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Emyln Elisabeth Morinelli McFarland is a New York-based American actress and voice actress, who has provided voices for several prominent anime titles including the Pokémon series where she voiced Officer Jenny and Zoey, and the Odex Singaporean English dub of One Piece, where she voiced Tony Tony Chopper.


Anime Dubbing


  • One Piece (1999-present) - Tony Tony Chopper, Tashigi (2nd voice; eps. 79-95), Miss Merry Christmas, Dr. Kureha (Odex Dub)
  • Mirmo Zibang! (2002-2005) - Mirmo (MediaLink Dub)
  • Pokémon Advanced Generation (2002-2006) - Officer Jenny (eps. 188-192), Cassidy (ep. 176), Nicolette (ep. 150), Lucy (ep. 158), Female Fans (ep. 165), Hiroshi (ep. 166), Female Rocket Grunts (ep. 176), Female Trainers (ep. 176)
  • Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (2006-2010) - Officer Jenny, Cassidy, Zoey, Claudina (ep. 2), Receptionist (ep. 11), Boy #4 (ep. 11), Theresa (ep. 24), Bryan (ep. 29), Nuzleaf's Trainer (ep. 29), Chatot's Trainer (ep. 33), Boy #A (ep. 40), Girl #A (ep. 40), Boy in Crowd (ep. 40), Old Lady (ep. 56), Girl #A (ep. 86), Additional Voices

Anime Films


  • Morinelli currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania doing commercial voiceovers and as a result only does voice acting on occasion.

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