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Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール Doragon Bōru) is the first anime adaptation of Akira Toriyama's manga series of the same name. Produced by Toei Animation, the anime series premiered in Japan on Fuji Television on February 26, 1986, and ran until April 12, 1989.

Dubbing History

The Dragon Ball anime franchise is known for the multiplicity of its dubs, but the original series itself has the most dubs, with 5 different dubs and 3 done to completion.


Dragon Ball Harmony Gold Dub REAL Intro and Credits

Opening and Ending Credits to Harmony Gold's dub

Harmony Gold

Dragon Ball was first licensed and dubbed by Harmony Gold USA in the late 1980's, after Carl Macek departed from the company, and would be one of their last attempts at marketing anime in the United States.

The dub was unique in that, unlike later adaptations, most of the characters were renamed. For instance Goku became "Zero", Bulma became "Lena", Oolong became "Mao-Mao" (in reference to his Chinese soldier attire) and Yamcha became "Zedaki" among others. Some of their romanizations however would remain a constant in all other dubs, such as Kame-Sennin being referred to as "Master Roshi". In comparison to the BLT dub and the broadcast version of the FUNimation dub, it was a little less censored and more faithful to the original.

The Harmony Gold dub was recorded in Los Angeles, California at Intersound Recording Studios. The Harmony Gold dub covered at least the first 5 episodes, along with Movies 1 and 3 merged into one double feature. The dub aired on various test markets through the United States, though as no TV station would pick the series up, it appears that Harmony Gold did not produce any episodes beyond the fifth.

Harmony Gold had scripted up to 60 episodes of their adaptation, which would be utilized for an early Spanish dub titled Zero y el Dragon Magico (Zero & the Magic Dragon) that used their naming convention and episode edits. Both this title and The Magical World of Gigi were two Harmony Gold licenses that Carl Macek had passed on acquiring for his Streamline Pictures company, leaving their rights to eventually lapse.

Creative Products Corporation

In 1993, Creative Products Corporation produced an English dub of Dragon Ball. The dub aired on RPN 9 (now CNN Philippines) in the Philippines. The dub ran for 122 episodes.

FUNimation/BLT Productions

The 1995 dub's logo

In 1995, the newly-founded FUNimation Entertainment acquired the license for the distribution of Dragon Ball in the United States. They partnered with Seagull Entertainment and contracted BLT Productions to create an English version for the anime in Vancouver, Canada. The dub was recorded at Dick & Roger's Sound Studio in Vancouver. This dub is often incorrectly referred to as the "Ocean Dub", in reference to Ocean Productions, the studio that first dubbed Dragon Ball Z, as most of the cast of the BLT dub would reprise their roles for that dub.

The dub was edited significantly for mature content, though not as heavily as Z would be under Saban (for instance, Grandpa Gohan's death isn't sidestepped or written away like it would have been under Saban). The dub featured a new music score composed by Peter Berring. The first thirteen episodes of the series along with the first movie were completed, and the series was shown in first-run-syndication. The network ratings for Dragon Ball were very poor due to Seagull Entertainment being unable to get the show a good time slot, so Funimation cancelled work on Dragon Ball and opted to focus on the more action-oriented Dragon Ball Z instead in hope of better ratings. They concluded that Dragon Ball was "not a good fit for the US market."

Trimark Pictures purchased the home video distribution rights for these dubbed episodes and would later be acquired by Lionsgate; which would cause troubles for the home video release of Funimation's later in-house dub of Episodes 1-13, being delayed until Lionsgate's license expired in 2009.


With the success of Dragon Ball Z in the States and on Cartoon Network's Toonami block, Funimation announced in March 2001 that they would return to Dragon Ball with a new English version produced in-house with their Texas-based voice cast. This re-dub of the complete original series aired on Toonami from August 20, 2001 to December 1, 2003.

Their new dub featured slightly less editing for broadcast than their BLT dub, and they notably left the original background music intact, which was met with delight from fans. Even with that said, much editing had to be done to the series in order for it to air on TV. Most of the edits were digital cosmetic changes, which were done to remove nudity and blood, and dialogue edits. Sometimes, some scenes were deleted altogether, either to save time or cut out strong violence or obscenity. Unlike the BLT dub however, these edits were only done for broadcast and they would later appear completely uncut on DVD releases.

