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Super Electron Bioman (or just Bioman for short), known fully in Japan as Choudenshi Bioman (超電子バイオマン, Choudenshi Baioman), is Toei Company's 8th installment in the Super Sentai metaseries.


The once prosperous Planet Bio is destroyed after a world war erupted over the use of a scientific discovery called "Bio Particles". The Planet Bio Peacekeeping Alliance, which sought to use Bio Particles for peaceful purposes, sends the giant robot Bio Robo and an assistant robot named Peebo to prevent the same tragedy from happening on Earth. Bio Robo arrives in 15th century Japan, where it showers Bio Particles on five young individuals. Five centuries later, the descendants of these individuals, infused with Bio Particles, are chosen by Peebo and Bio Robo to become the Bioman team to protect the Earth from the Neo-Empire Gear, an organization led by mad scientist Doctor Man.

Dubbing History[]

An English dub was produced in The Philippines by Telesuccess Productions, Toei's Filipino licensor, where various voice actors who were involved with English language dubs of Japanese Anime were involved with production of the show. Recorded and aired on Filipino TV in 1987 to 1988 on ABS-CBN. Then in 1993, it aired re-runs on IBC until 1994. The English dub was also released on home video by Speedy Video in Malaysia for VCD release in the Mid-1990's.

In the English dub, the main characters had their names changed, with the exception of Jun, whose name did not change phonetically, but it has in terms of spelling. Peebo as well as some villains had their names kept intact. Various attack names were changed as well.


Character Original Name Original Actor Dub Actor
Narrator Ichiro Murakoshi Noel Mallonga
Kenny/Red 1 Shirō Gō/Red 1 Ryōsuke Sakamoto Chito Vicente
Sammy/Green 2 Shingo Takasugi/Green 2 Naoto Ōta Earl Palma
Frankie/Blue 3 Ryūta Nanbara/Blue 3 Akito Ōsuga Danny Deopante
Casey/Yellow 4 (1) Mika Koizumi/Yellow 4 (1) Yuki Yajima Geraldine Oca
June/Yellow 4 (2) Jun Yabuki/Yellow 4 (2) Sumiko Tanaka Dada Carlos
Kimberly/Pink 5 Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink 5 Michiko Makino Celina Cristobal
Peebo Yoshiko Ōta (Voice) Celina Cristobal
(eps. 1-10, 50 & 51)
Dada Carlos
(eps. 11-49)
Yatori Shota Yamamori Hikaru Kurosaki Cris Vertido
Doctor Shibota/Shichiro Doctor Shibata/Shinichirō Gō Tadao Nakamaru Joonee Gamboa
Mickey "Sonny" O'Hara/Prince Shūichi Kageyama/Prince Hidenori Iura Earl Palma
Mike O'Hara/Doctor Man Hideo Kageyama/Doctor Man Munemaru Koda Noel Mallonga
Takaya Hashi (young) ¿? (young)
Mason Hirohisa Nakata P.J. Ramos
Farrah Yōko Asuka Celina Cristobal
Farrah Cat Yukari Oshima
Vargo Monster Strong Kongō Noel Mallonga
Plasmanoid Mettzler Hiroshi Izawa (Voice) Bob Borjial
Psygorn Keisuke Yamashita (Voice) Tony Nierras
Zeroid Zyuoh Masahiro Anzai (Voice) Chito Vicente
Aquainoid Aquaiger Kanko Nagai (Voice) Cris Vertido
Falconoid Messerjū Shun Yashiro (Voice) Dodo Crisol
Bio Hunter Silver Bio Hunter Silva Kazuo Hayashi (Voice) Danny Deopante


  • This was one of the last Tokusatsu shows to be dubbed in English in the Philippines and the last Super Sentai series to be given an English dub in the region, as Hikaru Sentai Maskman would be the first in the Super Sentai series to be dubbed in Tagalog there. Bioman would also be given a Tagalog re-dub. Despite that, Tokusatsu shows that came out after Bioman such as Super Rescue Solbrain still received an English dub in the late 1990's done in the region.
  • This is the very first Super Sentai series to have two female members on a team, as well as the first to have a female yellow Ranger, as well as was the very last Super Sentai series to have a Ranger change mid-season. Interestingly, Celina Cristobal voiced Peebo in the first ten episodes who also voiced Kimberly (Hikaru). When Casey (Mika) died in Episode 10, and replaced with June (Jun) in the next episode, her English dub voice actress Dada Carlos would also voice Peebo. However, for the final two episodes (50 and 51), Celina returned to voice Peebo. Geraldine Oca (who voiced Casey/Mika) has not done any more voice roles in this series after that.
  • Hikaru Katsurugi's name used for the English dub where she was localized as Kimberly, would be later on used for Kimberly Ann Hart, the very first Pink Ranger of the Power Rangers franchise, played by Amy Jo Johnson.
  • Hidenori Iura would go on to later play Jun Musada in another Toei Tokusatsu series known as Super Rescue Solbrain (part of the Metal Hero series), whose first name was anglicized to John Musada in the English dub. Earl Palma who voiced Iura's role in this series would also come back to dub over the actor again in that series.
  • Bioman was to be adapted internationally into an American series by Haim Saban in 1986. A pilot episode was created, but no station was interested in picking it up for a series and all actors used for the pilot were part of a union. Haim Saban would later try this again with 1991's Chōjin Sentai Jetman, before finally settling on adapting the 1992 successor, Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993.


Date(s) Channel Country
1987-1988 ABS-CBN Philippines Philippines
1993-1994 IBC

Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Speedy Video Mid-1990's VCD PAL Malaysia Malaysia

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