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Brice Weeks Armstrong (January 3, 1936 – January 10, 2020) was an American voice actor who primarily worked on the properties of FUNimation Entertainment.


Brice Armstrong was born in Dallas, Texas where he lived his whole life. Working as a small-time actor in the city of Dallas since the 1970s, he got his big breakthrough in the late '90s/early 2000s when he began providing voices for FUNimation. One of his first dubbing roles was as the narrator in Dragon Ball and as Lord Slug in the Dragon Ball Z film of the same name. For about a decade Armstrong has provided voice work for several Funimation-dubbed anime and video games. He became best known to anime fans as the English voice of Captain Ginyu in Dragon Ball Z and Tim Marcoh in Fullmetal Alchemist.

In 2009, Armstrong retired from voice acting, likely due to his age. Armstrong was married to Marianna Ash from June of 1966 until his death in January of 2020, and together they had 6 children.


Anime Dubbing


  • Dragon Ball (1986-1989) - Narrator, Senbei Norimaki, Rabbit One (ep. 9), Green Hat Spectator (ep. 24), Refreshment Man (ep. 25), Giran's Follower (ep. 29), Silver Corp Member (eps. 32-33), Professional Boxer (ep. 33), Old Man (ep. 35), Murasaki's Challenger (ep. 37), Maze Soldier (ep. 39), Co-Pilot (ep. 49), Pirate Robot (eps. 50-51), Red Ribbon Soldier (ep. 66), Crocodile Challenger (ep. 72), Fiend Villager (ep. 81), Pinfu's Father (ep. 82), Pilot (ep. 83), Tiger Debt Collector (ep. 83), Ship Captain (ep. 84), Shipmate (ep. 84), Money Counter on Toilet (ep. 87), Tournament Sponsor (ep. 87), Boar Patient (ep. 89), Ice Cream Vendor (ep. 90), Tien's Supporter (ep. 100), Demon (ep. 102), Officer (ep. 107), Radio Announcer (ep. 107), Referee (ep. 107), Begging Farmer (ep. 112), RIOT Officer (ep. 117), TV Anchor (ep. 118), Escaped Convict (ep. 123), Jebediah (ep. 123), KBC Anchor (ep. 124), Ahab (ep. 126), Chappa's Disciple (ep. 126), Laughing Old Man (ep. 133) (FUNimation Dub)
  • Dragon Ball Z (1989-1996) - Captain Ginyu (remastered version), Newscaster (ep. 46) (FUNimation Dub)
  • Yu Yu Hakusho (1992-1995) - Mr. Tankanaka, Additional Voices
  • Case Closed (1996-present) - Additional Voices
  • Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997) - Sugoro, Bank Robber (ep. 1), Legal Advisor (ep. 2), Robber 1 (ep. 26), Wrestler (ep. 41), Reporter (ep. 42), Old Man (ep. 50), Additional Voices (FUNimation Dub)
  • Kodocha (1996-1998) - Additional Voices
  • Fruits Basket (2001) - Tohru's Grandfather, Additional Voices
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (2003-2004) - Tim Marcoh
  • Burst Angel (2004) - Chief Katsu
  • Samurai 7 (2004) - Masamune
  • Basilisk (2005) - Tokugawa Ieyasu

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