Blue Water

In Canada and Europe, an alternative dubbed version was produced by AB Groupe, dubbed at Blue Water Studios in Calgary, Alberta. The Blue Water dub of DB was similar to their previous dub of Dragon Ball GT in that it was edited for content and used many of Funimation's character names. However unlike GT, Funimation's English script for the original Dragon Ball was in fact reused, albeit heavily reworked. The dub also made use of AB Groupe's opening title sequence for the French dub of the series (but with an English singer) and a translation of the lyrics (though the UK broadcast featured a completely different opening). This dub was broadcast in Canada and the UK after the Blue Water dub of GT completed its run.


The last known dub produced of the series was done by Animax Asia and aired in English-speaking Asian territories. Not much is known about the dub other than that it was dubbed in Hong Kong, like most Animax dubs. This dub is highly rare, and no clips of it are available online. Its existence only became known outside of Asia via Animax voice actor resumes.


Incomplete (Harmony Gold/BLT)

Image Character Seiyū Harmony Gold
(Episodes 1-5)
(Episodes 1-13)
Goku child.png Goku Masako Nozawa Barbara Goodson Saffron Henderson
Bulma DB.png Bulma Hiromi Tsuru Wendee Lee Lalainia Lindbjerg
Yamcha DB.png Yamcha Tōru Furuya Kerrigan Mahan Ted Cole
Puar.png Puar Naoko Watanabe Cheryl Chase Kathy Morse
Master Roshi.png Master Roshi Kōhei Miyauchi Clifton Wells Michael Donovan (ep. 3)
Ian James Corlett
Turtle render.png Turtle Daisuke Gōri Daniel Woren Doug Parker
Oolong army military clothes.png Oolong Naoki Tatsuta Dave Mallow Alec Willows
Pilaf.png Pilaf Shigeru Chiba Don Brown
Mai.png Mai Eiko Yamada Melodee Spevack Teryl Rothery
Shu Render.png Shu Tesshō Genda Dave Mallow Doug Parker
Ox King Dragon Ball.png Ox-King Daisuke Gōri N/A Dave Ward
Chi-Chi DB.png Chi-Chi Mayumi Shō Andrea Libman
Grandpa Son Gohan - DB Uranai Baba Saga.png Grandpa Gohan Osamu Saka Michael Donovan
Shenlong.png Shenron Kenji Utsumi Doug Parker
DB (Original).png Narration Jōji Yanami Michael McConnohie Jim Conrad

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Harmony Gold
(Episodes 1-5)
(Episodes 1-13)
Pterodactyl-DB1.jpg Pterodactyl Hiroshi Ōtake Richard Epcar Doug Parker 1
Bear Thief-DB3.jpg Bear Thief Masaharu Satō Mike Reynolds Michael Donovan 3
Pocawatha-DB4.jpg Pocawatha Chieko Honda ¿? Lalainia Lindbjerg 4
Sherman Priest-DB4.jpg Sherman Priest Tesshō Genda ¿? Ian James Corlett
Grandma Paozu-DB4.jpg Grandma Paozu Reiko Suzuki ¿? Kathy Morse
Master Carrot-DB9.jpg Master Carrot Hiroshi Ōtake N/A Ian James Corlett 9
Rabbit 1-DB9.jpg Rabbit Mob Issei Futamata Doug Parker
Rabbit 2-DB9.jpg Masaharu Satō Dave Ward

Additional Voices

Harmony Gold Dub


Complete (FUNimation/Blue Water)

