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Burst Angel (爆裂天使 Bakuretsu Tenshi) is an anime series consisting of 24 episodes and an OVA. It was produced by Gonzo. The series aired on TV Asahi from April 6, 2004 to September 14, 2004.


In a crime-ridden future Japan, Kyohei Tachibana is a peaceful student at a culinary school, dreaming of going to France for advanced study as a pastry chef. To afford the trip, he accepts a part-time job as private cook to a strange group of women - Sei, Meg, Jo and Amy. To Kyohei's astonishment, they turn out to be a band of violent mercenaries, and he finds himself in the line of fire.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Jo - Burst Angel.jpg Jo Akeno Watanabe Monica Rial
Meg - Burst Angel.jpg Meg Megumi Toyoguchi Jamie Marchi
Sei - Burst Angel.jpg Sei Rie Tanaka Clarine Harp
Amy - Burst Angel.jpg Amy Mikako Takahashi Alison Viktorin
Kyohei Tachibana - Burst Angel.jpg Kyohei Tachibana Yūji Ueda Greg Ayres
Leo Jinno - Burst Angel.jpg Leo Jinno Takayuki Sugō Mike McFarland
Takane Katsu - Burst Angel.jpg Takane Katsu Risa Hayamizu Caitlin Glass
Chief Katsu - Burst Angel.jpg Chief Katsu Kazuhiko Kishino Brice Armstrong
Ricky Glenford - Burst Angel.jpg Ricky Glenford Yukitoshi Hori Jerry Russell
Maria - Burst Angel.jpg Maria Kyōko Hikami Colleen Clinkenbeard
Burstangel-75967.png Narrator Tadahisa Saizen R. Bruce Elliott

Additional Voices


Date(s) Channel Country
FUNimation Channel United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Content Region Country
FUNimation Entertainment 2005-2006 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
6 Volumes
2007 The Complete Series
6 Discs
2008 The Complete Series*
7 Discs
2009 BD The Complete Series* A
3 Discs
2011 The Complete Series*
3 Discs
DVD.jpg The Complete Series* 1
7 Discs
2019 BD The Complete Series* A
3 Discs

*Including Burst Angel: Infinity

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