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Cookie Run: Kingdom (쿠키런: 킹덤; Kukireon: Kingdeom) is a free-to-play mobile game developed and published by Devsisters for iOS and Android devices. The game was released worldwide on January 21, 2021. English voice-over was added in the version 2.2.001 update on October 8, 2021.


Cookie Run: Kingdom tells the story of Cookies who create a Kingdom of their own to call home. Throughout their adventures, they explore other ancient Kingdoms, battle fierce Cake Monsters, and unravel the mysteries of the Ancient Heroes who disappeared from the world.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Common Cookies
CRK GingerBrave.png GingerBrave Jeong-hwa Yang Jeremy Shada
CRK StrawberryCookie.png Strawberry Cookie Mi-na Yun Anairis Quiñones
CRK NinjaCookie.png Ninja Cookie Hye-sung Kim Stephen Fu
CRK AngelCookie.png Angel Cookie Kyung-yi Cho Erika Ishii
CRK MuscleCookie.png Muscle Cookie Young-jun Si Jimmy Chau
CRK WizardCookie.png Wizard Cookie Hyeon-jin Lee Kyle McCarley
CRK BeetCookie.png Beet Cookie Kyu-mi Kwak Elysia Rotaru
Rare Cookies
CRK KnightCookie.png Knight Cookie Seung-hun Choi Daniel Amerman
CRK PrincessCookie.png Princess Cookie Chae-ha Kim Eden Riegel
CRK CherryCookie.png Cherry Cookie Eun-ae Kang Kiera Please
CRK AlchemistCookie.png Alchemist Cookie Seon-hye Kim Jeannie Tirado
CRK AdventurerCookie.png Adventurer Cookie Jae-ho Choi Chris Parson
CRK BlackberryCookie.png Blackberry Cookie Hye-won Jung Michelle Phan
CRK GumballCookie.png Gumball Cookie So Yeon Caylus Cunningham
CRK OnionCookie.png Onion Cookie Jang Mi Lily Ki
CRK PancakeCookie.png Pancake Cookie Min-jeong Yeo Alex Einstein
CRK AvocadoCookie.png Avocado Cookie Seon-ju Lee Courtenay Taylor
CRK CarrotCookie.png Carrot Cookie Seon-young Son Rosanna Pansino
CRK CloverCookie.png Clover Cookie Myeong-jun Kim Lucien Dodge
CRK CustardCookieIII.png Custard Cookie III Ja-myeong Lee Jaimie Kelton
CRK DevilCookie.png Devil Cookie Seo-yeong Kim Aleks Le
Epic Cookies
CRK SnowSugarCookie.png Snow Sugar Cookie Ah-yeong Yun Analesa Fisher
CRK VampireCookie.png Vampire Cookie Jae-heon Jeong Jason Kaye
CRK VampireCookie BatForm.png
CRK TigerLilyCookie.png Tiger Lily Cookie Kye-yun Lee Stephanie Sheh
CRK WerewolfCookie.png Werewolf Cookie Ju-wong Jeong Desmond Chiam
CRK WerewolfCookie WerewolfForm.png
CRK MintChocoCookie.png Mint Choco Cookie Seung-gon Ryu Zeno Robinson
CRK HerbCookie.png Herb Cookie Kyu-hyuk Sim Khoi Dao
CRK DarkChocoCookie.png Dark Choco Cookie Won-hyeong Choi Isaac Robinson-Smith
CRK SparklingCookie.png Sparkling Cookie Young-sun Kim Xander Mobus
CRK ChiliPepperCookie.png Chili Pepper Cookie Eun-seo Yun Kimberly Brooks
CRK PomegranateCookie.png Pomegranate Cookie Jeong-mi Bae Victoria Grace
CRK PurpleYamCookie.png Purple Yam Cookie Seung-woo Min Sean Chiplock
CRK MilkCookie.png Milk Cookie Yong-woo Shin Daman Mills
CRK PoisonMushroomCookie.png Poison Mushroom Cookie Kim Yul A.J. Beckles
CRK LicoriceCookie.png Licorice Cookie Sang-hyun Um Cameron Bowen
CRK MadeleineCookie.png Madeleine Cookie Doh-hyeong Nam YongYea
CRK EspressoCookie.png Espresso Cookie Yo-han Park Zach Aguilar
CRK RyeCookie.png Rye Cookie Na-yul Kim Amber Lee Connors
CRK KumihoCookie.png Kumiho Cookie Myeong-ho Lee Kimlinh Tran
CRK KumihoCookie FoxForm.png
CRK CreamPuffCookie.png Cream Puff Cookie Da-eun Lee Cassandra Lee Morris
CRK CreamPuffCookie Newbie.png
