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Bobobobs is a 1988 animated series based upon the characters and stories created and written by Henk Zwart and Nerida Zwart, and produced by the Spanish company BRB Internacional. The television series, consisting of 26 episodes, was subsequently dubbed into English by Telefilm Canada.


Set in the distant past, the plot revolves around a group of nomadic miniature humanoids known as the Bobobobs, who live in a part of the universe far away from the Earth. One crew of these Bobobobs, led by Bob Wouter, the captain, sets sail in the Bobular Quest, their spaceship, described as a "galleon with a protective dome". They head towards Earth where they plan to save the humans from being terrorized by dinosaurs. Along the way they encounter a variety of different alien species, some of which are hostile, and use their psychic powers, such as their ability to become invisible and to teleport, to aid them.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Bob Wouter Joan Crosas Walter Massey
Cornelius Xavier de Llorens Rick Jones
Little Bob Núria Domènech Andrew Bednarski
Blip María Luisa Magaña Rick Jones
Wilbur Josep Sais Michael Rudder
Petronella Glòria Roig Kathleen Fee
A.D. Alberto Díaz Richard Dumont
Fritz Antonio Crespo Michael Rudder
Aunt Agatha Elsa Fàbregas Bronwen Mantel
Ein Enric Casamitjana A.J. Henderson
Stein Carles Sales Paul Zakaib
Peter Joaquím Roca Mark Hellman
Nurse Mimi Margarita Minguillon Bronwen Mantel
Doc Bone Manuel Lázaro A.J. Henderson
Narrator Eduard Elias Dean Hagopian

Additional Voices

  • Andrew Bednarski - Child (ep. 19)
  • Richard Dumont - Crew Member, Council Member (ep. 1), Tripus (ep. 15), Tree Person (ep. 18), Scout (ep. 23)
  • Kathleen Fee - Queen Croakadelia III (ep. 2), Blip's Mother (ep. 4), Donna (ep. 10), Mother Tripus (ep. 15), Martha (ep. 19)
  • A.J. Henderson - Crew Member, Giant (ep. 1), Soldier Ant (ep. 2), Evil Vision (ep. 4), Scout (ep. 23), Slaver Alien (ep. 26)
  • Dean Hagopian - Council Member (ep. 1), Soldier Ant (ep. 2), Spacecomber (ep. 9), Leader (ep. 10), Robot (ep. 10), Robot (ep. 14), Coach Bonecracker (ep. 16), Tree Person (ep. 18), Pirate (ep. 21), Scout (ep. 23), Slaver Alien (ep. 26)
  • Rick Jones - Saracena (ep. 14)
  • Bronwen Mantel - Toadella (ep. 2), Popsy (ep. 4), Queen Bee (ep. 7), Petronella's Mother (ep. 11), Cleaning Woman (ep. 12), Benita (ep. 19), Child (ep. 19), Clubber (ep. 24-25)
  • Michael Rudder - Crew Member, Demon of the Universe (ep. 3), Saracena (ep. 6), Tree Monster (ep. 7), Professor Zephyr (ep. 10), Captain Croak (ep. 14), Tripus (ep. 15)



Date(s) Channel Country
1991 Network Ten Australia Australia
1991 Channel 4 United Kingdom United Kingdom
The Family Channel Canada Canada
SABC 2 South Africa South Africa

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Celebrity Home Entertainment 1990 VHS.jpg Various Episodes NTSC United States United States
4 Volumes
The Video Collection 1990 Episodes 1-2 PAL United Kingdom United Kingdom
1 Volume

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