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Caitlynne Medrek (born November 19, 1989) is an international, award winning Canadian actress. She spent the first half of her career living and working in professional theatre around Canada, but has since set her sights on creating a cinematic career by performing in Film and Television. A Canadian College of Performing Arts alumna, Medrek is a true triple threat. She is best known for her roles in Heartland (Seasons 15 & 16) as Ms. Clarissa, Fargo, Season 3 as Grace Stussy, and Claire in the award-winning series, Out with Dad. She has had an incredible voice acting career with notable roles like Dawn in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Mikoto in My-HiME, Miu Matsuoka in Strawberry Marshmallow, and Pan in Dragon Ball GT. Her latest mainstream voice work include: Haunted House, Secrets of the Ghost Ball (Netflix), Kongsuni (Netflix), Cardfight!! Vanguard, Arthur, and Gintama. She can be seen in the final season of Hell on Wheels, Season 2 of Wynonna Earp, Season 3 of Fargo as Grace Stussy, Season 3 of The Detour and recently, Seasons 15 and 16 of Heartland, Season 2 of Tribal and Season 2 of Yellowjackets. Caitlynne is also in production for two Feature Films set for 2023 release.

She is also known in the world of web series for playing Claire Daniels, one of the main roles of many-times-awarded LGBT webseries, Out with Dad, for which she received nominations and awards.


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