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DNA (ADN) is a French film that follows a woman grieving the death of her grandfather as she navigates family conflict and questions her world in this meditation about cultural identity and roots. .


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Neige Maïwenn Nzinga Moore
Francois Louis Garrel David Haack
Caroline Fanny Ardant Norma Maldonado
Kevin Dylan Robert Jeromy Ramos
Ali Florent Lacger Brandon Bales
Francoise Caroline Chaniolleau Catherine Cavadini
Matteo Henri-Noël Tabary Derek Phillips
Lilah Marine Vacth Marina Gridley
Pierre Alain Françon Jay Harik

Additional Voices[]

  • Philip Shahbaz - Nadir
  • Emily Goss - Shay
  • Susan Angelo - Doctor Michelet
  • Tucker Chandler - Niege's Middle Son
  • Joyce Fidler - MME Robert
  • Dashiell McGaha-Schletter - Neige's Youngest Son
  • Matt Anspach - Eden
  • Dave B. Mitchell
  • Anita Ortega

Transmission via Streaming[]

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo December 26, 2020 Netflix Original Film Digital TV-MA United States

External Links[]

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