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Dog Soldier (ドッグソルジャー "SHADOWS OF THE PAST") is a 1989 OVA based on the manga by Tetsuya Sarawatari. An English dub was produced in Vancouver in 1996 and released by U.S. Manga Corps.


When an American scientist has in his possession a cure for the AIDS virus is kidnapped, a warrior named John Kyosuke vows to get it back.


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
John Kyosuke Hiba Akira Kamiya Don Brown
Makoto Allen Takamura Norio Wakamoto Brian Dobson
Catherine Magley Mika Doi Cathy Weseluck
Takechi Yūsaku Yara Jason Gray-Stanford
Masami Fudou Daisuke Gōri Michael Dobson

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