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Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, (ドラゴンボールZ 龍拳爆発!!悟空がやらねば誰がやる, Doragon Bōru Zetto: Ryū-Ken Bakuhatsu!! Gokū ga Yaraneba Dare ga Yaru) is the sixteenth film in the Dragon Ball franchise and the thirteenth based on Dragon Ball Z. It was released on July 15, 1995 in Japan.

It was the final Dragon Ball Z film for 18 years until the release of Battle of Gods in 2013.


A mysterious being named Hoy arrives on Earth and asks the Z Warriors to use the dragon balls to help him release Tapion. Tapion, an ancient warrior imprisoned in a music box, and Hoy needs him to fend off the monster Hirudegarn, who is coming to destroy the Earth. But when they realize that Hoy is the last survivor of an evil race bent on the destruction of those who they consider inferior, and that by releasing Tapion they also released Hirudegarn, they must fight alongside Tapion to stop the monster.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
TrunksDBZM13 Trunks Takeshi Kusao Laura Bailey
TapionDBZM13 Tapion Hiro Yūki Jason Liebrecht
Goku Masako Nozawa Sean Schemmel
Great Saiyaman DBZM13
Gohan /
Great Saiyaman
Kyle Hebert
GotenDBZM13 Goten Kara Edwards
GotenksDBZM13 Gotenks Kara Edwards
Takeshi Kusao Laura Bailey
Hirudegarn Shin Aomori Robert McCollum
Hoi Juji Matsuda Troy Baker
MinotiaDBZM13 Minotia Sachi Matsumoto Aaron Dismuke
KrilinDBZM13 Krillin Mayumi Tanaka Sonny Strait
BulmaDBZM13 Bulma Hiromi Tsuru Tiffany Vollmer
Great Saiyaman 2DBZM13
Videl /
Great Saiyaman 2
Yūko Minaguchi Kara Edwards
RoshiDBZM13 Master Roshi Masaharu Satō Mike McFarland
Vegeta Ryō Horikawa Christopher Sabat
SharpnerDBZM13 Sharpner Hiro Yūki Duncan Brannan
IresadbzWrath.PNG Erasa Megumi Urawa Laura Bailey
TeacherDBZM13 Miss Hamilton Makiko Ōmoto Stephanie Nadolny
RobberDBZM13 Robber Nobuhiko Kazuma Ian Sinclair
ShenlongDBZM13 Shenron Shin Aomori Christopher Sabat
InsertDBZM13 Narration Jōji Yanami Kyle Hebert

Additional Voices[]


  • In the English dub, when Shenron is summoned, he states that he will grant one wish. This is a mistake since this movie takes place after the fight with Majin Buu, whereas the dragon should be able to grant three wishes like Porunga.
  • The Funimation dub erroneously lists Andy Mullins as the voice of the captain heard on the radio. He is actually played by an uncredited Brice Armstrong.
  • This is the final Dragon Ball production to have a replacement score in the English dub, as Funimation shut down their in-house music department not long after.

Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Speedy Video 1998 VCD Speedy PAL Malaysia Malaysia
FUNimation Entertainment 2006 DVD Funimation 1
United States United States
Bluray fontlogo 3 A
2012** DVD 1
  • released in double pack with Fusion Reborn
    • released as part of a 4-in-1 movie collection with Broly - Second Coming, Bio-Broly, and Fusion Reborn

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