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Daisuke Gōri (郷里 大輔 Gōri Daisuke, February 8, 1952 – January 17, 2010) was a Japanese actor and voice actor from Kōtō, Tokyo. His real name, as well as his former stage name, was Yoshio Nagahori (長堀 芳夫 Nagahori Yoshio). He was affiliated with Aoni Production at the time of his death.

He was best known for his roles in the Dragon Ball series (as Mr. Satan and numerous other characters), Mobile Suit Gundam (as Dozle Zabi and Bask Om), Ninja Scroll (as Gemma Himuro), Kinnikuman (as Robin Mask), Patlabor (as Hiromi Yamazaki), Tekken (as Heihachi Mishima), and Soulcalibur (as Edge Master) - as well as his distinctive deep, booming voice.

On January 17, 2010 at approximately 3:00 P.M., Gōri was found lying on his stomach with blood dripping from his wrists in the middle of a street in Nakano, Tokyo by a passerby, who then notified the police. Authorities from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Nakano station discovered a note (with the words "I'm sorry" (ごめんね, Gomenne) and "Thank you" (ありがとう, Arigatō) scrawled on it) addressed to his family.

According to fellow voice actors, Gōri was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus a few years prior to his death and his vision was affected by retinal detachment as a result of the disease. Thus, without being about to watch animations and match his voice to how characters spoke, Gōri was unable to voice act and continue his passion and love in life, resulting in his tragic suicide.

Dub Actors

Actor No. of Roles Country
Chris Rager 16 United States
Christopher Sabat 10 United States
Paul Bandey 7 France
Kyle Hebert 6 United States
Scott McNeil 5 Canada
Brad Jackson 4 United States
Dave Pettitt 4 Canada
Dave Ward 4 Canada
Don Brown 3 Canada
Bob Carter 3 United States
Mike McFarland 3 United States
Corby Proctor 3 Canada
Mike Reynolds 3 United States
Peter Spellos 3 United States
Daniel Woren 3 United States
Beau Billingslea 2 United States
Mark Britten 2 United States
Andrew Chandler 2 United States
Michael Dobson 2 Canada
Richard Epcar 2 United States
Mike Fitzpatrick 2 United Kingdom
David Gasman 2 France
Jason C. Miller 2 United States
Richard Newman 2 Canada
Doug Parker 2 Canada
Ward Perry 2 Canada
John Swasey 2 United States
Marc Thompson 2 United States
Brett Weaver 2 United States
Greg Abbey 1 United States
Christopher Ayres 1 United States
Sean Barrett 1 United Kingdom
Robert V. Barron 1 United States
Daniel Baugh 1 United States
Gregg Berger 1 United States
J.B. Blanc 1 United States
J. David Brimmer 1 United States
John Burgmeier 1 United States
Christopher Collet 1 United States
Paul Dobson 1 Canada
Michael Donovan 1 Canada
Adam Dudley 1 United States
Greg Finley 1 United States
John Freeman 1 United States
Dean Galloway 1 United States
Bob Gonzalez 1 United States
Dan Green 1 United States
Arthur Grosser 1 United States
Micheal J. Haigney 1 United States
Kevin Hayes 1 Canada
Tommy James 1 Canada
Ben Jeffery 1 Canada
Jonathan Keeble 1 United Kingdom
Bill Kirkley 1 United States
Steve Kramer 1 United States
Dan Lorge 1 United States
Ray Lonnen 1 United Kingdom
Jonathan Love 1 Canada
Kerrigan Mahan 1 United States
Jeff Manning 1 Japan
Peter Marinker 1 United Kingdom
Gerald Matthews 1 Canada
Robert McCollum 1 United States
Michael McConnohie 1 United States
Jason Miesse 1 United States
Steve Olson 1 Canada
Bob Papenbrook 1 United States
Paul St. Peter 1 United States
Phil Parsons 1 United States
Doug Rand 1 France
Joe Romersa 1 United States
Anthony Salerno 1 United States
J.F. Searle 1 Canada
Pete Sepenuk 1 United States
Marc Smith 1 United Kingdom
Gregory Snegoff 1 United States
Sonny Strait 1 United States
French Tickner 1 Canada
Matthew Tompkins 1 United States
Noah Umholtz 1 Canada
Ralph Votrian 1 United States
Troy Williams 1 United States
Greg Wolfe 1 United States
Tom Wyner 1 United States