Image Character Seiyū FUNimation Blue Water
Goku child.png Goku Masako Nozawa Stephanie Nadolny Zoe Slusar
Teen-Goku.png Sean Schemmel (teen) Jeffrey Watson
Bulma DB.png Bulma Hiromi Tsuru Tiffany Vollmer Leda Davies
Yamcha DB.png Yamcha Tōru Furuya Christopher Sabat Victor Atelevich
Puar.png Puar Naoko Watanabe Monika Antonelli Chris Simms
Master Roshi.png Master Roshi /
Jackie Chun
Kōhei Miyauchi Mike McFarland Dean Galloway
Jackie chun master roshi render by tattydesigns-d59kcpn.png
Jōji Yanami (ep. 137)
Turtle render.png Turtle Daisuke Gōri Christopher Sabat Dave Pettitt
Kid Krilin - DB Training with Mutenroshi.png Krillin Mayumi Tanaka Laurie Steele Mike Thiessen
Kid Krilin - DB Training with Mutenroshi2.png Sonny Strait (teen)
Ten shin han2 db originalseries by raykugen-d2zpu6r.png Tien Shinhan Hirotaka Suzuoki John Burgmeier Brendan Hunter
Chiaotzu-psd61257.png Chiaotzu Hiroko Emori Monika Antonelli Sean Broadhurst
Karin DB.png Korin Ichirō Nagai Christopher Sabat Roger Rhodes
Grandpa Son Gohan - DB Uranai Baba Saga.png Grandpa Gohan Osamu Saka Jonathan Love
Yajirobe render.png Yajirobe Mayumi Tanaka Mike McFarland Lucas Gilbertson
Oolong army military clothes.png Oolong Naoki Tatsuta Brad Jackson Corby Proctor
Dragon Ball Bora by tekilazo.png Bora Banjō Ginga Dameon Clarke Lucas Gilbertson
Upa Trans.png Upa Mitsuko Horie Susan Huber Brett Bauer
Pilaf.png Pilaf Shigeru Chiba Chuck Huber Dean Galloway
Mai.png Mai Eiko Yamada Julie Franklin Debbie Munro
Shu Render.png Shu Tesshō Genda Chris Cason Jonathan Love
Ox King Dragon Ball.png Ox-King Daisuke Gōri Kyle Hebert Dave Pettitt
Chi-Chi DB.png Chi-Chi Mayumi Shō Laura Bailey Katie Rowan
Chi-Chi DB Final.png Cynthia Cranz Carol-Anne Day
Lunch Bad.png
Launch Mami Koyama Meredith McCoy Onalea Gilbertson
King Furry.png King Furry Jōji Yanami Kyle Hebert Steve Olson
Dr Brief.png Dr. Brief Chris Forbis Corby Proctor
Mrs Brief.png Mrs. Brief Mariko Mukai Cynthia Cranz Jennifer Bain
Announcer.png World Tournament
Kenji Utsumi Eric Vale Tommy James
Nam2.png Nam Kaneto Shiozawa Jerry Jewell Adam Hunter
Giran.png Giran Banjō Ginga Andrew Chandler Jonathan Love
RanfanDokkanBattle.png Ranfan Yōko Kawanami Laura Bailey Onalea Gilbertson
Bacterian.png Bacterian Yasuo Tanaka Chris Rager Noah Umholtz
Commander-Red-psd63190.png Commander Red Kenji Utsumi Josh Martin
General Black.png Staff Officer Black Masaharu Satō Christopher Sabat Jonathan Love
General Silver.png Colonel Silver Banjō Ginga Ben Jeffery
General white.png General White Tesshō Genda Kyle Hebert Ryan Luhning
Suno render.png Suno Naoko Watanabe Carol Hope ¿?
Sunos Father.png Suno's Father Masaharu Satō Kent Williams Ryan Luhning
Sunos Mother.png Suno's Mother Reiko Suzuki Julie Mayfield Jennifer Bain
Ninjamuraski.png Ninja Murasaki Takeshi Aono Duncan Brannan Zane Sampson
Sargent-metallic-454191.png Major Metallitron Shin Aomori Chris Rager Lucas Gilbertson
Android8 Trans.png Eighter /
Android 8
