junichi Suwabe Kyle McCarley 1-2
ReikoIchinose.jpg Reiko Ichinose Maaya Sakamoto Reba Buhr 1-2
Takako Maruyama Aoi Yūki Cristina Valenzuela 1-2
Namie-amamiya.jpg Namie Amamiya Marie Miyake Julie Ann Taylor 1-2
Yoichiro Amamiya.jpg Yoichiro Amamiya Hideyuki Tanaka Joe Ochman 1-2
Recurring Characters
SagaPiano.jpg Takeshi Saga Kōji Yusa Joe Hernandez 1-2
Jean ForestofPiano.jpg Jean-Jacques Theroux Bin Shimada Jonathan Fahn 1-2
Wei ForestofPiano.jpg Wei Pang Yūichi Nakamura Griffin Puatu 1-2
Kousei ForestofPiano.jpg Kousei Hirata Toshiyuki Toyonaga Jeff Nimoy 1-2
Sophie ForestofPiano.jpg Sophie Ormesson Mariya Ise Erika Harlacher 1-2
Karol ForestofPiano.jpg Karol Adamski Katsuyuki Konishi Doug Erholtz 1-2
Lech ForestofPiano.jpg Lech Szymanowski Kenn Tristan Wright 1-2
Christina-bayer-158547.jpg Christina Bayer Natsuki Mori Erika Harlacher 2
Minor Characters
Victoria ForestofPiano.jpg Victoria Campbell Risa Hayamizu Christine Marie Cabanos 1-2
David ForestofPiano.jpg David Smith Hiroyuki Endou Zachary T. Rice 1-2
Nonomura.jpg Nonomura Natsuki Mori Cindy Robinson 1
Igor ForestofPiano.jpg Igor Gutmann Kenta Zaima Tony Azzolino 1
Daigaku ForestofPiano.jpg Daigaku Kanehira Motoko Kumai Doug Erholtz 1
Arisa ForestofPiano.jpg
Arisa Ryō Hirohashi Erika Harlacher 1
ShiraishiPaino.jpg Shiraishi Mayumi Tanaka Barbara Goodson 1
Takakosfather.jpg Takako's Father TBA Lucien Dodge 1
Takakosmother.jpg Takako's Mother TBA Dorothy Elias-Fahn 1

Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Content Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png September 28, 2018
(Season 1)
Anime /
Netflix Original Series
Digital 12 eps. TV-14 United States United States
June 24, 2019
(Season 2)
12 eps.

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