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Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier (サイボーグ ゼロゼロナイン Saibōgu Zero Zero Nain) is an anime series based on the manga created by Shotaro Ishinomori. The series was produced by Japan Vistec and Avex and distributed in the United States by Sony Pictures Television International. It originally aired on TV Tokyo from October 13, 2001 to September 29, 2002.


'Black Ghost,' a top-secret organization bent on promoting global warfare, kidnaps Joe Shimamura AKA 'Cyborg 009' along with eight other unwanted members of society from the four corners of the world and turns them into cyborgs. Though the organization intends to turn the group into super-powered killing machines, it's not long before Joe and his new companions rebel against Black Ghost and make their escape with the help of an old scientist. Using their new powers and abilities, our heroes stay one step ahead of Black Ghost and its evil machinations, trying to save the world from Black Ghost's diabolical scheme.

Dubbing History

This adaptation has the distinction of being the second anime television series of the franchise to be broadcast in the US, and the first to be dubbed into English. This dub was produced at Point.360 Studios in Los Angeles, California, and was a non-union production, which lead to many actors being uncredited or having to use aliases. It was broadcast on Cartoon Network through 2003-2004, with the first season airing on Toonami. However the dub never managed to air in its entirety on the network, as although all the episodes had been dubbed, Toonami had only acquired the first 26 episodes for broadcast on their block.

The latter half of the show ran through 2004 in a late-night slot at 1:30am, with Cartoon Network abruptly cutting the series off at episode 47. However, the recap episode "The Yomi Group" and Episode 48 aired overseas in Australia and the UK, as did the English dub of the "God's War" OVA arc (as those three episodes were dubbed as part of the series package).

The dub was also edited for time and some content, and some episodes (such as 48) took significant liberties with the script. These content edits and script changes also cropped up in foreign dubs that based their scripts off of the English adaptation. However, it would eventually be found that the series was dubbed uncut and that these versions were seemingly only shipped to Cartoon Network.

The early episodes initially ran in a less-edited format on Toonami, but were later censored for reruns after complaints, as well as Cartoon Network's Standards & Practices department realizing that certain objectionable language had slipped by for the TV-Y7 rating. The offending lines were either simply muted, or muted and later redubbed by Sony (ie: "The Assassin of Flash" originally having 0010- refer to himself as the 00 cyborgs' "Brother from Hell", which was initially muted in later airings before being redubbed with "Brother gone bad".). The editing increased for the later episodes, particularly the Yomi arc, which encountered various cuts to remove on-screen violence and death.

The dub of the series never received a full DVD release. Only 2 discs of the series (containing 4 episodes each) were released by Columbia TriStar in 2004 along with an 8-episode "uncut" bilingual release, while Sony Pictures Australia had released episodes 1-25 on DVD, covering up to the end of the "Mythos" arc. All bilingual DVD sets were controversial for their usage of "dubtitles" in the subtitle track, as well as poor video quality and incorrect opening/ending sequences used for some episodes.

In 2017, Discotek Media announced they've licensed the series for a Standard Definition Blu-Ray release. The series underwent a massive restoration project due to the masters received being in poor and damaged condition, including restoring the 5.1 surround English track. The series would finally be released on June 25, 2019.


Main Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
00 Cyborgs
Cyborg 009 009 Joe.png Joe Shimamura / 009 Takahiro Sakurai Joshua Seth
Derek Stephen Prince (eps. 5 & 9)
Cyborg 009 001 Ivan.png Ivan Whiskey / 001 Kana Ueda R. Martin Klein
Cyborg 009 002 Jet Link.png Jet Link / 002 Shōtarō Morikubo Kirk Thornton
Cyborg 009 003 Françoise.png Françoise Arnoul / 003 Satsuki Yukino Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Cyborg 009 004 Albert.png Albert Heinrich / 004 Nobuo Tobita Peter Doyle
Cyborg 009 005 Geronimo Jr.png Geronimo Jr. / 005 Akio Ōtsuka Beau Billingslea
Cyborg 009 006 Chang.png Chang Chan Ku / 006 Chafurin Steve Kramer
Cyborg 009 007 GB.png Great Britain / 007 Yūichi Nagashima Michael Sorich
Cyborg 009 008 Punma.png Punma / 008 Mitsuo Iwata Keith Anthony
Cyborg 009 Dr. Isaac Gilmore.png Dr. Isaac Gilmore Mugihito Simon Prescott
Cyborg 009 Dr. Koizumi.png Dr. Kozumi Junpei Takiguchi Mike Reynolds