Shōzō Iizuka Mike McFarland Jeremiah Yurk
JingleChief.png Jingle Village Chief Ryūji Saikachi John Burgmeier Mike Shepherd
Hasky Red Ribbon.png Hasky Toshiko Fujita Laura Bailey Angie Beers
General Blue.png General Blue Toshio Furukawa Sonny Strait Roger Rhodes
Colonel Violet.png Colonel Violet Kazuko Sugiyama Kasey Buckley Jennifer Bain
Captain Dark.png Captain Dark Daisuke Gōri John Burgmeier Corby Proctor
Captain Yellow.png Captain Yellow Andrew Chandler Ben Jeffery
Tao Pai Pai.png Mercenary Tao Chikao Ōtsuka Kent Williams Doug McKeag
Uranai Baba Trans.png Fortuneteller Baba Junpei Takiguchi Linda Young Corby Proctor
Ghost Usher.png Ghost Usher Ryōichi Tanaka Kimberly Grant Ryan Luhning
Dracula Man.png Fangs the Vampire Kōji Totani Carlos Moreno
The Invisible Man.png See-Through
the Invisible Man
Hiroshi Ōtake Chuck Huber Clark Robertson
Bandages the Mummy.png Bandages the Mummy Shōzō Iizuka Sonny Strait Gerald Matthews
Akkuman.png Spike the Devil Man Michihiro Ikemizu Justin Cook Randall Wiebe
Master Shen.png Master Shen Ichirō Nagai Chuck Huber Clark Robertson
King Chappa.png King Chappa Hidekatsu Shibata Sonny Strait Roger Rhodes
Pamput.png Pamput Katsuji Mori Scott Roberts
Wolf final.png Man-Wolf Masato Hirano Mark Orvik Adam Hunter
Render master mutaito by poh2000-d4ncov8.png Master Mutaito Kenji Utsumi Phil Parsons Roger Rhodes
Piccolo Daimaoh.png
Piccolo Daimaku.png
King Piccolo Takeshi Aono Christopher Sabat Mike Shepherd
Kami Trans.png Kami
Mr. Popo Trans.png Mr. Popo Toku Nishio Dave Pettitt
Piccolo jr by anjoicaros-d5vkh3t2.png Piccolo (Junior) Toshio Furukawa Ethan Cole
Kid Piccolo2 by tekilazo-d345wgu.png Hiromi Tsuru (child) Elinor Holt
Piano-psd61185.png Piano Masato Hirano Sonny Strait Corby Proctor
Tamborine.png Tamborine Ryūsei Nakao Dameon Clarke Tony Binns
Cymbal.png Cymbal Daisuke Gōri Brad Jackson Dean Galloway
Drum 1.png Drum Bob Carter Dave Pettitt
Arale.png Arale Norimaki Mami Koyama Linda Young Leda Davies
Senbei Norimaki.png Senbei Norimaki Kenji Utsumi Brice Armstrong Adam Hunter
Midori Yamabuki.png Midori Norimaki Mariko Mukai Susan Huber Jennifer Holder
Turbo norimaki.png Turbo Norimaki Yūko Mita Christopher Bevins Jordan Henkelman
Obotchaman.png Obotchaman Mitsuko Horie Kent Williams Sean Broadhurst
AkaneKimidori.png Akane Kimidori Kazuko Sugiyama Laura Bailey Carol-Anne Day
TsukutsunTsun.png Tsukutsun Tsun Shigeru Chiba Justin Cook Dan Gascon
TaroSoramame02.png Taro Soramame Toshio Furukawa Justin Pate Ethan Cole
Pagos.png Pagos Masaharu Satō Christopher Bevins Tommy James
Gara.png Gara Isamu Tanonaka Kyle Hebert ¿?
Darkness-DB115.jpg Darkness Hidekatsu Shibata Jeremy Inman Ryan Luhning
Mint.png Mint Naoko Watanabe Amber Cotton Angie Beers
Paoru.png Paul Masato Hirano Kyle Hebert Jonathan Love
Annin3.png Annin Keiko Yokozawa Mae Moreno Meredith Taylor-Parry
Shenlong.png Shenron Kenji Utsumi Christopher Sabat Dave Pettitt
DB (Original).png Narration Jōji Yanami Brice Armstrong Steve Olson

