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Chuggington is a British children's computer-animated television series produced by Ludorum plc. It is broadcast on the BBC children's channel CBeebies and other channels internationally.

As typical with British children's series, this series has an alternate US dub. The US dub was originally recorded in Britain, but for the sixth season onwards, the series' dub was recorded in Los Angeles, as such, it features an entirely new cast of actors.


Chuggington follows the humorous adventures of Koko, Wilson, and Brewster, three trainee engines each with their own unique personality. Rounding out Chuggington's cast of characters is a modern, colorful fleet of engines including Puffer Pete, Action Chugger and Frostini, who help the trainees learn important lessons like cooperation, perseverance, and respect.


Image Character Original Actor US Dub Seasons
Main Characters
Chug Patrol Wilson.png
Wilson Morgan Overton Tony Terraciano 1-3
Edward Sharpe 4-5
Teddy West Jordan C. Reed 6
Louis Wint (singing)
Teddy West ¿? 7-
Louis Wint (singing)
Chuggineer Brewster.png
Brewster Charlie George Miles J. Harvey 1-3
Toby Davies 4-5
Harry Reeve Jacks Dean 6-
Avi Le Brocq (singing)
Speed Fleet Koko.jpg
Koko Imogen Bailey Brigid Harrington 1-5
Alyssa Burton Madigan Kacmar 6-
Recurring Characters
Hodge.png Hodge Arthur Lee James Lukens 1-5
Lawrence Matthews Gideon Modisett 6-
Zephie.png Zephie Jadie Rose Hobson Izzy Palmieri 1-4
Lola Shepelev Lily Sanfelippo 6-
Old Puffer Pete.png Old Puffer Pete Paul Panting Brian Greene 1-5
Mick Wingert 6-
Olwin.png Olwin Jill Shilling Margaret Robertson 1-4
Bernice Stegers 5
Harrison.png Harrison Colin McFarlane 1-5
Irving.png Irving Paul Panting John Pohlhammer 1-5
Dunbar.png Dunbar Andy Nyman Tom Clarke-Hill 1-5
Chug Patrol Calley.png
Calley Nicole Davies Phillipa Alexander 1-5
Emery.jpg Emery Jordan Clarke Troy Doherty 1-2
Hugh Reynolds 3
Jake Tanner 4-5
Dylan Curtis 6-
Austin Connelly
(ep. 188)
Chatsworth.png Chatsworth Andy Nyman John Chancer 1-5
Mtambo.jpg Mtambo David Gyasi 1-
Frostini.jpg Frostini Angelo Cola 1-
Randy Crenshaw (singing; ep. 173) 6
Action Chugger.png Action Chugger Pax Baldwin John Pohlhammer 1-4
Dave Berry 6-
Speedy McAllister.jpg Speedy McAllister Warren Clarke Stefan Ashton Frank 2-5
Hoot and Toot.png Hoot Tommy Romer Lee Ben Hudson 2-5
Beau Robertson Ethan Cutillo 6
¿? 7-
Toot Mihira Phillip Tori Feinstein 2-5
Matilda Majilton Vivian Watson 6-
PiperPromo.jpg Piper Eve Bentley 3-4
Faith Delaney Dakota Philips 6-
Skylar.jpg Skylar Michael Quartey Brendan Dooling 3
Tony Denman 4
Jason Durran 5
Decka.jpg Decka Ninia Benjamin 3-5
Jackman.png Jackman Michael Byers 4-5
Michael Byers Michael G. Stern 6-
Asher.png Asher Marcel McCalla 4-
¿? 6
Zack.png Zack Paul Dodds Stuart Milligan 4-5
Mick Wingert 6-
Tyne.png Tyne Carina Reeves Jessica McDonald 4-5
Fletch.png Fletch Joe Sims Earl Perkins 4-5
Hanzo.png Hanzo Dai Tabuchi 4-
Cormac.png Cormac Jez Edwards Walter Lewis 4-5
Tin Chase 6-
Payce.jpg Payce Ruth Zielinski Siu-see Hung 4-5
Daley.jpg Daley Harry Lawtey Nile Bullock 5
Skipper Stu.png Skipper Stu James Goode 5-
Hamish.png Hamish Richard Ridings 5-
Harry.png Harry Stephen Critchlow 5
Russ.jpg Russ James Naylor Jos Slovick 5
Screenshot 20200702-040845 Chrome 4.jpg Rosa Tiana Camacho 6-
Tai.png Tai Mia Lakha Angelica Hale 6-
Vee.jpg Vee Maria Darling Johnnie Fiori 1-5
Jacqueline Davis Julie Wions 6-
Morgan.jpg Morgan Paul Panting Taylor Clarke-Hill 1-5
William Stern 6-
Lori.png Lori Maria Darling Barbara Barnes 1-3
Jacqueline Davis Julie Phillips 6-
Eddie.png Eddie Sacha Dhawan Trevor White 1-5
Nick Hagelin 6-
Dr Ling.png Dr. Ling Meg Kubota 1-2
Karen.png Karen Maria Darling Lorelei King 1-4
Felix.png Felix Andy Nyman Elisha Sessions 1
Linda.png Linda Maria Darling Lorelei King 1-2
Dr Gosling.png Dr. Gosling Paul Panting Mac McDonald 1-4
King of Buffertonia.png King of Buffertonia Colin McFarlane 1
Nurse David.png Nurse David David Gyasi C. Gerod Harris 1
Mayor Pullman.png Mayor Pullman Floella Benjamin Lachele Carl 2-5
Carla Fisher 6-
Howie (chuggington).png Howie Steve Devereaux Morgan Deare 4


Season 1


  • There are some instances in the US dub of Season 6, namely episodes 172, 187 and 188, where Wilson and Brewster have each other's voices.


Date(s) Channel Country
2008-present Disney Junior United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Content Region Country
Anchor Bay 2011-2014 DVD.jpg Various Episodes 1
United States United States
14 Volumes
Lionsgate Films 2014 Various Episodes
1 Volume

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