Secondary Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Cyborg 009 Black Ghost.png Black Ghost / Scarl Norio Wakamoto Richard Epcar
Cyborg 009 Black Ghost Brains.png Black Ghost Brains Kenji Utsumi Jamieson Price
Ryōko Kinomiya Mari Devon
Yūto Uemura Barbara Goodson
00 Cyborg Killers
Cyborg 009 0010 -.png
Cyborg 009 0010 .png
Cyborg 0010 Issei Futamata Joe Ochman
Cyborg 009 0011.png Cyborg 0011 Tōru Ōkawa Jamieson Price
Cyborg 009 0012.png Cyborg 0012 Sayuri Yameuchi Melora Harte
Cyborg 009 0013.png Cyborg 0013 Kentarō Itō Steve Blum
The Mythos Cyborgs
Cyborg 009 Apollo.png Apollo Akira Ishida Richard Cansino
Cyborg 009 Artemis.png Artemis Minami Takayama Lia Sargent
Cyborg 009 Achilles.png Achilles Hiroshi Yanaka Derek Stephen Prince
Cyborg 009 Hera.png Hera Yū Sugimoto Melodee Spevack
Cyborg 009 Pan.png Pan
Cyborg 009 Minotaur.png Minotaur Tomoya Kawai Bob Papenbrook
Cyborg 009 Nereus.png Nereus
Cyborg 009 Poseidon.png Poseidon Kiyoyuki Yanada Mike Reynolds
Cyborg 009 Atlas.png Atlas
DrGaia01.png Dr. Gaia Ikuya Sawaki Derek Stephen Prince
The Mutant Warriors
Cyborg 009 Dr. Gamo.png Dr. Gamo Asimov Seizō Katō Tony Pope
Cyborg 009 Dr. Gamo young.png
Cyborg 009 Nicholas.png Nicholas Tomoya Kawai Jeff Nimoy
Cyborg 009 Lena.png Lena Mie Sonozaki Cindy Robinson
Cyborg 009 Kane.png Kain Toshiyuki Morikawa Derek Stephen Prince
Cyborg 009 Mai.png Mai Romi Park Melodee Spevack
Cyborg 009 Phil.png Phil Mitsuki Saiga Richard Cansino
Yomi Kingdom
Cyborg 009 Dr. Claus Van Bogoot.png Dr. Claus Van Bogoot Unshō Ishizuka Steve Blum
Cyborg 009 Vena.png Vena Yuki Masuda Lia Sargent
Cyborg 009 Helen.png Helen Michelle Ruff
Cyborg 009 Aphros.png Aphros Kari Wahlgren
Cyborg 009 Dinah.png Dinah Julie Ann Taylor
Cyborg 009 Daphne.png Daphne Mari Devon

Episodic Characters

Character Seiyū Dub Actor Eps.
Black Ghost Agent Kirk Thornton 2
Hilda Heinrich Akiko Koike Lia Sargent 5
Yasu Kōsuke Okano Daniel Woren 7
Roentgen Kōichi Nagano Barry Stigler 7-8
Dr. Beruku Aruno Tahara Dave Wittenberg 9
Zanbarusu Fumihiko Tachiki Dan Lorge
Recruit Naoki Yanagi R. Martin Klein
Professor Finder Kazuaki Itō Michael McConnohie 10
Cynthia Finder Tomoko Kawakami Julie Maddalena
Jean-Paul Arnoul Nobutoshi Canna Richard Cansino 11
Natalie Sachiko Kojima Lara Cody
Sophie Yōko Sōmi Lia Sargent 13
Rosa Mari Devon
Phillip Hiroaki Hirata
Umbaba Shōzō Iizuka 14-15
Kabore Wataru Takagi David Rasner
Mamado Ryōtarō Okiayu
Commander Farej Minoru Inaba Steve Blum 14-17
Jimmy Yoshiko Kamei Barbara Goodson 19
Cathy Kaori Saiki Melora Harte
Dr. Gotfried Ross Masaru Ikeda Michael McConnohie 21
Dr. Kyle Yasunori Masutani Terrence Stone
Priest Takehiro Koyama 22
Pal Yūki Tokiwa Derek Stephen Prince 27-28
Sandra Ayako Ito Lia Sargent 29
Blue Beast Masane Tsukayama Tom Wyner
Dr. Eckerman Takkō Ishimori 30
Arisa 33
Arisa’s Mother Eri Saito Michelle Ruff
Said Susumu Chiba 34
Dr. Herschel Masaaki Tsukada Tony Pope
Princess Ixquic Sumi Shimamoto Wendee Lee 35
Tadashi Mayumi Asano Mona Marshall 36
Mikio Hōko Kuwashima Barbara Goodson
Mr. Miyake Masato Hirano
Alice Natsuki Yamashita Rebecca Forstadt 37
Erica Whisky Hikari Yono 40
Shinichi Ibaraki Ishiin Chiba Derek Stephen Prince 43
Professor Isono Naomi Kusumi Tom Wyner
Mary Onodera Takako Honda Wendee Lee
Masaru Oyamada Nobuyuki Kobushi Tony Oliver

Additional Voices



Toonami-Cyborg 009 Intro

Cyborg 009 Toonami intro bumper


Toonami - Cyborg 009 Promo (1080p HD)


  • Derek Stephen Prince was initially cast as 009 and recorded for twelve episodes, but was recast as higher-ups at Sony did not approve of his nasal tone used for the character and was replaced by Joshua Seth. For whatever reason, Prince's voice is still heard in episodes 5 and 9.
    • Prince is also mis-credited as 005. It is also theorized that he had been cast as that character at another point.


Date(s) Channel Country
2003-2004 Cartoon Network
(Adult Swim/Toonami)
United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Columbia TriStar 2004 DVD.jpg Episodes 1-8 1
United States United States
2 Discs
Madman Entertainment 2005 Episodes 1-26 4
Australia Australia
2 Discs
Discotek Media 2019 BD The Complete Series 1
United States United States
1 Disc

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