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Cinderella: Once Upon a Time in The West (Cendrillon au Far West; French for Cinderella in the Far West) (also known as Cinderella 3D) is a French/Belgian 2012 animated film. The film was directed and screenplay written by Pascal Hérold and produced by Delacave Studios.


This is a modern Wild West take on Cinderella featuring animals such as the deer Cinderella and dog prince. Cinderella is constantly tortured by her step mother but her shaman friend gives her the chance to transform into a beautiful princess, winning the affection of the visiting Prince Vladimir. However, when he and the Duchess are kidnapped, Cinderella must save him and learn to appreciate herself.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Cinderella Alexandra Lamy TBA
The Prince Antoine de Caunes TBA
Felicity Yolande Moreau Jessica Gee
Petite Fumée Michel Boujenah TBA
The Grand Duchess Isabelle Nanty TBA
Barbazul Philippe Peythieu TBA
Harmony Véronique Augereau TBA
Melody Audrey Lamy TBA
Dark Lopez Hervé Lassïnce TBA

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