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Catherine Battistone is a voice actress who has provided voices for several anime titles and video games.


She is best known for providing the voice of Alpha 6 in the 1997 Power Rangers series, Power Rangers: Turbo. Her performance as Alpha 6 was so ill-received that she was later replaced by fellow voice actress Wendee Lee for Power Rangers in Space.

Battistone has also made minor appearances on-screen, in TV shows including Murder, She Wrote, Simon & Simon, and Tales from the Darkside, and movies including Problem Child.

Other projects she has been involved with include We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Enhanced, Crying Freeman, Space Adventure Cobra and the lead role in Streamline Pictures' dub of Barefoot Gen. She retired from voice acting in 2008.


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  • Little Miss (1983) - Little Miss Trouble, Little Miss Tiny, Little Miss Helpful, Little Miss Late

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