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Fight!! Spirit of the Sword (Fight!!) is a 1993 OAV based on the manga by Pink Aomata. It was produced by J.C.Staff, directed by both Masanori Nishii & Ryō Yasumura. Media Blasters licensed the OVA, while Arvintel Media Productions produced an English dub, which was released on DVD on October 30, 2001.


Yonosuke Hikura appears to be an ordinary high school student. Yet he has inherited the important role of protecting the harmony between Heaven and Earth. With the help of the magical sword Chitentai, and Tsukinojo Inbe, he courageously battles the demons, sending them back to the Earth World, from which they have escaped.


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Yonosuke Hikura Takeshi Kusao Bryan Moran
Tsukinojo Inbe Megumi Hayashibara Michelle Ruff
Ukyo Takehito Koyasu Doug Stone
Sakyo Yasunori Matsumoto Bob Buchholz
Himeno Noriko Hidaka Ellyn Stern
Fujisawa Masako Katsuki Rosalinda Morales
Earth's World Elder Yuzuru Fujimoto Tom Wyner

Additional Voices[]

  • Ruben Arvizu
  • Marcela Bordes
  • Mike Harrington
  • Melora Harte
  • John Pollak

Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Media Blasters 2001 DVD 1
United States United States

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