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Daniel Woren (born January 8, 1952) is an American voice actor who is known for providing voices for anime, television, and video games.

Among his better-known roles are Roy Fokker in the Robotech, Jagi in Fist of the North Star: The Movie, Byakuya Kuchiki in Bleach, Yang Newman in Macross Plus, and Caster in Fate/Zero. He has narrated over 60 audiobooks and won awards from AudioFile magazine.


Live-Action Dubbing


  • A Child Called Jesus (1987) - Border Crosser (ep. 1), Carpenter (ep. 1), Rabbi's Subordinate (ep. 2), Imperial Soldier 5 (ep. 2), Additional Voices


Animation Dubbing

Animated Series

  • Little Miss (1983) - Mr. Bump
  • The Wisdom of the Gnomes (1987-1988) - Lawyer (ep. 12), Sasha (ep. 14), Pierre (ep. 17)
  • The Return of Dogtanian (1989) - Cardinal Richelieu (eps. 10-26), Bandit (ep. 1), Michael (ep. 1), Patron (ep. 1), King's Servant (ep. 9), Peasant (ep. 17), Blancbec's Guard (ep. 24), Innkeeper (ep. 24)

Anime Dubbing


OVAs & Specials

Anime Films

Video Game Dubbing


  • Woren is a huge fan of the San Diego Chargers and also comes from that area.

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