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Edmund Francis Giesbert (June 29, 1931 – May 8, 1999) was an American actor and voice actor, with extensive credits in both live-action roles and voice work in animation, although he was better known for the latter. He is also credited, under his birth name, with research in entomology and the discovery of new beetle species. He was known for voicing Baloo in Tale Spin.

Early Career[]

Gilbert graduated from the University of Chicago and fought in the Korean War. During the 1960s, Gilbert appeared on television series such as The Gallant Men, Combat!, The Rogues, and Mannix. In 1966, he guest starred as Robert Cramer on four episodes of Ben Casey. He is well known as Fenton Hardy on the 1970s television series The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries.

He provided the voices of Superion (originally voiced by Frank Welker), Thrust and Blitzwing in the second and third seasons of The Transformers, Kissyfur's father Gus in Kissyfur, Thirty-Thirty, Sandstorm, Shaman and other voices in BraveStarr, Baloo in the Disney animated series TaleSpin and Jungle Cubs, General Hawk in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Puggsy and Daddy Starling in Tom and Jerry: The Movie, Mr. Smee in Peter Pan and the Pirates, Phasir in the Aladdin television series, The Mandarin in the first season of Iron Man: The Animated Series and Dormammu in Spider-Man. He voiced minor characters in Batman: The Animated Series; Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, and The New Batman Adventures. He also voiced the security guard Daryl in the computer game, Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!.


Gilbert died on May 8, 1999, of lung cancer in his home in Beverly Hills, California. He was survived by his wife Virgini and his daughter Dorian. His interment was at Eternal Valley Memorial Park and Mortuary in Newhall, California.


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  • TUGS (1989) - Warrior (US Dub)

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