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Early Reins is a 2003 anime OVA. It was animated by OLM, produced by Toho, and directed by Yūji Asada. Media Blasters licensed the OVA, while an English dub was produced by Arvintel Media Productions, which was released on DVD on September 18, 2004.


When Sheriff Candidate and markswoman Margaret boards a train On the way to Sunshine Hill. She gets caught up in a good ole train robbery and she aims to stop it. Thankfully she has help in the form five young women, Caroline, the good ole country girl, Janet the proper caring doctor, Alice the feisty rich girl, Helen the sultry Saloon singer , and Laura, the mysterious gunslinger whose skills rival Margaret herself. it's up to these ladies to stop the robbers and and save the cargo.


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Margaret Tomoko Kawakami Stephanie Sheh
Alice Chiaki Osawa Cindy Robinson
Caroline Junko Takeuchi Mona Marshall
Janet Yōko Sasaki Philece Sampler
Helen Yūko Mizutani Susan Marque
Laura Aiko Mitsumori Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Boss ? Michael Sorich
Colonel Spencer Unshō Ishizuka Steve Kramer
Jack Toshiyuki Morikawa Peter Doyle
Jeeves Mitsuru Ogata Dave Mallow

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Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Media Blasters 2004 DVD 1
United States United States

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