CRK LatteCookie.png Latte Cookie Si-hyeong Kang Vivian Lamolli
CRK AlmondCookie.png Almond Cookie Wan-kyeong Sung Ray Chase
CRK BlackRaisinCookie.png Black Raisin Cookie Bo-na Kim Tiana Camacho
CRK StrawberryCrepeCookie.png Strawberry Crepe Cookie Ji-hyeon Lee Valeria Rodriguez
CRK FigCookie.png Fig Cookie Yun-chae Kim Giselle Fernandez
CRK PastryCookie.png Pastry Cookie Jeong-shin Woo Colleen O'Shaughnessey
CRK RedVelvetCookie.png Red Velvet Cookie Yeong-jae Pyo Max Mittelman
CRK RedVelvetCookie Young.png Mi-na Yun
CRK MangoCookie.png Mango Cookie Yoo-mi Jeong Christian Banas
CRK LilacCookie.png Lilac Cookie Sang-ho Lee Behzad Dabu
CRK SquidInkCookie.png Squid Ink Cookie Min-ji Jang Courtney Lin
CRK SorbetSharkCookie.png Sorbet Shark Cookie Sae-byeok Lee Arianna Ratner
CRK SorbetSharkCookie SharkForm.png
CRK ParfaitCookie.png Parfait Cookie Ji-yun Park Amanda Lee
CRK ParfaitCookie Newbie.png
CRK RaspberryCookie.png Raspberry Cookie Ji-young Lee Christina Kirkman
CRK MoonRabbitCookie.png Moon Rabbit Cookie Yu Yeong Cristina Pucelli
CRK MoonRabbitCookie RabbitForm.png
CRK TwizzlyGummyCookie.png Twizzly Gummy Cookie Myung-hee Lee Dawn M. Bennett
CRK MalaSauceCookie.png Mala Sauce Cookie Hyun-jung Cho Caitlyn Elizabeth
CRK PumpkinPieCookie.png Pumpkin Pie Cookie Ga-ryung Kim Suzie Yeung
CRK CottonCookie.png Cotton Cookie Shin-jeong Han Cherami Leigh
CRK CottonCookie Old.png
CRK CocoaCookie.png Cocoa Cookie Shin-hee Park Kody Kavitha
CRK EclairCookie.png Eclair Cookie Seung-hun Seok Zeno Robinson
CRK TeaKnightCookie.png Tea Knight Cookie Han Choi Jason Marnocha
CRK AffogatoCookie.png Affogato Cookie Hyun-wook Kim Conrad Haynes
CRK CaramelArrowCookie.png Caramel Arrow Cookie Rina Park Dani Chambers
CRK CherryBlossomCookie.png Cherry Blossom Cookie Ha-ru Kim Sarah Wiedenheft
CRK WildberryCookie.png Wildberry Cookie Bok-hyun Han Kamran Nikhad
Super Epic Cookies
CRK ClottedCreamCookie.png Clotted Cream Cookie Ji-yul Kim Aaron Dismuke
Ancient Cookies
CRK PureVanillaCookie.png Pure Vanilla Cookie Yea-rim Kim Yuri Lowenthal
CRK HollyberryCookie.png Hollyberry Cookie Sae-a Yi Elizabeth Maxwell
CRK GoldenCheeseCookie.png Golden Cheese Cookie Yeon-woo Kim Pilar Uribe
CRK DarkCacaoCookie.png Dark Cacao Cookie Seung-wook Jeong Patrick Seitz
CRK WhiteLilyCookie.png White Lily Cookie Ha-rim Song Erica Mendez
Legendary Cookies
CRK MoonlightCookie.png Moonlight Cookie Seon-yeong Park G.K. Bowes
CRK SeaFairyCookie.png Sea Fairy Cookie Seon-hui Mun Laura Post
CRK FireSpiritCookie.png Fire Spirit Cookie Seong-tae Park Austin Lee Matthews
CRK WindArcherCookie.png Wind Archer Cookie Su-ho Son Kellen Goff
CRK MillennialTreeCookie.png Millennial Tree Cookie Hyo-min Ahn Keith Silverstein
CRK DarkEnchantressCookie.png Dark Enchantress Cookie Yu-jeong Nam Patty McCormack
CRK FrostQueenCookie.png Frost Queen Cookie Sook-kyung Jeon Cristina Valenzuela
Special Cookies
CRK SonicCookie.png Sonic Cookie Roger Craig Smith
CRK TailsCookie.png Tails Cookie Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Additional Voices


  • Blackberry Cookie and Carrot Cookie's English voice actors were not credited in-game, despite being credited in official social media posts.
  • Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie's in-game English voice lines are recycled from various Sonic the Hedgehog video games. The same clips are also used in the original Korean version.

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