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Black Lagoon (ブラック・ラグーン Burakku Ragūn) is a Japanese anime series based on the manga of the same, written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe.

The series aired in Japan from April to June 2006. A second season, Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage, aired in Japanese between October and December 2006. The series was licensed for an English language release by Geneon Entertainment. However, following Geneon's closure, FUNimation Entertainment picked up the rights to both seasons.


Rokuro Okajima is a small-time salaryman who is carrying documents for his company, when the ship he's traveling on is attacked by pirates. Kidnapped, he discovers to his dismay that his employers' main concern is to ensure the documents don't get into the wrong hands, even if it means sending the carrier to the bottom of the sea. Now, with his former life ruined and his kidnappers seeming comparatively friendly, "Rock" decides to join their merry band of mercenaries, and sets out with a new career to the shadier corners of the South China Sea.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
The Lagoon Company
Rock BlackLagoon.png Rokurō Okajima / Rock Daisuke Namikawa Brad Swaile
Revy BlackLagoon.png Revy Megumi Toyoguchi Maryke Hendrikse
Dutch BlackLagoon.png Dutch Tsutomu Isobe Dean Redman
Benny BlackLagoon.png Benny Hiroaki Hirata Brian Drummond
Hotel Moscow
Balalaika BlackLagoon.png Balalaika Mami Koyama Patricia Drake
Boris BlackLagoon.png Boris Taiten Kusunoki Mark Acheson
The Hong Kong Triad
Chang BlackLagoon.png Bai Ji-Shin Chang Toshiyuki Morikawa Trevor Devall
Leigharch BlackLagoon.png Leigharch Akimasa Ōmori
Shenhua BlackLagoon.png Shenhua Yūko Sasaki Saffron Henderson
Aryan Socialist Union
Rachmann BlackLagoon.png Rachmann Ryūji Nakagi Richard Newman
Kruppenfeller BlackLaggon.png Kruppen Feller Ken Narita Brian Dobson
Stanford BlackLagoon.png Fritz Stanford Yōichi Nishijima Mark Gibbon
The Lovelace Family
Garcia BlackLagoon.png Garcia Lovelace Kazue Ikura Cathy Weseluck
Roberta BlackLagoon.png Roberta Michie Tomizawa Tabitha St. Germain
Protectors of the Islamic Front
Takenaka BlackLagoon.png Masahiro Takenaka Katsuhiko Sasaki Fred Henderson
Ibraha BlackLagoon.png Ibraha Ken Yamaguchi Mackenzie Gray
Other Characters
Bao BlackLagoon.png Bao Shirō Saitō Alec Willows
Abrego BlackLagoon.png Abrego Hisao Egawa Eli Gabay
Kageyama BlackLagoon.png Kageyama Jōji Nakata Ross Douglas
VP BlackLagoon.png Vice President Takaya Hashi Michael Dobson
Fujiwara BlackLagoon.png Fujiwara Kenichi Morozumi Hiro Kanagawa

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode(s)
Captain BlackLagoon01.png E.O. Captain Masahiko Tanaka Paul Dobson 1 - 2
Mayer BlackLagoon01.png Mayer Yūichi Nakamura Alistair Abell
ChineseGuy BlackLagoon01.png Chinese Man Tōru Nara Scott McNeil 1
Storm BlackLagoon01.png Storm Yōichi Nishijima Louis Chirillo
Wife BlackLagoon02.png Kageyama's Wife Sayuri Ikemoto Tabitha St. Germain 2
Son BlackLagoon02.png Kageyama's Son Tōru Nara Alistair Abell
Daughter BlackLagoon02.png Kageyama's Daughter Rika Morinaga Maryke Hendrikse
Captain BlackLagoon02.png Cargo Ship Captain Yōichi Nishijima John Novak
Chin BlackLagoon03.png Chin Shūetsu Tōkaichi Louis Chirillo 3
Verrochio BlackLagoon03.png Verrochio Banjō Ginga Scott McNeil
Luak BlackLagoon03.png Luak Naoya Uchida Alistair Abell
CafeGirl BlackLagoon03.png Cafe Girl Komina Matsushita Tabitha St. Germain
Bird BlackLagoon03.png Myna Bird Asami Yaguchi Hiro Kanagawa
Ahbe BlackLagoon04.png Wentzel Ahbe Shigeru Ushiyama Brian Drummond 4
Spielberger BlackLagoon04.png Spielberger Takaya Kuroda Michael Dobson
Matsuto BlackLagoon04.png Colonel Matsuto Hitoshi Bifu Hiro Kanagawa
SonarOperator BlackLagoon04.png Sonar Operator Yūichi Nakamura John Novak
Alfred BlackLagoon06.png Alfred Fumio Matsuoka French Tickner 6
Yolanda BlackLagoon07.png Sister Yolanda Akiko Takeguchi Shirley Milliner 7
Eda BlackLagoon07.png Eda Jun Karasawa Lisa Ann Beley
Pidgeon BlackLagoon07.png Rowan Pidgeon Masaki Aizawa Adrian Holmes
Watsap BlackLagoon07.png Chief Watsap Masaaki Tsukada Dale Wilson
Parrot BlackLagoon07.png Parrot Asami Yaguchi Tabitha St. Germain
Menshov BlackLagoon09.png Menshov Kenta Miyake Richard Newman 9
JapaneseGuy BlackLagoon11.png Japanese Man Yōichi Nishijima Ted Cole 11 - 12
Reporter BlackLagoon11.png TV Reporter Yūichi Nakamura Clay St. Thomas 11
AgentA BlackLagoon12.png CIA Agent 1 12
Agent2 BlackLagoon12.png CIA Agent 2 Kenta Miyake Viv Leacock

Additional Voices


Date(s) Channel Country
2008 Starz Edge United States United States
2013 FUNimation Channel
2014 Cartoon Network
(Adult Swim/Toonami)

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Content Region Country
Geneon Entertainment 2007 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
3 Volumes
FUNimation Entertainment 2008 The Complete Series
3 Volumes
2009 The Complete Series*
8 Discs
2012 BD The Complete Series A
7 Discs
2012 DVD.jpg



The Complete Series* 1



7 Discs
2015 BD The Complete Series** A
5 Discs
2019 The Complete Series**
5 Discs

*With The Second Barrage.
**With The Second Barrage and Roberta's Blood Trail.

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