Year Character Title Dub Voice Dub Country
1979-1980 Dozle Zabi Mobile Suit Gundam French Tickner Canada
1980-1981 Space Pirate
(ep. 46)
Astro Boy Bob Gonzalez United States
1981 Dozle Zabi Mobile Suit Gundam I Peter Spellos United States
1981 Suegni Cuttnal Sengoku Majin Gōshōgun Robert V. Barron United States
1982 Dozle Zabi Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounter in Space Peter Spellos United States
1983 Cindy's Bodyguard Golgo 13: The Professional Kerrigan Mahan United States
1983 Bancho Rain Boy Jeff Manning Japan
1984 Diamond Fist of the North Star Peter Spellos United States
1984 John Locke the Superman ¿? Hong Kong
1984 Claude Leon Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross Greg Finley United States
1985 Yatta-la Kernagul Gōshōgun: The Time Étranger Ray Lonnen United Kingdom
J. David Brimmer United States
1985-1986 Bask Om Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Noah Umholtz Canada
1986-1989 Turtle Dragon Ball Doug Parker Canada
Daniel Woren United States
Dave Pettitt Canada
Christopher Sabat United States
Ox-King Dave Ward Canada
Kyle Hebert United States
Dave Pettitt Canada
Mountain Monk
(ep. 17)
Brad Jackson United States
Corby Proctor Canada
Captain Dark
(ep. 49)
John Burgmeier United States
Corby Proctor Canada
Captain Yellow
(ep. 58)
Andrew Chandler United States
Ben Jeffery Canada
Challenger #2
(ep. 72)
Sonny Strait United States
Jonathan Love Canada
(ep. 81)
Mike McFarland United States
Steve Olson Canada
Antoine the Great
(ep. 85)
Bill Kirkley United States
Gerald Matthews Canada
(eps. 104-105)
Brad Jackson United States
Dean Galloway Canada
(eps. 118-119)
Bob Carter United States
Dave Pettitt Canada
(ep. 128)
Bob Carter United States
Corby Proctor Canada
1986 Turtle Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies Daniel Woren United States
Doug Parker Canada
Paul Bandey France
Christopher Sabat United States
1986 Uighur Fist of the North Star: The Movie Gregory Snegoff United States
1986 Mari
(male voice)
Project A-ko Marc Smith United Kingdom
1986-1989 Heracles Algethi Saint Seiya Jason Miesse United States
1987 Turtle Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess
in Devil's Castle
Christopher Sabat United States
Paul Bandey France
Ghastel Mike McFarland United States
Paul Bandey France
1987-1989 Castle Guard
(ep. 4)
Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics Michael McConnohie United States
The Huntsman
(ep. 9)
Mike Reynolds
(eps. 10-11)
Tom Wyner
Evil Spirit
(ep. 15)
Richard Epcar
The Beast
(ep. 27)
(ep. 35)
Steve Kramer
(ep. 43)
Mike Reynolds
1987 Mari
(male voice)
Project A-ko 2: Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group Scott McNeil Canada
1988-1994 Jigon
(ep. 3)
Crying Freeman Sean Barrett United Kingdom
Mike Reynolds United States
1988-1989 Dr. Shahah
(eps. 3-4)
Dominion Tank Police Peter Marinker United Kingdom
1988 Turtle Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure Daniel Woren United States
Christopher Sabat United States
Paul Bandey France
1988-1989 Saranbou Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers Richard Newman Canada
1988-1989 Chief of Thieves
(ep. 9)
Ponkikki Meisaku World Kevin Hayes Canada
1988 Mari
(male voice)
Project A-ko 3: Cinderella Rhapsody Scott McNeil Canada
Mayor Don Brown
1989 Bill Jukes The Adventures of Peter Pan ¿? Canada
1989 Masami Fudou Dog Soldier Michael Dobson Canada
1989-1996 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z Chris Rager United States
Don Brown Canada
Ox-King Dave Ward
Mark Britten
(eps. 88-193)
United States
Christopher Sabat
(eps. 208-291)
Kyle Hebert
(remastered dub)
King Yemma Ward Perry
(eps. 6-20)
Don Brown
(eps. 195-287)
Chris Rager United States
Turtle Scott McNeil Canada
Christopher Sabat United States
(eps. 283-286)
Richard Newman Canada
Christopher Sabat United States
King Cold Brad Jackson
Vinegar John Freeman
(ep. 17)
Paul Dobson Canada
Phil Parsons United States
(ep. 45)
Michael Dobson Canada
Troy Williams United States
(ep. 280)
Mike McFarland
Scott McNeil Canada
1989 Ox-King Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone Dave Ward Canada
David Gasman France
Kyle Hebert United States
1989-1991 Dodonga Dragon Quest Michael Donovan Canada
1989-1992 Derzerb The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor Dan Lorge United States
