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Cyborg 009: The Legend of the Super Galaxy (サイボーグ009 超銀河伝説 Saibōgu Zero Zero Nain: Chou Ginga Densetsu) is an animated film adaptation of the manga Cyborg 009 by Shotaro Ishinomori. The film was created after the abrupt cancellation of the 1979 anime, though has no connection to it.

The movie was the first of the Cyborg 009 franchise to be dubbed into English.


The 00 Cyborgs have retired after their battle against the Black Ghost organization. However, they must return to action in order to stop the space emperor Zoa from his mission to conquer the universe.

Dubbing History

The movie was dubbed by Frontier Enterprises in 1986 upon commission from Toho for an International English dub of the movie. Though the dub was largely faithful to the original, it contained a few changes (004/Albert Heinrich became "Heinrich Struller", 007/Great Britain became Irish and was named "O'Shaughnessy"). Implications of one of the characters death was softened largely. While the ending theme "Love of 1 Billion Light Years" was kept, it was retitled "Light of Love" and given an English localization by Brian Haverty, and sung by Michelle Hart (who voiced 003). However, an earlier song titled "We'll Never Say Goodbye" was swapped out for "Light of Love" as well, and another vocal song was left as an instrumental track. The reasons why are unknown, likely due to budget or not receiving proper translation/music tracks.

It was first released on VHS in 1988 by Celebrity Home Entertainment under its "Just For Kids" label as Defenders of the Vortex. Their release was heavily edited, cutting scenes of violence and trimming down the runtime from 130 mintues to 92. In 1995, the company Best Film & Video would release the uncut original print of the film on VHS.


Image Character Seiyū Voice Actor
009-supergalaxy.jpg Cyborg 009 (Joe Shimamura) Kazuhiko Inoue Walter Carroll
001-supergalaxy.jpg Cyborg 001 (Ivan Whisky) Fuyumi Shiraishi Mary Malone
002-supergalaxy.jpg Cyborg 002 (Jet Link) Keiichi Noda Don Pomes
003-supergalaxy.jpg Cyborg 003 (Francois Arnoul) Kazuko Sugiyama Michelle Hart
004-supergalaxy.jpg Cyborg 004 (Albert Heinrich) Keaton Yamada Richard Nieskens
005-supergalaxy.jpg Cyborg 005 (Geronimo Jr.) Banjō Ginga Frank Rogers
006-supergalaxy.jpg Cyborg 006 (Chang Changku) Sanji Hase Jeff Manning
007-supergalaxy.jpg Cyborg 007 (Great Britain) Kaneta Kimotsuki James Keating
008-supergalaxy.jpg Cyborg 008 (Pyunma) Kazuyuki Sogabe Clay Lowrey
Gilmore-supergalaxy.jpg Professor Isaac Gilmore Jōji Yanami Cliff Harrington
Cosmo-supergalaxy.jpg Dr. Cosmo Ichirō Nagai Mike Worman
Saba-supergalaxy.jpg Saba Noriko Ohara Gerri Sorrells
Zoa-supergalaxy.jpg Emperor Zoa Tōru Ōhira William Ross
Garro-supergalaxy.jpg Commander Garro Chikao Ōtsuka Lanny Broyles
Tamara-supergalaxy.jpg Princess Tamara Hiroko Suzuki Deborah DeSnoo
Narration Ryō Ishihara Avi Landau

Additional Voices

  • Didi Moore
  • Avi Landau

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Celebrity Home Entertainment 1988 VHS.jpg NTSC United States United States
Best Film & Video Corp. 1995

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