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Ferdy the Ant (Ferda Mravenec) is a Czechoslovakian-West German animated series based on the books by Ondřej Sekora. Three dubs of the series were made. The first was done in the UK. The second was a dub of two episodes done at Intersound and released on VHS in 1986 by Family Home Entertainment. The third was produced in 2000.


Intersound Dub

Character Dub Actor
Ferdy Kerrigan Mahan
Bumble Michael Sorich
Snuffy Frank Catalano
Cricket Robert Axelrod
Skittle Steve Kramer
Gobbler Bill Capizzi
Buller Mike Reynolds
Hermit Ted Lehmann
Leader Gregory Snegoff
Bee Girl John Rust
Lady Bug Melora Harte
Earthworm John Rust
Ruthie Barbara Goodson
Anteater Gregory Snegoff
Scout #2 Craig Schaefer
Narrator Ted Lehmann

Additional Voices

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