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Claymore is an anime produced by Madhouse, based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi.


The story places us in a medieval world beset by a race of demons known as Youma. These demons have the ability to change shape and have disguised themselves as humans to infiltrate villages and feed on their entrails. To face them, an organization is born that seeks to create warriors with special abilities by mixing Youma skin and blood with humans. As a result, these warriors, called Claymores, gain supernatural strength, the ability to shapeshift, and rapid healing. On the other hand, they have swords that allow them to identify the Youma from common and wild villagers. Due to their nature, Claymores are usually feared by the very villagers they manage to save.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Clare - claymore Clare Hōko Kuwashima Stephanie Young
Clare child - claymore Cherami Leigh
Raki - claymore Raki Motoki Takagi Todd Haberkorn
Secondary Characters
Rubel - claymore Rubel Hiroaki Hirata R. Bruce Elliott
Teresa - claymore Teresa Romi Park Christine Auten
Miria - claymore Miria Kikuko Inoue Monica Rial
Irene - claymore Ilena / Irene Minami Takayama Wendy Powell
Helen - claymore Helen Miki Nagasawa Jamie Marchi
Deneve - claymore Deneve Hana Takeda Caitlin Glass
Priscilla - claymore Priscilla Aya Hisakawa Brina Palencia
Ophelia - claymore Ophelia Emi Shinohara Luci Christian
Galatea - claymore Galatea Ai Orikasa Colleen Clinkenbeard
Recurring Characters
Jean - claymore Jean Kotono Mitsuishi Laura Bailey
Noel - claymore Noel Junko Takeuchi Leah Clark
Sophia - claymore Sophia Megumi Toyoguchi Trina Nishimura
Flora - claymore Flora Miyu Matsuki
Undine - claymore Undine Rie Ishizuka Clarine Harp
Isley - claymore Isley Kōji Yusa John Swasey
Rigaldo - claymore Rigaldo Hiro Yūki Vic Mignogna
Claymore - Riful Riful Nana Mizuki Brittney Karbowski
Dauf - claymore Dauf Kenji Hamada Christopher Ayres
Orsay - claymore Orsay Hōchū Ōtsuka David Trosko
Ermita - claymore Ermita Chō Bill Jenkins
Veronica - claymore Veronica Akeno Watanabe Kristi Kang
Yuliana - claymore Yuliana Miho Miyagawa Cherami Leigh
Cynthia - claymore Cynthia Anastasia Muñoz
Claudia - claymore Claudia Rika Morinaga Leslie Patrick
Pamela - claymore Pamela Yui Kano Larissa Wolcott

Episodic Characters[]

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Ep(s).
Zaki - claymore Zaki Akira Ishida Ian Sinclair 1
Elena Claymore Elena Ayako Kawasumi Cynthia Cranz 2
Vincent - claymore Vincent Masaaki Yajima Chuck Huber 3-4
Galk - claymore Galk Kazuma Horie Christopher Sabat
Sid - claymore Sid Hiroyuki Yoshino Eric Vale
Kamuri - claymore Kamuri Umeji Sasaki J. Paul Slavens 4
Bandit Boss - claymore Bandit Boss Tomokazu Seki Charles Baker 5-6
Old Woman - claymore Old Woman Komina Matsushita Linda Leonard 6
Awakened Gonahl - claymore Awakened Gonahl Minori Chihara Carrie Savage 12
Rafaela - claymore Rafaela Satsuki Yukino Kate Oxley 14

Additional Voices[]

Transmission via Streaming[]

Company Date Format Classification Content Country
FUNimation logo vertical November 18, 2020 Digital C 26 eps. United States United States
Crunchyroll August 30, 2022

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