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Dameon Clarke (born January 16, 1972 in Mississauga, Ontario) is a Canadian-born American actor and voice actor.

His notable voice acting roles have been with FUNimation where he voiced antagonist Cell in the Dragon Ball series, junior detective George Kaminski in Case Closed, Younger Toguro in Yu Yu Hakusho, and Scar in Fullmetal Alchemist.

On screen, he has portrayed various supporting and guest characters in shows such as Graceland, 24, Castle, Supernatural and Prison Break. He starred in an indie film called How to Be a Serial Killer for which he won several awards at film festivals.


Anime Dubbing


  • Dragon Ball (1986-1989) - Bora, Tamborine, Bear Thief (ep. 3), Little Flower's Father (ep. 4), Tall Man (ep. 15), Dojo Master (ep. 18), Trainer (ep. 18), Farbar (ep. 79), Tiger Bandit (ep. 79), Demon (ep. 102), Bear Pirate (ep. 107), Bazooka Soldier (ep. 114), Popo Poco Villager (ep. 131), Catman (ep. 133), Chafed Skin Fighter (ep. 134), Piccolo's Opponent (ep. 135), Scottish Fighter (ep. 135) (FUNimation Dub)
  • Dragon Ball Z (1989-1996) - Cell, South Kai, Killa, Upa, Bora, Pepper Johnson (ep. 10), Pigero (ep. 16), Zeshin (ep. 40), Bun's Father (ep. 40), Cowboy Attire Salesman (ep. 141), Future Gohan (ep. 164), Mr. Borbonne (ep. 170), Torbie (ep. 197), Arqua (ep. 197), Busjacker Leader (ep. 201), Gohan's Classmate (ep. 201), Reckless Driver (ep. 201), Science Professor (ep. 201), Jimbo (ep. 203), Musuka's Lackey (ep. 204), Crane Man (ep. 205), M. Hashimoto/Hercule Actor (ep. 210), Kabu (ep. 289) (FUNimation Dub)
  • Yu Yu Hakusho (1992-1995) - Younger Toguro, Soketsu, Additional Voices
  • Case Closed (1996-present) - George Kaminski (eps. 1-86), Inspector Worthington, Samuel Taylor (ep. 31), Walton (eps. 78-79), Lily's Father (ep. 89)
  • Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997) - Cell, Poperu (ep. 1), Upa (ep. 40), South Kai (ep. 63) (FUNimation Dub)
  • Fruits Basket (2001) - Kazuma Sohma
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (2003-2004) - Scar
  • Ergo Proxy (2006) - Proxy One, Detective (ep. 2), AR Disposal Unit Employee (ep. 3), Memory Intervention Ergo (ep. 11)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009-2011) - Cell
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters (2014-2015) - Cell (ep. 99, 122), Fake Mr. Satan (archive audio)
  • Dragon Ball Super (2015-2018) - Cell (eps. 3 & 76), Tambourine (ep. 76)
  • Fruits Basket (2019-2021) - Kazuma Sohma

OVAs & Specials

Anime Films

Video Game Dubbing


  • He received voice-over training from Dale Wilson who, incidentally, also voiced Cell in Dragon Ball Z's Canadian dub.
  • Since 2007, Clarke has stopped voicing regularly in dubs, having moved to Los Angeles in favor of his live-action career. He has reprised some of his roles on occasion, such as Cell in Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and Younger Toguro in Yu Yu Hakusho: Eizou Hakusho, though most of his ongoing roles have since been recast.

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