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū FUNimation Blue Water Episode
Pterodactyl-DB1.jpg Pterodactyl Hiroshi Ōtake Brad Jackson Dave Pettitt 1
Bear Thief-DB3.jpg Bear Thief Masaharu Satō Dameon Clarke Steve Olson 3
Pocawatha-DB4.jpg Pocawatha Chieko Honda Kara Edwards Caitlynne Medrek 4
Sherman Priest-DB4.jpg Sherman Priest Tesshō Genda John Burgmeier Byron Close
Grandma Paozu-DB4.jpg Grandma Paozu Reiko Suzuki Stephanie Nadolny Mariette Sluyter
Store Owner-DB9.jpg Store Owner Michitaka Kobayashi Aaron Davidson Victor Atelevich 9
Master Carrot-DB9.jpg Master Carrot Hiroshi Ōtake Duncan Brannan Byron Close
Rabbit 1-DB9.jpg Rabbit Mob Issei Futamata Kyle Hebert Adam Hunter
Rabbit 2-DB9.jpg Masaharu Satō Brice Armstrong Ryan Luhning
Mermaid-DB14.jpg Mermaid Sumi Shimamoto Julie Franklin Onalea Gilbertson 14
Tallman-DB15.jpg Tall Man Banjō Ginga Dameon Clarke Jonathan Love 15
Shorty-DB15.jpg Shorty Shigeru Chiba Eric Vale Corby Proctor
Police1-DB15.jpg Desert Cops Kōji Totani Jonathan Love
Police2-DB15.jpg Ryōichi Tanaka Justin Cook Dave Pettitt
Goat-DB17.jpg Goat Man Tesshō Genda Chris Cason Roger Rhodes 17
Mountain monk-DB17.jpg Mountain Monk Daisuke Gōri Brad Jackson Corby Proctor
Wolf-DB20.jpg Wolf Naoki Tatsuta Eric Vale Adam Hunter 20
Boy-DB30.jpg Dirty Boy Kyōko Tongū Meredith McCoy Jeffrey Watson 30
Seller-DB30.jpg Antique Seller Kōji Totani Roger Jones Zane Sampson
Kon-DB38.jpg Kon Ryōichi Tanaka Duncan Brannan 38
Aka-DB38.jpg Aka Michitaka Kobayashi
Cha-DB38.jpg Cha Ikuya Sawaki
Nao-DB38.jpg Nao Masaharu Satō
Dr. Flappe-DB42.jpg Dr. Flappe Jōji Yanami Eric Vale Adam Hunter 42
Fighter-DB43.jpg Street Fighter Kōji Totani Mike McFarland Corby Proctor 43
Woman-DB43.jpg Blonde Woman Yumi Tōma Stephanie Nadolny Angie Beers
Octopapa-DB52.jpg Octopapa Tesshō Genda Christopher Sabat Michelle Armeneau 52
Sun-DB-DB55.jpg Sun Toshio Furukawa Steve Sanders ¿? 55
Pig-DB55.jpg Mr. Pig Masaharu Satō Eric Vale Steve Olson
Peasuke Soramame-DB55.jpg Peasuke Soramame Naomi Jinbo Geno Petralli Angie Beers
Kinoko Sarada-DB55.jpg Kinoko Sarada Kazuko Sugiyama Meredith McCoy ¿?
Sourman-DB.jpg Sourman Tesshō Genda Steve Sanders Clark Robertson 56
King Nikochan-DB57.jpg King Nikochan Hiroshi Ōtake Justin Cook 57
Servant Peón-DB57.jpg King Nikochan's Servant Shigeru Chiba Josh Martin Dan Gascon
Chief Gyaosu-DB57.jpg Chief Gyaosu Kōji Totani Mike McFarland Steve Olson
Charmy Yamada-DB57.jpg Charmy Yamada Ryō Horikawa Chuck Huber Scott Roberts
Polly Buckets-DB57.jpg Polly Buckets Toshiko Fujita Laurie Steele Jennifer Holder
Tailor-DB60.jpg Tailor Ryōichi Tanaka Mike McFarland Dan Gascon 60, 62
Tailor Ford-DB69.jpg Tailor Ford Kōji Totani Dean Galloway 69
Challenger1-DB72.jpg Challengers Ikuya Sawaki Christopher Bevins Clark Robertson 72
Challenger2-DB72.jpg Daisuke Gōri Sonny Strait Jonathan Love
Challenger3-DB72.jpg Kōzō Shioya Chuck Huber Steve Olson
Boy-DB79.jpg Boy Yumi Tōma Christopher Bevins ¿? 79
Tiger Bandit-DB79.jpg Tiger Bandit Tesshō Genda Dameon Clarke Jonathan Love
