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Blade Runner Black Out 2022 is a neo-noir cyberpunk anime short film directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. The short is one of three short films, alongside 2036: Nexus Dawn and 2048: Nowhere to Run, that serve as prequels to the live-action film Blade Runner 2049. It debuted on 27 September 2017 on Crunchyroll.


Los Angeles, 2022 - Three years after the events of Blade Runner, the Tyrell Corporation introduces the Nexus 8 Replicants, which have a natural lifespan compared to the four-year lifespan of their predecessors. This results in mass riots by the human population, who use the Replicant database to hunt down all Replicants. Iggy, a rogue Nexus 8 unit, arranges to have a nuclear warhead explode over the city, triggering an electromagnetic pulse to cause a city-wide blackout and erase Tyrell's Replicant database.


Image Character Voice Actor
Iggy BR.png Iggy Cygnus Jovan Jackson
Trixie BR.png Trixie Luci Christian
Ren BR.png Ren Bryson Baugus
Gaff BR.png Gaff Edward James Olmos

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