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Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (フェイトステイナイトアンリミテッドブレイドワークス Feito/sutei naito Anrimiteddo Bureido Wākusu) is an anime film by Studio Deen released in theaters on January 23, 2010. Differing from Deen's full Fate/stay night anime adaptation of the Fate route, it adapts the Unlimited Blade Works route of the Fate/stay night visual novel. The staff from the anime television series, including director Yuji Yamaguchi, returned to work on the film, with most of the voice cast reprising their roles. Sentai Filmworks licensed the film and released it on DVD and Blu-ray featuring an English dub produced at Bang Zoom! Entertainment.


Shirō Emiya finds himself an unwilling participant in a deadly competition where seven Mages summon heroic spirits as servants to duel each other to the death. They compete for the chance to make a wish from the Holy Grail, which has the power to grant any wish. Shirō is unskilled as a mage and knows nothing of the Holy Grail War, but he and his servant, Saber, enter into a temporary partnership with another Mage, Rin Tōsaka. However, problems arise between Shirō and Rin's servant, Archer, who seems to seriously despise him.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Shirō Emiya - FSNUBW2010.png Shirō Emiya Noriaki Sugiyama Sam Riegel
Rin Tōsaka - FSNUBW2010.png Rin Tōsaka Kana Ueda Mela Lee
Archer - FSNUBW2010.png Archer
Junichi Suwabe Liam O'Brien
Saber - FSNUBW2010.png Saber
(Arturia Pendragon)
Ayako Kawasumi Michelle Ruff
Gilgamesh - FSNUBW2010.png Archer
Tomokazu Seki Grant George
Caster - FSNUBW2010.png Caster
Atsuko Tanaka Tara Platt
Shinji Matō - FSNUBW2010.png Shinji Matō Hiroshi Kamiya Doug Erholtz
Lancer - FSNUBW2010.png Lancer
(Cú Chulainn)
Nobutoshi Canna Tony Oliver
Kirei Kotomine - FSNUBW2010.png Kirei Kotomine Jōji Nakata Jamieson Price
Assassin - FSNUBW2010.png Assassin
(Sasaki Kojirō)
Shinichirō Miki David Vincent
Illyasviel von Einzbern - FSNUBW2010.png Illyasviel "Illya" von Einzbern Mai Kadowaki Stephanie Sheh
Berserker - FSNUBW2010.png Berserker
Tadahisa Saizen Michael McConnohie
Rider - FSNUBW2010.png Rider
Yū Asakawa Karen Strassman
Soichiro Kuzuki - FSNUBW2010.png Soichiro Kuzuki Kazuhiro Nakata Patrick Seitz
Taiga Fujimura - FSNUBW2010.png Taiga Fujimura Miki Itō Julie Ann Taylor
Sakura Matō - FSNUBW2010.png Sakura Matō Noriko Shitaya Sherry Lynn

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