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Chibiusa Tsukino (ちびうさ, Chibiusa) is the civilian identity of Sailor Chibi Moon (セーラーちびムーン, Seeraa Chibi Muun) and the princess of 30th Century Earth.



Chibiusa retains the same appearance that she does in the manga: pink hair tied in rabbit ear-shaped odango and red eyes. However, she grows throughout the manga and is much taller by the end. She does not grow in the 90's anime.

In her first appearance in Sailor Moon R, Chibiusa wears a summer version of a school uniform consist of a white short-sleeved sailor uniform with red with a single white linings at the edge of her sleeves and a red front bow at the center of her uniform, blue pleated skirt with a red bow at the back, white socks and white shoes with a red bow on front. Her uniform is red with two white linings attached and another red design with white lining beneath her uniform.

When she discovers Usagi's transformation to Sailor Moon and throughout the end of Season 2, Chibiusa wears a winter version of her uniform which is blue.

In Sailor Moon S, Chibiusa retains her summer school uniform from the second season only both her bow and her back bow is changed to blue and her uniform is white in a red trim and has a pink brooch on her front bow where she can transform into Sailor Chibi Moon.

Her winter school uniform remains the same only her bow on her school uniform is white with red trim.

In Sailor Moon SuperS and onwards, Chibiusa's notable casual outfit is a white long sleeve sailor uniform with a small red bow at the center along with light blue suspenders, a long light blue skirt, white socks and her white shoes with a red bow now have red soles. Her uniform and her folded sleeves are now white with pink linings.

When Chibiusa and Usagi's ages were swapped by PallaPalla, Chibiusa became a teenager who was as tall as Usagi, but unlike with her transformation into Black Lady, her pigtails didn't grow out the same way, reaching only at her waist and remaining slightly puffy.

Sailor Senshi[]

In the S Season, she has a heart-shaped insignia on her choker and her transformation brooch in the center of her front bow. Her body becomes a bit older, taller, and her dominant color is pink (collar, skirt, boots, gloves, and choker) and her accent color is red (bows).

Her boots are knee-high pink with a white border at the triangular top. The gem in her tiara is red. Her collar has two white stripes. Her earrings are simple pink studs. She wears two white-bordered red circular accents on her odango, with pointed white fittings resembling a rabbit's ears.

In Episode 111, she gains two wing-like barrettes in her hair when Sailor Moon obtained the Holy Grail. Sailor Chibi Moon's shoulder and elbow pads are unique, in that they only had two bars instead of three.

In the fourth season, her uniform almost completely changes, in many of the same aspects as those of Super Sailor Moon. She is then known as Super Sailor Chibi Moon, which is a much stronger and more powerful form than her standard one. She still wears her barrettes, and her body is still a bit older and taller.

Her choker becomes yellow with a red heart. The stripes on her collar are yellow. Her shoulder pads are translucent and shaped more like wings. The back waist bow is long, white, and billowy. She gains crescent moon insignias on her boots.

The top of her skirt is adorned with a yellow belt and a duplicate heart-shaped brooch, and the most apparent change by far is that her skirt was no longer pink, but is instead white with a yellow and pink border at the bottom.



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