Shao-DB79.jpg Chao Yuriko Yamamoto Jessica Dismuke Maizun Jayoussi
Chaos Father-DB79.jpg Chao's Father Kōji Totani Lane Pianta Corby Proctor
Elder-DB79.png Village Elder Masaharu Satō Jeremy Jimenez Mike Shepherd
Plague-DB79.jpg Plague Takeshi Aono Mike McFarland Adam Hunter
Terror-DB79.jpg Terror Yasuo Tanaka Sonny Strait Brendan Hunter
Master Chin-DB80.jpg Master Chin Shinji Ogawa Justin Cook Ryan Luhning 80
Chin Shoken-DB80.jpg Shoken Chin Katsue Miwa Laura Bailey Sean Broadhurst
Shaolong-DB80.jpg Rising Dragon Takeshi Watabe Kyle Hebert ¿?
Tenlong-DB80.jpg Sky Dragon Kaneto Shiozawa Jerry Jewell Ben Jeffery
Misa-DB81.jpg Princesa Misa Mayumi Shō Jessica Dismuke Chris Simms 81
Kress-DB81.jpg King Kress Osamu Saka Chuck Huber Ethan Cole
Shura-DB81.jpg Shura Toshio Furukawa John Burgmeier Ryan Luhning
Mera-DB81.jpg Melee Masako Katsuki Cynthia Cranz Allyson June Smith
Gora-DB81.jpg Gora Daisuke Gōri Mike McFarland Steve Olson
Chief1-DB82.jpg Village Chiefs Mahito Tsujimura Chris Rager 82
Chief2-DB82.jpg Reiko Suzuki Laurie Steele Onalea Gilbertson
Tanmen-DB82.jpg Tanmen Tomiko Suzuki Meredith McCoy Caitlynne Medrek
Konkichi-DB83.jpg Konkichi Noriko Tsukase Chris Cason Leah Dubbin-Steckel 83
Antoine-DB83.jpg Antoine the Great Daisuke Gōri Bill Kirkley Gerald Matthews 85
Vodka-DB92.jpg Vodka Kōzō Shioya Sonny Strait Tony Binns 92
Pirate-DB107.jpg Pirate Dameon Clarke Roger Rhodes 107
Tai-DB124.jpg Tai ¿? Laura Bailey Suzette Mattar 124
Tais Dad-DB124.jpg Tai's Father ¿? Justin Cook ¿?
Tais Mom-DB124.jpg Tai's Mother ¿? Julie Mayfield ¿?
Churi-DB124.jpg Chuu-Lee Tomiko Suzuki Karissa Vacker Carol-Anne Day 127
Churi Mom-DB124.jpg Chuu-Lee's Mother Akiko Tsuboi Laura Bailey Onalea Gilbertson
Mousse-DB128.jpg Mousse Jōji Yanami John Burgmeier Adam Hunter 128
Eclair-DB128.jpg Eclair Noriko Uemura Kimberly Grant Mariette Sluyter
Cocoa-DB128.jpg Cocoa Daniel Katsük Scott Hendrickson
Purin-DB128.jpg Pudding Naoko Watanabe Karissa Vacker Chris Simms
Crepe-DB128.jpg Cupcake / Crepe Hiromi Tsuru Meredith McCoy Leda Davies
Biscuit-DB128.jpg Jam / Biscuit ¿? Kimberly Grant Mariette Sluyter
Cookie-DB128.jpg Cookie ¿? Laurie Steele Carol-Anne Day
Donut-DB128.jpg Donut ¿? Meredith McCoy Elinor Holt
Jelly-DB128.jpg Jelly Mayumi Tanaka Amber Cotton Mariette Sluyter
Bavar-DB128.jpg Creampuff / Bavar Tōru Furuya Justin Cook Brendan Hunter
Shuke-DB128.jpg Crepe / Berry Masaaki Ōkura Sean Broadhurst
Korinto-DB128.jpg Korinto Osamu Saka Phillip Wilburn Byron Close
Yaochun-DB128.jpg Yaochun Daisuke Gōri Bob Carter Corby Proctor
Tsuru young-DB129.jpg Master Shen
Takeshi Aono Chuck Huber Jonathan Love 129
Fan Fan-DB129.jpg Fanfan Yuriko Yamamoto Laura Bailey Maizun Jayoussi
Jasmine-DB149.jpg Jasmine Masaharu Satō Brad Jackson Corby Proctor 149
Oonan-DB149.jpg Ooonan Ginzō Matsuo
Scientist-DB150.jpg Old Scientist Jōji Yanami Robert McCollum Gerald Matthews 150
Anciana-DB151.jpg Grandma Octagon Keiko Yamamoto Julie Mayfield Roger Rhodes 151

