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Diabolik (Diabolik, sur les traces de la panthère), sometimes Diabolik: Track of the Panther, is a 1998 French animated series adapted from the Italian comics by Angela and Luciana Giussani. Saban Entertainment helped produce the series, and some of the writing talent was located in America, though the dubbing was done in Toronto alongside their Marvel series.

The series was set to debut on Fox Kids in 1999, but never made it for unknown reasons, though it did air overseas.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Diabolik Pierre-François Pistorio Lawrence Bayne
Eva Kant Blanche Ravalec Megan Fahlenbock
Dane Bernard Woringer Tony Daniels
Ginko ¿? Graham Harley
Director Graffam ¿? Denis Akiyama
King ¿? Gary Krawford
Naomi ¿? Julie Lemieux
Micky ¿? Janet Laine-Green
Banderas ¿? Diego Matamoros
Ranavalona Marie-Christine Darah Alison Sealy-Smith
Daggett ¿? Jesse Collins
Leonov ¿? Dan Chameroy
Coren ¿? Michael Lamport
Yuko ¿? Jane Luk

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