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Caroly Larson (born May 2, 1965) is a Canadian actress, voice actress, musician, songwriter and singer . She has been a singer/songwriter since the womb. She's fronted various bands and has had a number of songs used in TV and film.


For the past 25 years she's made a living as a top voice-over performer for cartoons, TV, radio and internet commercials, station id's and documentaries. She's also occasionally acted on-camera in a handful of largely forgettable films, usually playing either the hard-done by suburban housewife or the slutty bartender.

Although she's recorded countless demos over the years, she's had to battle a lifetime of demons in order to finally grow the cajoles to make a full-on record. This eclectic selection of music (on her CD "Arms Akimbo") deals with issues from the perspective of a 50 year old mother, lover, sister, daughter and professional, who is learning to redefine how to deal with waning but still vital passions and dreams.

Her hobbies are few, but well enjoyed. She loves to read, paint, putter, hang out, laugh, drink good wine, read, eat good food, read, spend too much, read, Boggle, sleep, read and swim. Her present goal is to learn how to read while swimming, drinking a glass of hearty red wine.


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