Additional Voices

FUNimation Dub

Blue Water Dub

  • Victor Atelevich
  • Jennifer Bain
  • Brett Bauer
  • Tony Binns
  • Sean Broadhurst
  • Ethan Cole
  • Leda Davies
  • Carol-Anne Day
  • Dean Galloway
  • Dan Gascon
  • Lucas Gilbertson
  • Onalea Gilbertson
  • Jennifer Holder
  • Elinor Holt
  • Adam Hunter
  • Brendan Hunter
  • Tommy James
  • Ben Jeffery
  • Jonathan Love
  • Ryan Luhning
  • Suzette Mattar
  • Gerald Matthews
  • Doug McKeag
  • Caitlynne Medrek
  • Debbie Munro
  • Steve Olson
  • Dave Pettitt
  • Corby Proctor
  • Roger Rhodes
  • Scott Roberts
  • Clark Robertson
  • Katie Rowan
  • Zane Sampson
  • Mike Shepherd
  • Chris Simms
  • Zoe Slusar
  • Mariette Sluyter
  • Mike Thiessen
  • Noah Umholtz
  • Jeffrey Watson
  • Jeremiah Yurk
  • Linda Zbryski

Animax Dub Hong Kong

  • David Bridges - Teen Goku / Master Roshi / Tien Shinhan / Puar / Shu
  • Scott Evans - Yamcha (2nd voice)
  • Andrea Kwan - Child Goku / Child Chi-Chi
  • Darren Pleavin - Yamcha (1st voice)
  • Claudia Thompson - Bulma
  • Russell Wait - General Blue



  • "Main Title (Gotta Find That Dragon Ball!)"
Lyrics by: Brian Griffith
Music by: Peter Bjerring
Vocals: Dave Steele



HD Dragon Ball English Intro with lyrics - Mystical Adventure!

English Opening (FUNimation)

  • Opening: "Makafushigi Adventure!" ("The Mystical Adventure!")
Produced by: Carl Finch
Vocals: Jimi Tunnell

I'll Give You Romance Dragon Ball English Ending Theme Outro

English Ending (FUNimation)

  • Ending: "Romantic Ageru Yo" ("I'll Give You Romance")
Produced by: Carl Finch
Vocals: Daphne Gere

Blue Water

  • "Main Title"
Vocals by: Adam Hunter


  • Whereas Harmony Gold's opening theme uses an actual instrumental of the Japanese theme, the FUNimation dub of the opening and end theme are a stereo re-composition rather than the originals.
  • Most of the Harmony Gold cast all go under pseudonyms, indicating that the dub was a non-union production.
  • Prior to FUNimation's complete dub, they held online polls with audio clips for fans to choose who they'd like to hear as the voice actors. For instance, for Emperor Pilaf, fans were given the choice between Chris Cason, Dameon Clarke, Mike McFarland and the eventual choice, Chuck Huber.


Date(s) Channel Country
1995 Syndication United States United States
2001-2003 Cartoon Network (Toonami)

Video Releases

Note that no dub without FUNimation's involvement have been released on home video.

Distributor Year Format Contents Dub Region Country
Vidmark Entertainment 1996-1998 VHS.jpg Episodes 1-13 BLT NTSC United States United States
6 Volumes
Trimark Pictures 2000 DVD.jpg Episodes 1-13 1
2 Volumes
FUNimation Entertainment 2001-2002 VHS.jpg Episodes 14-86 FUNimation NTSC
22 Volumes
2003-2004 DVD.jpg Episodes 14-153 1
9 Volumes
2009-2010 The Complete Series
5 Volumes

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