1989-1990 Hathi The Jungle Book: The Adventures of Mowgli Arthur Grosser Canada
1989-1990 Hiromi Yamazaki Patlabor: The Mobile Police Greg Wolfe United States
1989 Patlabor: The Movie Mike Fitzpatrick United Kingdom
Jason C. Miller United States
1989 Mari
(male voice)
Project A-Ko 4: Final Scott McNeil Canada
1989-1991 Senki Shuten Doji Adam Dudley United States
1990 Misokatsun Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest Ward Perry Canada
Paul Bandey France
Robert McCollum United States
Turtle Scott McNeil Canada
Doug Rand France
Christopher Sabat United States
1991 Wings Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug Chris Rager United States
David Gasman France
1992 Hoit Tottoi ¿? United States
1993 Ox-King Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks Mark Britten United States
Kyle Hebert
(remastered dub)
Paul Bandey France
1993 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound Chris Rager United States
Paul Bandey France
1993 Himaro Genma Ninja Scroll Richard Epcar United States
1993 Hiromi Yamazaki Patlabor 2: The Movie Mike Fitzpatrick United Kingdom
Jason C. Miller United States
1994 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly Chris Rager United States
1994 Edmond Honda Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Richard Epcar United States
1994 Metal Claw Tico of the Seven Seas Scott McNeil Canada
1995 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Chris Rager United States
King Yemma
1995-1996 Jonathan Washington Gunsmith Cats Brett Weaver United States
1995 Shabranigdo The Slayers Micheal J. Haigney United States
1996-1997 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball GT Dave Pettitt Canada
Chris Rager United States
King Yemma Tommy James Canada
Chris Rager United States
1996 Turtle Dragon Ball: The Path to Power Christopher Sabat United States
1996 Zanark Landlock J.F. Searle Canada
1997 Pig
(ep. 17)
Slayers TRY Anthony Salerno United States
1998-1999 Fatty River
(ep. 6)
Cowboy Bebop Ralph Votrian United States
1998 Descartes
(ep. 1)
Trigun Joe Romersa United States
1999 Exiade Leego
(ep. 1)
Angel Links Dave Pettitt Canada
1999-2000 Zeta
(ep. 23)
Excel Saga John Swasey United States
1999-2009 Dorry One Piece Bob Carter United States
(ep. 151)
Andrew Chandler
(1st voice)
Daniel Baugh
1999 Attalos Reign: The Conqueror Beau Billingslea United States
2000-2004 Kyokotsu
(eps. 102, 110)
InuYasha Dave Ward Canada
2001 Mikio
(ep. 188)
Pokémon ¿? United States
2002 Ukki Red Ape Escape 2 ¿? United Kingdom
Greg Abbey United States
2002 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Chris Rager United States
2002-2003 Marco Amoretti
(ep. 10)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Bob Papenbrook United States
2002 Vodka
(ep. 1)
Jing: King of Bandits Brett Weaver United States
2002-2004 Robin Mask Ultimate Muscle Dan Green United States
2003 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 Chris Rager United States
2003-2004 Dominic LeCoulte
(ep. 26)
Fullmetal Alchemist Matthew Tompkins United States
2004-2012 Dondochakka Birstanne Bleach Pete Sepenuk United States
2004-2005 Matsunosuke Shibui Samurai Champloo Beau Billingslea United States
2004 Shingen Takeda Samurai Warriors Richard Epcar United States
2004-2008 Kumazo Maeda
(ep. 9)
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Marc Thompson United States
2005 Ukki Red Ape Escape 3 Gregg Berger Unted States
Jonathan Keeble United Kingdom
2005 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi Chris Rager United States
Ox-King Kyle Hebert
2005 Dorry One Piece: Pirate's Carnival Christopher Collet United States
2006 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Chris Rager United States
2006-2008 Ichiro Ogi Kekkaishi J.B. Blanc United States
2006-2007 Mototsugu Shirahama Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple John Swasey United States
2007 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Chris Rager United States
King Cold Brad Jackson
2009-2010 Ox-King
(eps. 4-18)
Dragon Ball Z Kai Kyle Hebert United States
King Yemma Chris Rager
(ep. 36)
Christopher Sabat
2009 Gori Rider Redline Paul St. Peter United States
2009 Shabranigdo The Slayers Evolution-R Marc Thompson United States
2010 Commander
(ep. 7)
Halo Legends Christopher Ayres United States