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Even Mice Belong in Heaven is a 2021 Czech-France-Poland-Slovak animated film directed by Jan Bubenickek and Denisa Grimmová.


A film about two mortal enemies - a little Mouse and a Fox, who after an unfortunate accident, meet in animal heaven. They lose their natural instincts and become best friends. Their wish to stay together after they return to earth comes true, but they are reborn into opposite roles. Thanks to the power of friendship they can even overcome what seems to be impossible.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Whizzy Pavlína Balner Simona Berman
Whitebelly Matouš Ruml Graham Halstead
Muzzle Martin Stránský Major Attaway
Frog Barbora Hrzánová Erica Schroeder
Cat Martha Issová Emily Cramer
Crab Martin Dejdar Billy Bob Thompson
Snake Ondřej Brousek
Moley Lukáš Pavlásek Marc Thompson
Crocodile Jiří Klem
Hippo ¿?
Pig ¿?
Raccoon Jiří Lábus Graham Halstead
Parrot Matěj Ruppert Wayne Grayson
Chameleon Jan Bubeníček
Peacock Miroslav Donutil Tom Wayland
Sheep ¿?
Badger Jiří Schwarz
June Bug Captain David Novotný
Crayfish Miroslav Etzler Tyler Bunch
Owl Miroslav Donutil
Goat Ludmila Molínová Mary O'Brady
Whale ¿? Elinor Vanderburg
Mama Mouse ¿? Simona Berman
Papa Mouse Ondřej Vetchý Ryan Andes

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