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Bob the Builder is a CGI animated children's television series and a reboot of the British-American animated television show Bob the Builder. It premiered on September 1, 2015 and ended on December 30, 2018. All 130 episodes were produced.


Image Character Original Actor US Dub
Bob BobTheBuilder2015.png Bob Lee Ingleby Colin Murdock
Wendy BobTheBuilder2015.png Wendy Joanne Froggatt
Leo BobTheBuilder2015.png Leo Jacob Scipio Daniel Bacon
Scoop BobTheBuilder2015.jpg Scoop Blake Harrison
Lofty BobTheBuilder2015.jpg Lofty Steven Kynman Richard Ian Cox
Two-Tonne BobTheBuilder2015.png Two-Tonne Terry Mynott Richard Newman
Muck BobTheBuilder2015.jpg Muck Paul Panting Vincent Tong
Roley BobTheBuilder2015.jpg Roley Marcel McCalla Ian James Corlett
Dizzy BobTheBuilder2015.png Dizzy Sarah Hadland Claire Corlett
Btb team STRETCH large 600x700 tcm1238-268635.jpg Stretch Sam Swann Peter New
Shifter.png Shifter Lucy Montgomery Samuel Vincent
Btb team TREAD2 large tcm1238-270072.jpg Tread David Holt Matt Hill

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