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Commander Clark (Commandant Clark) is a French animated series created by Aurore Damant, Anne Ozannat, Eric Garnet and Ian Carney. It was co-produced by GO-N Productions and France Télévisions.


Have you ever wondered what happened to all the animals that were send into space? The series follows the hilarious adventures of Commander Clark, a brave canine, descendant of Laïka (the first space dog), who captains the Ark, an intergalactic patrol cruiser to explore the Sunny Galaxy and to protect its inhabitants.

Unfortunately, his furry crew consists of a crowd of crazy creatures who manage to cause problems every step of the way! And to make things more difficult, the ship faces occasional interference fromGeneral Rex and the Space Animatronix, a race of wicked mechanical animals intent on ridding the Sunny Galaxy of all organic life!


Character Original Actor France Dub Actor France
Clark Alexandre Nguyen Matthew Géczy
Foxy Stéphane Ronchewski
Kitty Geneviève Doang Hester Wilcox

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  • The dub for the pilot used a UK-based voice cast comprised of Wayne Forester, Kevin Bishop and Josephine Butler.

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