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Fist of the North Star (北斗の拳 Hokuto no Ken) is a Japanese animated film and theatrical adaptation of the manga and anime of the same name. It was produced by Toei Animation and released theatrically in 1986.

The film adapts the storyline of the manga from the beginning of the series up until Kenshiro's first match with his rival and elder brother Raoh, with many liberties taken with the order of events and how the story unfolds (including the roles of several characters). However, the film retains the more violent content of the original manga, which the television series lacked.

Dubbing History

The English dub of the movie was produced by Carl Macek for Streamline Pictures and was given a very brief theatrical run in 1990. The English script, written by Tom Wyner, is not a direct translation of the Japanese original, resulting in drastic plot differences between the two versions (such as the explanation for Airi's blindness and the cause of Shin's death). The theatrical ending was used for this version and the end credits theme, "Purple Eyes", is played without vocals.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Kenshiro Akira Kamiya John Vickery
Julia Yuriko Yamamoto Melodee Spevack
Roah Kenji Utsumi Wally Burr
Jagi Chikao Ōtsuka Daniel Woren
Shin Toshio Furukawa Michael McConnohie
Rei Kaneto Shiozawa Gregory Snegoff
Lynn Tomiko Suzuki Holly Sidell
Bat Teiyū Ichiryūsai Tony Oliver
Airi Arisa Andō Barbara Goodson
Ryuken Junji Chiba Jeff Corey
Zeed Hidekatsu Shibata Michael Forest
Heart Junpei Takiguchi Dave Mallow
Fox Takeshi Aono Tom Wyner
Jackal Hiroshi Ōtake Carl Macek
Uighur Daisuke Gōri Gregory Snegoff
Boss Fang Takeshi Watabe James Avery
Galf Jōji Yanami Tom Wyner
Elder Ukoku Kōhei Miyauchi Steve Bulen
Colonel Kōji Yada Dave Mallow
Narration Tarō Ishida Jeff Corey

Additional Voices


Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Streamline Pictures 1991 VHS.jpg NTSC United States United States
Image Entertainment 1998 DVD.jpg 1
Discotek Media 2009
2018 BD A

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